BSS (SEVENTEEN): When the New Single Album “Second Wind” Will Be Released?


Seungkwan, DK, and Hoshi’s second track together is on this song.
The teaser for “Second Wind,” SEVENTEEN sub-unit BSS’s first single album in five years, was released on Sunday (Jan. 8).

The video, which shows the phrase “Ladies and gentlemen they call us BSS” written over a red dirt running track, teases the release of the song on February 6 by Seungkwan, DK, and Hoshi. (The abbreviation for the group’s name is “BooSeokSoon,” which is made up of the first three letters of the Korean names of the idols.)

The tagline from the poster was also the first lyric of BSS’ 2018 debut single, “Just do it.” Together with its ten other teammates, the trio has since continued to be active, releasing albums including 2019’s An Ode and 2022’s Face the Sun, as well as the latter’s deluxe repackaging as Sector 17.

After the boy band’s popular album 2022, BSS aren’t the only SEVENTEEN members to break apart. Vernon ended the year with releasing his third solo release, the mixtape Black Eye, along with the boisterous music video for the song’s pop-punk-influenced title tune.

With Wednesday’s Emma Myers, SEVENTEEN also has a well-known evangelist. Last week, during her first late-night appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Myers enthusiastically explained the math behind the boy band’s name (“There’s thirteen of them…

Additionally, there are three distinct groups.

One squad is left behind. So, to presenter Jimmy Fallon’s and the audience’s surprise, thirteen plus three plus one equals SEVENTEEN.

While at LA3C in December, Joshua, Dino, and Mingyu gave Tetris Kelly of Billboard a clue that the entirety of SEVENTEEN would be releasing “new music” at some point in 2023.

Below is a teaser for BSS’ upcoming single album, “Second Wind.”