ONE PIECE Spoiler consideration of the latest 1012 episodes!


ONE PIECE Spoiler consideration of the latest 1012 episodes!

First of all, from the review of the previous story of ONE PIECE.

Kid and Killer, who chased Big Mom, were surprised that the sky on Onigashima was suddenly cloudy, and that Big Mom, who should not have Zeus, was back.

What! Big Mom Brings Girl’s New Homey’s: Thunder’s Spatula!

A large hole was opened in Onigashima Castle with the spatula’s full gora, and both of them were blown away.

On the roof, Zeus escapes from the box and looks for Big Mom.

Rho evacuates downstairs with Zoro and Zeus.

Kaido and Luffy continue to fight a little happily, and the impact of the overlord colors shakes the entire Onigashima.

On the other hand, in the castle, Hawkins appeared in front of Kid and Killer looking for Big Mom!

Hawkins is undertaken by the killer, and Kid chases Big Mom to prevent him from going to the roof again.

While Big Mom is searching for Kid and Killer, he encounters Ladle, Nami, and Usopp, who are being chased by Page One and Uruti.

Big Mom, who talks with Otama in a friendly manner, was deeply grateful that the people of the town, such as ladles and cranes, took care of him during his memory loss, and he acted as a ladle while food was scarce.

Big Mom, who has entered Mother Mode for children under 10 years old, is a very kind mother.

When Page One, who was chasing three people again, appeared, Big Mom suddenly beat Page One!

The ONE PIECE prelude is over when the Beast Pirates and Uruti tremble with shock.

Will Big Mom betray the alliance with Kaido and turn over to straw?

It’s been an unexpected development!

Let’s consider ONE PIECE 1012 episode immediately !

Table of Contents

ONE PIECE latest 1012 episode spoiler consideration & development forecast │ Big mom guides the ball to the live floor?

Big mom currently in acclaimed mother mode.

You were friends with the ladle.

Such a big mom seems to be flying away about the alliance with Kaido now.

Big Mom has a gentle personality that everyone wants to enjoy eating delicious food.

If the ladle asks me to go to the live floor, I’ll take you! Isn’t it taking the lead ?

Of course, Big Mom doesn’t expect that to change the current battle situation.

Do you get angry at the behavior of the ladle or praise you for your hard work?

I hope Big Mom will be on good terms with Otama!

ONE PIECE latest 1012 episode spoiler consideration & development forecast │ Is the “command” that the ladle puts on the live floor secure a retreat?

It turned out that it was the live floor that the ladle was aiming for.

The eight-year-old girl is actually trembling with fear, but she is betting her life on Luffy’s victory.

What a healthy story!

By the way, with the cooperation of Umami-chan and others, a ladle with many gifters on their side.

What kind of “command” are you going to give at once by gathering the Gifters on the live floor ?

It is expected that it will secure a retreat .

Since the island is flying in the sky, there is no way to retreat, but I think it is still important how to escape after defeating Kaido.

I don’t think I’ve handed out enough kibi-dango to turn over 27,000, but I can’t imagine them flying in numbers and defeating six guns and big billboards.

The terrorist politics of the Beasts Pirates cadres are probably prevailing, as the pirates on the entire live floor didn’t even try to fight against one queen.

When it comes to that, after all, what the Gifters can do is not listen to the executives , and it is expected that their role is only to support, care for, and secure the retreat of the straws !

I want the ladle to reach the live floor anyway!

ONE PIECE latest 1012 episode spoiler consideration & development forecast │ Angry tee vs big mom start?

Uruti who was killed by his favorite younger brother, Page One.

Moreover, I witnessed the scene and trembled.

Is it a trembling warrior of anger, or is it a trembling of horror after witnessing the horror of Big Mom?

Either way, I don’t think it’s Uruti who is silent because of his favorite Page One.

This remains defying battle to sell tea in the momentum Yonsumeragi Biggumamu I think we?

Moreover, at the beginning of this battle, Big Mom is struck by the headbutt of Uruti ‘s anger !

Big Mom, who was supposed to be an alliance ally, suddenly betrayed, so there is a reason to start a battle.

However, even with the flying six guns, I don’t think they can compete with the Big Mom.

You will probably be killed instantly.

If you fly and annihilate the six guns in that condition, Luffy may see a chance to win! ??

ONE PIECE latest 1012 episode spoiler consideration & development forecast │ Hera is a selfish younger sister character?

The homey of thunder “Hera” that was born at the last ONE PIECE.

Was Prometheus’s request “I want a sister ~ ♡”? (Lol)

I can only see a nice little mouth yet, but it looks like a tomboy from the attack power!

It seems that what kind of character will be released from now on, but isn’t Hera a pretty selfish and selfish younger sister character ?

Instead of telling Prometheus all the selfishness, I expect her to be a brutal character who cries as soon as her brother teases her (laughs).

