BTS: K-pop artist Jimin is appointed as a worldwide brand ambassador by Dior


The BTS vocalist was chosen a worldwide brand ambassador by the French fashion giant Dior on Monday. To announce the partnership, photographs of Jimin wearing sporty ensembles with an outdoor vibe created by Kim Jones were posted on social media.

The move is being made as European luxury brands try to capitalise on K-pop stars’ widespread appeal, especially among younger consumers.

Jisoo, a member of the K-pop group Blackpink, and the LVMH-owned label have developed a relationship that brings throngs of adoring fans to Paris whenever she attends the label’s catwalk shows.

One of the seven members of the K-Pop sensation BTS, whose debut in 2013 ignited a global K-Pop craze with its catchy, energetic music and dancing skills, is Jimin, who is 27 and goes by the full name Park Ji-min.

According to Morgan Stanley analysts, South Koreans are now the world’s greatest consumers of personal luxury goods, shelling out an average of $325 annually (NYSE:MS).

76% of household wealth in the nation is invested in real estate, which has seen significant price growth in recent years, according to the researchers.