One Piece Chapter 1061: Release Date, Spoilers

One Piece Chapter 1061: Release Date, Spoilers

Chapter 1061 is now in the works, as indicated by several stories and sources currently making the rounds on the internet and social media. Followers all around the world will soon be able to get their hands on it. A new chapter has been eagerly anticipated by readers all over the world.

The level of hype around the release of the upcoming One Piece episode is through the roof. Now that the cliffhanger has been resolved, everyone is incredibly excited for the next instalment of the chapter.

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Through what we have gathered from rumours and leaks, a new chapter is scheduled for release this week. To see when the new chapter will be available in your time zone, see below.

Start of Daylight Savings Time in the Pacific: 8:01 AM, September 25; Central Daylight Savings Time: 10:00 AM, September 25; Eastern Daylight Savings Time: 11:00 AM, September 25; British Summer Time: 4:00 PM, September 25; Central European Summer Time: 5:00 PM, September 25; Indian Standard Time: 8:30 PM, September 25; Philippine Standard Time: 1:00 AM, October 1; 11 o’clock on September 25th, 2011
September 26, 00:30 am, Australian Central Daylight Time


We know there are conversations happening amongst the fans because there have been leaks and sources present on social media and the internet indicating that there are spoilers for the forthcoming chapter. So far, we know that Oda sensei is amused by the proximity of the bounties on Zoro, Jinbe, and Sanji.

It wasn’t easy for Sanji to raise the bounty total to over a billion. Chapter 1061 of One Piece promises to deliver on fan expectations for increased team interaction.

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There are currently no raw scans available on the internet. Three or four days before the official release date, they will be released by the official leakers. Online communities like Reddit and 4chan host these scans, which fans can reference. There are rumours that it will be released on September 22, 2022.

Where Can I Find a Single Article?

It is possible for all One Piece and manga readers to access the series through official sources. It will facilitate the proper recognition of the contributors. You may read the latest One Piece chapters for free and legally on a wide variety of websites. Several popular media outlets have adapted manga into their own media, such as Shnen Jump, Viz Media, and the MangaPlus portal.