And since it looks like it’s already made up, I’ll probably include the self-confessed characters who think they’re cute !

Regardless of your personality, only the attack power is fine, so it seems better not to make it too stupid.

However, when Zeus joins, he may eat “I’m hungry, oh! It’s thunder” (laughs).

ONE PIECE latest 1012 episode spoiler consideration & development forecast │ Depressed Zeus reunites with Nami?

Zeus was trapped in a box.

Going to help mom without knowing what was happening outside! I rushed to find Big Mom only with the loyalty.

However, teleportation at Low’s Shambles.

I will be separated from my favorite mom again.

Zeus may be shocked to see her suddenly born strong sister, Hera, behaving in her own seat and getting along with Prometheus while she is vacant next to Big Mom for a while. Is it not?

As you might expect from here, I found the Big Mom and Homeys who were doing happily, and involuntarily hid in the shadow of the pillar.

Besides, everyone laughed at Zeus who wasn’t there, saying that it was useless or guzzling.

Misunderstanding that he was abandoned by Big Mom, Zeus crying and running away without joining Mama.

I happened to meet Nami there again .

What happened to Zeus who was depressed and crying ? Nami asks.

Of course, while hiding my hunger. (Lol)

After listening to the situation and comforting Zeus, wouldn’t he sign a master-slave contract again and bring Zeus to his side?

It is expected that Nami will betray the Big Mom when she is depressed by herself and is struck by Nami who gently gives a thunderstorm of rice in front of her !

However, Zeus can’t be mixed in here, as Big Mom is now on the ladle side.

I think Nami & Zeus Combi will behave differently from the balls!

ONE PIECE Spoiler consideration & development forecast of the latest 1012 episodes │ Did Kaido see Roger in Luffy’s laughter?

Kaido was defeated by Luffy, but while standing up, he pointed out that Luffy seemed to enjoy this battle.

“The more you laugh … the more you laugh …?”

Don’t you care a little about this line?

First of all, did you say that the continuation of “the more you laugh” becomes “stronger” ?

And I feel that this line is a way of looking back on the scenes I saw in the past.

Just we have reminded the fight the first time Roger was told the Pirate King expected.

Luffy felt the same aura and air as Roger, and he may have missed the flow of generational change somewhere in his head.

When Roger and Edward Newgate once fought, there was no settlement and no change of pirate king.

Kaido said he would kill Luffy, but he might have foreseen the time when the younger generation, who would come someday, would challenge him.

Of course I will do my best to beat it!

ONE PIECE latest 1012 spoiler consideration & development prediction │ Will the killer overturn Hawkins’ fortune-telling with smile ability awakening?

In the previous episode of ONE PIECE, Hawkins vs. Killer’s worst generation battle card was assembled.

You were there, by the way (laughs)

Whether or not Hawkins is strong is a little delicate, but in Hawkins fortune-telling, the probability of winning the killer seems to be 92%.

But when did you forge? That’s the story, this.

The killer was fed a smile and could only laugh if it was a failure, but he spent a while with a strange laugh.

I don’t know if this was acting, but he’s been talking to Kid since he started acting with him.

So , after all, isn’t the killer the Smile Awakened Gifters ?

I think the fortune-telling result that doesn’t take that into account is the 92% chance of killer death!

In fact, it is expected that the smile ability of the killer , which was hidden (thinking that it will be put out in the Kaido battle), will be released here !

The establishment of fortune-telling results may be reversed at once !

Hawkins was once killed by Law, so it seems unlikely that he will overwhelm the killer …

ONE PIECE latest 1012 episode spoiler consideration & development prediction │ Kid also wins Big Mom with overlord color awakening?

Kaido is also said to be an overlord-colored user , and has become a hot topic among fans.

The awakening has not yet been demonstrated in battle.

When do you have to put it out in a battle with the two emperors? It can be said that it will be demonstrated soon.

rather than!

Kid who left the battlefield with Kaido when he defeated Big Mom.

If you really want to defeat the Yonko Big Mom, the overlord-colored awakening is inevitable .

A female big mom who can throw away the transformed Jack and cross over with Kaido and Tyman.

You wouldn’t be the first to win without courage.

For the time being, I managed to get Homey’s down to the ground.

However, I have a feeling that Prometheus, who is planning something, will stand in front of the kids!

Kid doesn’t know about Ryuzakura, so I don’t know if he can reach the feeling of supremacy, but I hope he will be the man who defeated Big Mom !

ONE PIECE latest 1012 episode spoiler consideration & development forecast | The tenth person who cares for Zoro and Rho again?

As Luffy said, Zoro and Rho descended downstairs from the roof.

Both of them were injured by Kaido’s technique and are tattered.

In particular, Zoro is seriously injured so that he can die at any time.

Even though the doctor Rho is with me, I don’t expect Rho to move now.

