My Hero Academia Spoiler Latest Episode 311 Consideration!


My Hero Academia Spoiler Latest Episode 311 Consideration!


I was able to see all the faces of the long-awaited one-for-all ♪

A review of the previous story of My Hero Academia

  • It turns into a city where people spend their time in suspicion between the unusually tingling citizens and the vigilantes.
  • Deku rescues a civilian woman who has been attacked by a vigilante.
  • The protection of the woman is entrusted to Almite, and Almite gives a handmade lunch to Deku who leaves for the next site.
  • Deku decides to pull out all of One for All, explaining that he seems to have gone against the dawn of the paranormal.
  • At the one-for-all meeting before Deku awoke, the first Yoichi requested the second and third generations to cooperate in opening up their power.
  • The second generation is a former rebel leader who opposed the rule of All for One.
  • It was the beginning of One for All that he rescued Yoichi, who had been imprisoned during the battle, without killing him.
  • The second generation takes command in Deku, raises the determination to fully open the power of successive One for All, and eats All Might handmade bento to strengthen Deku!

I’m happy to see the faces of the 2nd and 3rd generations who have been facing the wall for a long time and haven’t looked back!

Thank you both for being handsome!

No, I also like Mannawa-san (laughs)

Then, let’s immediately deliver the spoiler consideration of episode 311!

Hiro Akane Spoiler Latest Episode 311 Consideration | Will Toga Himiko betray the villain coalition?

Himiko Toga creates a very dangerous atmosphere with her unique sensibility and thoughts.

Toga is missing from the urban warfare at the Cavity Hospital.

Since the Villain Union is not an army, it is not a problem to act alone, as the will of the individual is basically respected.

Isn’t Toga Himiko an opponent of all-for-one thinking ?

In the first place, if you like it too much, you want to be the person you like, just because you love the hurt appearance and blood of the person you like, you don’t want to dominate the world.

If anything, I just want them to understand and accept the unusual hobbies and tastes mentioned above.

It is expected to be useful for all-for-one and strongly oppose the purpose of fighting for the dead tree!

Because I don’t want to give anyone the only killing of my favorite Deku!

On the side of Deku, I think he will support his favorite Deku while aiming for Deku’s life.

Taking the life of her favorite boy with her own hands is the form of her love, so there is no way to give such a delicious role to All for One.

Even if the shape of love is distorted, it is a general high school girl in love.

I expect to prioritize my love!

My Hero Academia Spoiler Latest Episode 311 Consideration | Is Detonation a Second Generation Descendant?

The second generation, which has become a hot topic among Hiroaka fans.

It’s super handsome, but isn’t it like someone?

That’s right!

The face looks just like a detonation.

Because of that personality, Ka-chan never looked good-looking (laughs).

I’m sorry, Ka-chan …

The author left the thought that the second generation might have no individuality, but isn’t he a detonation ancestor?

I thought I had something like a big gun because of my lack of individuality, but the second generation in the spiritual meeting had something big like a weapon on both arms.

That area also resembles a detonation!

When I helped Yoichi, I missed it because I had one hand in the equipment (excuse …)

And the action that reached out this hand.

Everything starts with Detonation’s ancestors reaching out to One for All, and Detonation is expected to reach out and end this battle in the crisis of Deku, who is sticking to fighting alone again !

Isn’t it a hint to make an excuse for this last scene that Deton helped Detonation in the river at an early age?

While yelling that he was going to repay the debt at that time, Katchan would reach out to Deku, I’m sure! !!

The last scene is decided! (Lol)

Hiro Akane Spoiler Latest Episode 311 Consideration | Is the 3rd generation a direct subordinate of the leader?

The second generation turned out to be a rebel leader, and the third generation to be his associates.

Third generation One Four ol, much of his report to the Department which had fought on the side along with the leader or would not be under?

If all goes well, it may be an adjutant, or a newcomer who can’t do anything.

What’s more, the leader may have died in front of him as a shield to protect himself.

I imagine that the third generation at that time was a helpless young man like the early Deku.

Isn’t it the one-for-all that the leader died because of himself and received at the very end ?

If you entrusted me to defeat All for One, I wouldn’t be able to talk without tears.

I think the reason the third generation didn’t say anything until the leader turned around was because they had a pretty strong bond.

They are the two who lived in the toughest times.

I’m also worried about the past of the third generation!

Hiro Akane Spoiler Latest Episode 311 Consideration | The aim of All for One is the return of rule in the dawn of the paranormal?

All-for-one is relentlessly aiming for Deku to regain one-for-all.

What on earth does he want to get back one for all?

Do you think you can be the perfect being of immortality ?

In the supernatural dawn, which was dominated by all-for-one, it was divided into individual groups and non-individual groups, hurt each other, and security was the worst.

It seems that he used such human anxiety to control people and dominate the world so that he would not notice that he was being controlled.

After all, the heroes have cornered him in the current situation, but now he’s perfect and he’s trying to dominate the world with fear and anxiety .

It’s boring just to imagine such a world.

Do you want to be in a world that completely forgives evil?

