ONE PIECE Spoiler Episode 1012 Latest Confirmed! Nami is out of luck! Yamato’s fake peach aid strategy!

One Piece Chapter 1061: Release Date, Spoilers

ONE PIECE Spoiler Episode 1012 Latest Confirmed! Nami is out of luck! Yamato’s fake peach aid strategy!

We will deliver the latest finalized bulletin about the spoiler of ONE PIECE 1012 episode scheduled to be published in Weekly Shonen Jump scheduled to be released on May 10 (Monday).

The long-awaited ONE PIECE 1012 episode spoiler latest finalized bulletin 3rd report has arrived!

This time, it was a time to take a breather in the battle.

It seems that all nine Akashiya men will act separately at once, and Momosuke and Yamato will also be separated.

It turns out that Nami is more strict with those who hurt children than Big Mom.

And Yamato’s fake peach support strategy that seems to fail obviously (laugh)

When the next battle card is decided, is it an image that everyone goes to the final battle at once?

You can often do so many scenes at the same time!

I don’t have time to breathe (laughs)

So , immediately, with the title “ONE PIECE Spoiler Episode 1012 Latest Confirmation! Nami’s Uruti Cuts Out! Yamato’s Fake Momo’s Assistance Strategy!” I will deliver it.

ONE PIECE 101 2 episodes confirmed Click here for the 3rd report of spoilers ↓

  1. Izo who cares about the wounds of the chrysanthemum!
  2. Akasaya nine men are a strategy to act separately!
  3. Only Nishikiemon and Ogiku go to Momo’s help!
  4. Nekomamushi runs to the battlefield of Carrot & Wanda!
  5. Yamato’s “Fake Peach Assistance Strategy”!
  6. Momo’s help that the rooftop voice became one-on-one!
  7. Sanji runs with Zoro on his back!
  8. Low’s teleportation is right above Sanji!
  9. Allow Zoro & Sanji believe in Luffy’s victory!
  10. Sanji, Kawamatsu, and Izo go to the live floor!
  11. Big Mom vs Uruti!
  12. Uruti hits a ladle with Komachiyo!
  13. Nami is out of luck!

ONE PIECE [Latest 1012 episodes] Confirmed spoiler breaking news!

I got the third report of the spoiler confirmation bulletin of ONE PIECE 1012 episode scheduled to be published in Jump released on May 10, 2021 (Monday) .

The title is “Uzu”

The frontispiece is a kid who is crazy about making bird objects out of scrap iron and is unaware that he has a bird’s nest over his head.

We will send you more information as soon as it becomes available, so please check this article from time to time.

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ONE PIECE 1012 episode confirmed breaking news | Izo who cares about the wounds of the chrysanthemum!

Start from the connecting passage from the 2nd floor to the 3rd floor in the castle.

Nine red-sheathed men struggling to search for Momo, leaving Jack’s opponent to Inuarashi.

Izo asks Ogiku about the wound on his arm, but he laughs and replies that Ogiku is such a wound for the samurai that itching to the point of burning out.

Ogiku reminds me of my childhood when I was crying, wondering if my heart was itchy even on the day my brother was gone.

After refusing to make fun of himself, Izo apologized for leaving the chrysanthemum in silence.

What do you think if Wano is opened to Izo? Kawamatsu asks.

Izo laughed, saying that the answer would be to tell if he survived until tomorrow morning.

Kawamatsu may have wanted to know the views of Izo, who has seen the world with the Whitebeard Pirates.

I want you to survive!

ONE PIECE 1012 Episode Confirmed Spoiler Bulletin | Akashiya Nine Men Strategy to Act Separately!

While running, Nishikiemon is no longer a full-scale war of living or dying, and there should be a lack of strength everywhere, so we propose a strategy where everyone is divided .

Nishikiemon says that one person is enough to rescue and rescue peaches.

Izo and Kawamatsu agree to go to another assistant sword, but next time, Okiku begs that only Kanjuro will be defeated.

The appearance of Nishikiemon thinking a little silently.

ONE PIECE 1012 Episode Confirmed Spoiler Bulletin | Nishikiemon and Ogiku Only To Momo’s Assistance!

Along the way, Nekomamushi encounters Sicilian and the monkey mink Variete.

Kawamatsu and Izo say goodbye to Nishikiemon and Nekomamushi, and when they go elsewhere, they break up.

Nekomamushi also agreed to take another action.

When you tell everyone your luck, Nishikiemon follows Ogiku! The two chased Momo’s help.

ONE PIECE 1012 episode confirmed spoiler bulletin | Nekomamushi runs to the battlefield of Carrot & Wanda!

Nekomamushi learned of Pedro’s death from the two minks and was told that Luffy and his friends arrived here because of Pedro’s sacrifice.

According to Barriete’s explanation, Pedro’s villain (Perospero) at that time was in Wano, and Carrot and Wanda started attacking with anger, so they came to inform Sicilian in a hurry.

It feels like time is back.

Barriere was there at that time (laughs)

Nekomamushi praises Pedro’s death as a cause and gets angry that he is in Wano.

Goronya ~~~ Go! I flew with great momentum.

In fact, Carrot and Wanda were killed in the previous episode, and Perospero is heading to the live floor, so I wonder if the battle will start on the live floor?

ONE PIECE 1012 Episode Confirmed Spoiler Bulletin | Yamato’s “Fake Momo’s Assistance Strategy”!

On the other hand, at the ceiling on the first floor of the castle.

This is Yamato Toshinobu who protects Momo’s help.

Yamato says that Mary’s target is a set with Momo’s assistant.

Here Yamato proposes a strategy to make himself a decoy! Uzuuzu …

I’m willing to leave this place, leaving two people in one hand with the help of a fake peach like a teru teru bozu who seems to be you.