Isn’t it the 10th person to come out there again ?

And this is the time when the identity should be revealed!

Is it really a crested ibis that came from 20 years ago, is it a sunny day, or is it a new character …?

Even though the nine men in the red scabbard were so worn out that they couldn’t breathe, after the tenth care, they recovered until they could chase after Momo’s help and fight the enemy, so they may be the devil’s ability of recovery system. !!

I think that if I cure Rho, I’ll be able to do something about it. (Lol)

ONE PIECE latest 1012 episode spoiler consideration & development forecast │ Sasaki vs Den Jiro?

Nine red-sheathed men running around the castle to rescue Momo.

Opponents will be decided one by one wherever you go.

At the end, Nishikiemon will reach the source of Momo’s help.

Here, Chuan Giraud once made of the best friend Sasaki and the battle or would not it?

Sasaki forgave his heart when he met Den Jiro and called him a friend when he was calling himself Maduro and defending the weather in the shadow.

Den Jiro didn’t seem to hate Sasaki either.

Two people who could have really become best friends if their backgrounds were different.

That’s why I think we have to settle!

The friendship of a man on the battlefield …

It’s annoying! (Lol)

It’s like a gangster movie!

ONE PIECE latest 1012 episode spoiler consideration & development forecast │ Perospero vs Nekomamushi?

Before you go to Mama, Perospero has a person with whom you have a connection!

That’s Nekomamushi!

Isn’t it the husband of Nekomamushi, the king of the Principality of Mokomo , who confronts Pedro’s defeated carrot and Wanda ?

Inuarashi was responsible for the connection with Jack, who destroyed the Principality of Mokomo.

Surprisingly (excuse me (laughs)), Perospero, who was strong, entered the live floor with plenty of room.

Perospero seems to have disturbed Marco, but the figure of nine red-sheathed men who happened to look for Momo’s help at the scene.

It will be a battle with Perospero.

When Nishikiemon tries to get along with each other, Nekomamushi will let me go first, asking me to leave it to me.

In this way, the battle cards are decided one by one, and it should be a pattern that the last samurai can properly protect the assistant of King Momo while winning or losing!

It’s like a movie!

ONE PIECE latest 1012 episode spoiler consideration & development forecast │ Perot Perot participates under Kid & Killer?

Let’s say Kid completely awakens the Overlord color.

Isn’t Kid & Killer playing an even match against Big Mom?

At least the current attack proved in the previous battle that it wouldn’t damage Big Mom at all.

At that time, Kid awakened the overlord color and thought that he was superior for a moment!

What! Perospero, who defeated the carrots , may appear when he senses the crisis of his mom .

Perospero is a character with a lot of vulgarity that shows a little cowardly strength, but he is also a man who has strength properly.

After all, he is the eldest son of Charlotte.

You won’t abandon Big Mom.

Perospero-It’s not that amazing on its own, but it can be a little tricky when paired with Big Mom!

ONE PIECE latest 1012 episode spoiler consideration & development prediction │ Will Luffy’s Devil Fruit awaken?

I don’t know if it’s too much information to remember, but do you remember that the devil actually has an even higher stage called “awakening” ?

The nostalgic Doflamingo said (laughs)

When a Paramician ability person awakens, the ability will affect other than the ability person.

When Luffy awakens the Devil Fruit along with the overlord color, the attack wears supremacy and turns the surrounding ground and rocks into rubber, perhaps even Kaido’s gold bar!

When that happens, it doesn’t hurt at all! !!

Furthermore, if you can add rubber human ability to your friends, Big Mom’s thunder will be nullified.

This is a chance for supernovae to reverse at once! !!

ONE PIECE latest 1012 episode spoiler consideration & development forecast │ Overlord color awakening Ruffigia 5 activation?

You ‘ve learned the secret of Luffy ‘s style of wearing the overlord color !

The flesh battle with Kaido is a touchless battle reminiscent of Roger vs. Whitebeard.

I’m not sure if it’s too strong or not! (Lol)

For the time being, both have become insanely strong.

I thought Luffy’s damage was great, but he may have recovered with energy due to the awakening of the overlord color.

And Luffy, who has come to wear the overlord color, probably activates Gear 5 with his natural sense of combat .

Is it a bullet or a fist?

In any case, it will be a technique to touch Kaido’s body and destroy it from the inside.

When it comes to that, I haven’t been able to interact with Kaido in the same class of ambition right now, so there may be a big wall to overcome Kaido’s ambition.

I can’t expect Kaido to run out of stamina at the moment.

Luffy’s Gear 5 that all readers are waiting for!

I want to see it soon! !!

ONE PIECE latest 1012 episode spoiler consideration & development forecast │ Will Orochi come back to life again?

Black charcoal Orochi was killed instantly even though he finally reappeared and transformed.

