One Piece Chapter 1013 Spoilers and Release Date

One Piece Chapter 1061: Release Date, Spoilers

We will deliver the latest breaking news about the spoilers of ONE PIECE 1013 chapter scheduled to be published in Weekly Shonen Jump scheduled to be released on May 17 (Monday).

Nami’s belief that he can’t forgive someone who raises his hand to a child hasn’t changed.

Will Zeus jump in here?

Girls who get angry with Uruti will fight once and defeat Uruti!

Zeus should support them too!

So , immediately, with the title ” ONE PIECE latest 1013 Chapter latest confirmed! Zeus is Nami and tag? A message to Momo’s assistant in the Oden logbook? ” I will deliver it.

ONE PIECE Spoiler 1013 Chapter!

First of all, from the review of the previous story of ONE PIECE.

Nishikiemon protects Momo’s assistant, leaving Okiku who wants to settle with Kanjuro, and the other red pods are divided into their respective battlefields.

Nekomamushi learns of Pedro’s death, gets information that Perospero and Wanda & Carrot are fighting, and flies to help them.

Ro Zoro Zeus suddenly appears to Sanji, and Sanji treats the seriously injured Zoro (laughs)

Joined Kawamatsu and Izo on the way to carry the treated Zoro.

At Zoro’s request, the three rushed to the live floor.

On the other hand, Yamato also hides Momo’s help and jumps out when he becomes a decoy and fights.

Maybe you aimed at the rooftop?

Big Mom defeats Page One, and angry Uruti challenges Big Mom!

However, he suddenly attacks Komachiyo and the ladle who are trying to escape!

Big Mom is furious when he hits the ladle.

However, Nami’s anger at hitting the child was more than Big Mom!

Nami squeezes Uruti here! The previous story of ONE PIECE is over.

It feels like the battlefield has increased again, right?

I’m busy with too many things to see, but let’s do it for the time being! Nami! !! I’m thinking.

Let’s consider ONE PIECE 1013 chapter immediately!

ONE PIECE latest 1013 chapter spoiler consideration & development forecast │ Was the mission of Momo’s assistant written in the logbook?

After Yamato leaves, Momo’s assistant opens the logbook of Oden with a mysterious look.

What on earth was written there?

The secret of the ONE PIECE world, the meaning of the name D, the blank 100-year event, etc. may be written.

And, above all , isn’t it written that Wano has a big role in this world ?

For the role of the world, it is expected that Momo will ask Momo to protect Wano after the opening of the country .

If you know that, you can’t help but think that you, the lord, should come back soon …

There may be an important pone glyph in Wano country.

How about the code to open the door written in a way that only the Kogetsu family can understand ?

ONE PIECE Spoiler consideration & development prediction of the latest 1013 chapter │ Predicting “something flying” with the lows replaced?

Roronoa Zoro appears right above Sanji.

Rho said he didn’t speak out, but he had replaced something that was flying …

Shambles are the ability to replace something.

Then, when you moved the red pods to the treasure hall, did you replace them with any of the nine people who were in the treasure hall?

When I teleported Zoro and Luffy, that wasn’t the case, so I wonder if there was a change.

In Rho’s words, that “something flying” went to the rooftop where Luffy and Kaido were fighting …

I have no luck.

Currently in battle and capable of flying

  • Marco
  • King

They are two, but they are fighting on the live floor, so it may be different.

If “flying” includes aerial movements such as jumps, the possibility of flying Nekomamushi cannot be ruled out .

It would be funny if CP-0, who is on the high side , was moved to the roof during reconnaissance to see the battle situation.

The rest may be bird-based Gifters or flying Marys .

If it’s Mary’s, Luffy’s voice may echo in the castle!

ONE PIECE latest 1013 episode spoiler consideration & development forecast │ Zeus will be Nami’s ally at the command of Big Mom?

Nami can’t control her anger at Uruti who has raised her hand to her child.

Let’s get rid of Uruti here! I decided.

Nami is also kind to children, isn’t it?

Zeus teleported to the same floor and escaped from Sanji, and soon after that he joined Big Mom.

Big Mom is also angry with Uruti, so I think he will join Nami.

Follow Nami without a break to Zeus, who flew away saying “Mama, I’m glad I was safe” Isn’t Big Mom commanding ?

Zeus doesn’t understand the situation at all, “Eh? Eh?”, But I don’t know why, and I think he’ll team up with Nami .

While being sharpened by Nami, “Listen to me silently because it’s okay !!” (laughs)

Zeus is cute, so do your best! (Lol)

ONE PIECE Chapter 1013 Spoiler summary

” ONE PIECE Spoiler Chapter 1013 latest confirmed! Zeus is tagging with Nami? A message to Momo’s assistant in the Oden logbook? ”

Zeus runs away because Sanji is scared, but when he finds Big Mom, he encounters Nami who gets angry!

Don’t say four or five, be on your side! I’m going to get angry and participate in the battle.

Zeus is cute, isn’t it?

What does Momosuke think after reading Oden’s logbook, which is finally in the hands of Momosuke?

Maybe I wrote a code that only Momo can understand?

That ‘s all for today’s ” ONE PIECE Spoiler 1013 Episode Latest Confirmed! Zeus is Nami and Tag? A Message to Momo’s Assistant in the Oden Logbook? ”

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