Yamato is overflowing with the tingling of fighting.

Shinobu is in the air that we are in contact with Nishikiemon (laughs)

ONE PIECE 1012 episode confirmed spoiler bulletin | Momo’s help saying that the voice on the roof became one-on-one!

I entrusted Momo’s help to Shinobu, and before going, Yamato asked Momo’s help about Luffy’s situation.

Luffy is weak but fine! Momo’s assistant who answers.

However, he adds that only two voices can be heard.

Eh … Yamato stops.

One-on-one battle, I have to hurry! I ran away.

After Yamato has gone, Momo’s assistant opens the logbook of his father Oden …

Everything about my father’s adventure.

I’ve heard a lot of stories so far, but I start reading quietly by myself.

(Shinobu is peeking from the side! (Laughs))

ONE PIECE 1012 episode confirmed spoiler bulletin | Sanji running with Zoro on his back!

On the other hand, Sanji is currently on the second floor.

Sanji with a bounty of 330 million berries will cost pirates.

Sanji was running to save Momo’s help, carrying a large bandaged crucifix on his back.

The right foot is Sanji, a black foot wrapped in flames.

The true identity of the cross is Zoro, who was seriously injured so that he could not move.

By the way, Zoro is sleeping (laughs)

Zoro is in the way! Sanji who is irritated but does not throw away ♪

ONE PIECE 1012 Episode Confirmed Spoiler Bulletin | Teleportation of Low is right above Sanji!

Tens of minutes ago, Rho, Zoro, and Zeus suddenly appeared right above Sanji.

In the previous episode of ONE PIECE, Rho disappeared from the roof.

It feels like I’ve replaced it with something that Low is flying (laughs)

Sanji catches Rho and Zoro who suddenly appear.

Where is Zeus, Mama? I’m going to help! I’m wandering around.

What happened to Sanji and Nami to Zeus? When asked, Zeus is crazy! !! I was surprised and scared and ran away.

ONE PIECE 1012 Episode Confirmed Spoiler Bulletin | Allow Zoro & Sanji Believe in Luffy’s Victory!

At least girls to Zoro and Rho who suddenly fell! Sanji is sharp.

Rho rides on Sanji’s shoulder and asks Sanji for Zoro’s treatment, saying that it was just right.

Explain the situation! Sanji and Zoro, who get angry, probably have more than 20 to 30 broken bones, and after explaining that they should be fixed with a splint and lie on their backs to secure consciousness and breathing, Rho runs away as if the commotion is big mom.

It’s not Zoro’s explanation! Sanji is sharp when there is another story he wants to hear.

I’m not a doctor so I don’t have time to take care of it! I get angry, but for the time being, Sanji who wraps a round and round bandage is kind and smart (laugh)

Who did it while giving treatment? Zoro answers to Sanji that he is Kaido and Big Mom.

Convinced, I was impressed that I was able to go to the rooftop well.

So what about Luffy? Sanji continues to ask.

Luffy seems to have grabbed something, so Zoro replied that he would win.

If you understand that! Sanji answers.

ONE PIECE 1012 episode confirmed spoiler bulletin | Sanji, Kawamatsu, Izo go to the live floor!

And now.

Sanji wants to leave Zoro somewhere, whispering, and while knocking down the Kaido pirates, Zoro sleeps soundly with a lantern.

Kawamatsu and Izo meet there.

Sanji rejoices in their safety.

When Sanji says he intends to go to Momo’s assistant, Kawamatsu says it’s okay because Nishikiemon has already gone to Momo’s rescue.

At that time, Zoro suddenly woke up!

I left only one word that the assistant sword was a “live floor” and slept again.

ONE PIECE 1012 Episode Confirmed Spoiler Bulletin | Big Mom vs Uruti!

And the big mom on the 2nd floor of the castle.

Did you burn the town? With a sharp big mum Tekken, Page One has his head stuck in the floor.

Uruti who saw it got angry and rushed towards Big Mom!

Usopp proposes to have Big Mom do the tee, and cheers for Big Mom to look like a goddess!

Nami immediately lied to Big Mom that Uruti was the one who made Big Mom sad.

However, Big Mom should stay with Nami! And rage.

It seems that I hate Nami (laughs)

Immediately after that, Nami turned over to Uruti and smiled with a big smile trying to defeat Big Mom with Uruti!

For Uruti, you guys are next to Bubber! Nami gets angry (laughs)

ONE PIECE 1012 Episode Confirmed Spoiler Bulletin | Uruti hits a ladle with Komachiyo!

Run away from Usopp as far as possible! Speaking of which, Uruti jumped at Komachiyo with such a speed that he couldn’t miss it and hit the ur head gun directly!

Komachi who collapses.

Did you have a hard time chasing after saying that you were tired? Make sure.

Then, just hit and kick Komachiyo.

Since I’m a close friend, the ladle that I stopped asking me to stop is noisy! I slapped.

ONE PIECE 1012 Episode Confirmed Spoiler Bulletin | Nami has run out of luck!

Nami rushed to the ladle, and Usopp took the ladle and escaped! Shouted.

Big Mom gets angry when he sees the ladle beaten and stands in front of Uruti.

“Did you reach out to my friends !?”

“You’re the one who touched my brother !?”

They were glaring at each other, but what are you going to do with the ladle! And I Nami was thrown to the ground with a powerful lightning jumped to suddenly sell tee.

Usopp waited for Nami and said he was going to run away now, but Nami was super angry!

I … it looks like no!

The one who raises his hand to the child …!

This woman is here!

ONE PIECE 1012 episode spoiler confirmation information is over with Nami who cuts the sword.

We will update it as soon as more information is available!