I didn’t understand the feelings of people who wanted to conquer the world (laughs)

My Hero Academia Spoiler Latest Episode 311 Consideration | Is the 2nd generation killed in action with no individuality?

It turns out that the beginning of One for All was when the rebel leader into the world of All for One ruled rescued Yoichi, the younger brother of All for One.

If the leader had killed Yoichi at that time, One for All wouldn’t exist.

Yoichi’s original “individuality to transfer individuality” and “individuality to stock power” given by his brother were fused to form one for all.

There was some kind of trust between the leader who took him out and Yoichi from that day, and Yoichi expected that he would inherit One for All to the leader during his death, hoping to stop his brother. I will.

The leader was a soldier when he rescued Yoichi.

Since he was well equipped with a machine gun , I expect he was an unindividual person who seems to have been there to some extent at that time .

Even if there is, it may be a personality that is not an offensive system.

However, he died at a young age in the death battle with All for One, and he had no choice but to succeed to the third generation who was fighting together .

I think the reason why the 2nd and 3rd generations had a harsh opinion about the battle with All for One was because their time was the toughest.

One for all was not inherited with the intention of leaving it for generations, but it seems that it was unavoidably transferred to counter all for one.

It is expected that the second generation is currently in command because he is still the most fierce fighter with All for One and knows all about his fight!

My Hero Academia Spoiler Latest Episode 311 Consideration | Is Aizawa the first target for All for One?

Will All for One and Death Pattern Tree suddenly aim for Deku when their bodies are complete and ready to move?

I expect that I will get used to it.

I thought that the first attack opponent was a professional hero or a sidekick, but isn’t it aimed at a Yuei high school teacher?

It’s a mystery how many professional heroes are left, but I think it’s a little hard to warm up in the TOP3. (Lol)

That is Aizawa!

At the Battle of the Cavity Hospital, the personality of the Elyzer Head was quite annoying to them.

And there will be resentment.

I’m wondering what’s going on with Aizawa’s legs, but I expect Aizawa to be just right for warming up and getting rid of trouble.

Is the beginning of the battle at Yuei High School? ??

My Hero Academia Spoiler Latest Episode 311 Consideration | Deku and Yuei 1st grade A group will unite again?

Deku decided to fight alone because no one wanted to hurt him.

TOP3 and All Might support me, but even they don’t seem to want to be too close.

It seems that he intends to fight only one for all of consciousness.

However, Deku himself said that he could not beat All for All unless he released all of One for All.

Does all of One for All really refer only to successive successors?

Are they a symbol of justice of that era, and the thoughts of those who fought with them are also important forces?

I understand the feelings I don’t want to hurt.

However, I think the last minute is the power to fight together with all the heroes.

Former Yuei High School 1st grade A group students appearing in the crisis of Deku.

It ’s a companion to fight with! Expected to persuade Deku.

If anything, Ochako’s slap may explode!

My Hero Academia Spoiler Latest Episode 311 Consideration | Cremation is the first thing to start?

The matchup between Deku, All Might, and TOP3 has been completed.

It is a strategy that all-for-one can detect Deku, let Deku move freely, and support adults in close proximity.

Currently, All for One is waiting for the physical recovery of the dead tree.

It seems that it takes time unexpectedly, and it was good for the hero side.

Isn’t cremation the first thing that starts to move during this time ?

What’s more, instead of confronting Endeavor, wouldn’t he start with the Hawks’ mother in captivity and start retaliation against Hawks for being deceived by the Best Jeanist?

It was obvious that the TOP3 heroes were acting together in the news.

I think Dabi also expects that playing with the Hawks will bring some kind of endeavor to the fate.

The plan is to return the debt to the Hawks first and then slowly defeat Endeavor!

My Hero Academia Spoiler Latest Episode 311 Consideration | Ochako and Toga each chase Deku?

JK Ochako and Toga Himiko are in love with Deku, though they are in contrast to each other .

Isn’t Ochako always looking for Deku who has received a one-sided letter from Deku and has disappeared from their front?

Therefore, it seems that we will be able to rush to the site as soon as we receive a notification of the occurrence of villains.

My heart broke once in the previous battle, but I expect that my heart will be connected by pursuing Deku.

Meanwhile, Himiko Toga, who also falls in love with Deku, remains missing.

Isn’t she more attracted to Deku, who has become stronger and more lonely with her, and will follow Deku?

I wish there was a scene where these two people would reluctantly hold hands for Deku and save Deku when Deku was in danger!

My Hero Academia Spoiler Latest Episode 311 Episode Summary

So far, “My Hero Academia 311 episode spoiler latest! Female villain contact with Deku! Endeavor that won’t run away! “ Entitled, brought to you.

Hiroaka Even though I was ready in the previous episode, I suddenly started moving from All for One.

However, the dead tree may not be perfect because it is still using the messenger.

And that female villain who was normally housed in Tartarus.

How is your personality and strength?

From the point of helping the overhaul, I thought he was a kind person, but the way he appeared was full of villainous odors!

Where will Deku be taken?

“My Hero Academia 311 episode spoiler latest!  I would like to end here.