One Piece Chapter 1061 Release Date And Time, Where To Read


Luffy’s quest continues after we saw in the last chapter that The Straw Hat Pirates found Nefatari Cobra, who is thought to have been killed by Sabo. An incensed Luffy asserts that Sabo would never do such a thing, and Robin concurs with him, believing it to be merely an accusation. We have chapter 1061 of the manga One Piece available for you to read if you’re a fan as well.

Robin emphasises that the World Nobles, not conventional governments, are the adversaries of the Revolutionary Army. The Straw Hats were also made aware of the missing Vivi. Luffy decided to head straight into Arabasta. Zoro explains that it would be impractical to fly to Arabasta because Vivi was last seen with Mary Geoise. Luffy, though, is adamant that they go there.

Zoro loses his cool, kicks a container that is chained, and tells Luffy that their foes are in Mary Geoise. Before heading there, Zoro thinks they should learn more, to which Luffy retorts that Zoro is acting like a chicken.

Sanji laments the passing of the gorgeous Vivi and suggests what she went through. Chopper laments the passing of Vivi’s father and thinks back to their previous encounter with Cobra. Ussop supports Chopper as well, and Nami worries about Vivi’s well-being. Franky and Brook make a commitment that they will never agree that Sabo killed Cobra.

Date and time of One Piece Chapter 1061’s release

The popular adventure manga One Piece chapter 1061 will be out on September 25, 2022. On Sunday at 5.30 am, Eastern Standard Time, you can read this chapter. On Viz Media and the Manga Plus app, chapter 1061 of the One Piece manga will be accessible for reading.

Contains Chapter 1061 Spoilers

By September 23, 2022, the raw scan of One Piece Chapter 1061 will be available. The chapter is titled “Egg Head, the islands of the future,” according to the sources. In the last chapter, the Straw Hats ran aground on a freezing island. The name of the place, Egghead, will be made abundantly obvious in the following chapter.

Additionally, we will witness Straw Hats and Luffy visiting the island that actually belongs to Vegapunk. A gentle eddy that was holding Bonney in her child form as well as Luffy and Chopper when they were last seen carrying them off. Jinbei, who is capable of swimming, could have gone in search of them. What happened to the other crew member is unknown. The prompt arrival of Tashigi hints that Smoker isn’t far behind.