Ayakashi Triangle Chapter 43 Spoilers and Release Date


Read weekly Shonen Jump’s popular manga “Ayakashi Triangle” The latest 43 chapter of spoilers .

The beautiful and mature Mr. Iibuki was interested in the festival and hid some secrets.

When he suddenly appears at the festival, he even knows the secret that the festival was a former boy and was subjected to the sexual awakening of Shirogane.

The true identity was the mother of the festival, and she was about to train at the festival.

Will the festival be strong enough to train under her mother and protect the tin from strong enemies?

Then, please read the spoilers , synopses, and thoughts of the 43 latest chapters of “Ayakashi Triangle” that interest you!

Ayakashi Triangle Chapter 43 Spoilers

From here, we have posted the latest episode 43 of “Ayakashi Triangle” and the development that can occur after episode 44!

Ayakashi Triangle Chapter 43 Spoiler: Mother’s Advice !

When I met the festival for the first time in a long time, my mother hugged me.

And I am impressed that the tin is getting bigger and hug me as well.

However, the sudden appearance of her mother made her feel uncomfortable.

Because my mom couldn’t come for no reason.

Then mom should be stronger in the festival! I say.

When asked why she suddenly did something, she started talking.

As an enemy was aiming for the festival, I couldn’t overlook it as a mother.

Ayakashi Triangle Chapter 43 Spoiler: Training in the Beginning Technique !

The festival is immediately taken by her mother to show her current strength.

Then my mother sighed and was disappointed that she was able to protect the tin.

And from now on, he says that he will train at once in a short time.

When Tin is watching over the parents and children, he suddenly tells him that the mother of the festival is in Tin.

The story surprised Tin, and he participated in the training to become stronger with him.

When Matsuri tells her mother before her training that she is still hiding something, she explains all the facts.

Ayakashi Triangle Chapter 43 Spoiler: The true reason for appearing in front of the festival !

The real reason why the mother appeared is not because the festival is dangerous.

It was a big problem on a scale that tin and this world were in danger.

And the crisis is coming soon.

And each of the mighty ones has begun to move and prepare to confront the enemy.

For that reason, the mother is expecting her son, Saisato, and Tin.

After hearing everything, Matsuri and Suzu decide to take on the challenge of training.

Gaku, who was watching the situation, was smiling from a distance.

Ayakashi Triangle Latest Chapter 43 Spoiler Summary

The identity of Mr. Taibuki who appeared in front of the festival was his mother.

What is the reason why the mother appeared in front of the festival?

And will the festival grow big by training from now on?

Ayakashi Triangle Chapter 43 Release Date

The latest story 43 story, “Ayakashi Triangle” , the May 10 day weekly Release Date Shonen Jump is published in!

Let’s look forward to the next episode 44 of “Ayakashi Triangle” !