The whole head was dropped and it was broken apart, but I have a feeling that it will come back to life again !

There was a piece of Orochi’s neck UP.

The same pattern as when Kaido dropped his neck.

What kind of karakuri is it?

Does Yamata no Orochi’s neck die if he doesn’t stab his heart, not the body ?

Is the real neck hidden in the torso ?

In the case of Kaido, he was decapitated in a human state and died once.

This is definitive information from Fuku Rokuju’s remarks.

To die is to die, isn’t it?

Does Yamata no Orochi have a secret that will kill him several times?

Is it Mario! I thought for a moment (laughs)

ONE PIECE latest 1012 episode spoiler consideration & development forecast │ Inuarashi has a helper?

Inuarashi who challenged a single combat with Jack.

There is no moon in the castle and no poisonous gas.

Moreover, both are in charge.

Both of them are in the last minute battle.

It seems that Jack has a flame with the Mink tribe, but it seems that the Mink warrior couldn’t stand his teeth even if he took it.

I should have come to stab the red scabbard, but can I stand after a single combat with Inuarashi?

It looks like Black Maria will get angry.

Isn’t Inuarashi still inferior?

When Inuarashi on one leg broke his artificial limb sword and was about to lose!

Carrot and Wanda come to the helper and clear the mink ties! Isn’t it going to be a development (laugh)

Now that everyone is tattered, I don’t think anyone can come to help!

ONE PIECE latest 1012 episode spoiler consideration & development prediction │ Momo’s assistant “D” ability or supremacy awakening?

Momo’s assistant who accompanies Yamato & Shinobu.

While being able to manipulate the real power of the artificial devil, I was also able to understand Luffy’s appearance.

There is a story that the ambition of the color of sight has awakened, but I think that this is the ” power to hear the voice of all things” although it has the name “D” .

Momo’s assistant can also hear Zunisha’s voice.

I think various animals or things like the flow of energy tell us what Luffy is doing.

However, it may be one of the secrets of D’s blood to know Luffy because he only talks about Luffy.

Even Luffy has the name D.

Isn’t it possible that those who inherit D’s blood have the power to communicate with each other ?

I can’t help looking forward to the awakening of Momo’s assistant!

ONE PIECE latest 1012 episode spoiler consideration & development forecast │ Sanji chose Momo’s help?

Nishikiemon in the previous episode? Momo’s help? Sanji was at a loss.

here! Which one did you decide?

Generally speaking, you should protect the general’s neck, which will help Momo without hesitation .

Even Nishikiemon and others should hope for it.

Perhaps Nishikiemon heard Mary’s broadcast despite being moribund and knew of the danger of Momo’s help.

However! That is Sanji.

I think I went to rescue Momo’s assistant, but I think I ran to Momo’s assistant who knew that there was a clear lady’s scabbard rather than the man-only red scabbard.

I’m sure I didn’t know about Yamato yet …

I met Yamato there, and he was n’t a boy! And my eyes are in my heart (laughs)

Moreover, I found the help of Momo who was glancing at the three mouths without hesitation!

Isn’t it too enviable for Momo’s help at a stretch that the rival’s heart ignites and the strength increases?

It’s not Zoro, so I’m expecting to head to the warehouse that doesn’t open safely and meet with three people!

If this was Zoro, I would have gone to a completely different place and expected to start an unexpected battle (laugh)

ONE PIECE Spoiler consideration & development forecast of the latest 1012 episodes │ Perospero disturbs Marco with candy?

Perospero who reappeared in the previous episode with a feeling of bad guys.

I feel lucky to discover Marco (tired).

Well, if the game wins, justice is not wrong … (laughs)

Marco boasts a series of breathtaking speed attacks against two big signboards, but it seems that he has not yet noticed the existence of Perospero .

In the story of joining hands with the Beasts Pirates, I think Marco, who somehow doesn’t fit the horse, is suddenly restrained with candy from behind .

It seems that the fighting style of gradually hurting him like torture from there is more suitable for him.


Leopard Goro, a flower saved from the virus, appears there!

Probably a person with a heat system from where the hair is burning (laugh)

Expected to melt and rescue Perospero’s candy and participate in this big signboard battle!

It’s not the case when you’re dead, Leopard Goro!

I thought, but Marco can also use flames, so I may run away myself (laugh)

You should be able to put out a flame that melts the candy!

ONE PIECE [Latest 1012 episodes] Spoiler summary

We have delivered it under the title of “ONE PIECE Spoiler Episode 1012 Latest Confirmed! Nami’s Uruti Severe! Yamato’s Fake Momo’s Assistance Strategy!”

The last Nami is cool.

It was good to be able to get rid of tees after showing a sly place, such as sticking to big moms and tees!

There are things that pirates can’t give up!

And Yamato who became a decoy.

Will her thoughts be rewarded?

And what does Momosuke think after reading his father’s logbook?