One Punch Man Chapter 171 Release Date, Time, And Recap

One Punch Man Chapter 171 Release Date, Time, And Recap

The long wait is over; today marks the publication of Chapter 171 of One Punch Man. Later this week, you’ll be able to read the new chapter, which will pick up just where last month’s stressful Chapter 170 left off.

After a bloody battle in the preceding chapters, readers might anticipate a shift toward more lighthearted banter. Garou sees his owner, Bang, again, and they catch up on life. Meanwhile, Tareo, who had previously been intimidated by the other kids, has found the courage to stand up to them after being inspired by Garou.

Sitch and Sekingar discuss the Bang and Garou scenario while at the Heroes Association. Saitama and Genos reach an unnamed location at the chapter’s finale, where they are being observed from afar. The next instalment may reveal the identity of the person who left readers guessing.

One Punch Man Chapter 171 Release Date, Time

On Thursday, September 22, 2022, Chapter 171 of One Punch Man will become available on the Viz Media website. There is also a corresponding app accessible in the Play Store. Due to its simultaneous release schedule, the release time for each chapter varies by area; these are the times it will be available in various regions throughout the world:

8 a.m. PDT (Pacific Daylight Time)
10:00 a.m., Central Daylight Time
Time in Britain: 16:00 BST
As of 8:30 PM in India, that would be IST.
Five o’clock in the afternoon, European time CEST

Summary of One-Punch Man, Chapter 170

At the beginning of the prior chapter, Garou outlined his moral code for the community. A scene later shows him and Bang sitting in a police station, where he confesses his guilt for his earlier actions. After being released from police custody, Bang comes to the conclusion that Garou owes an apology to everyone he harmed while hero hunting.

The action then flashes back to the time when Garou was first discovered by Bang and was undergoing his initial training. He inquires as to Tareo’s well-being and receives assurance from Bang that all is good with the Tareo’s brother. The scene shifts to the schoolyard, where Tareo is being picked on by the other kids until he stands up to them and declares himself “Garouman The Hero.” Waganma shows up in the park and approaches him, hoping to engage him in a round of video games. After asking if he might bring his other pals, Tareo gets an affirmative response from Waganma.

Garou approaches Bang and says he needs to schedule a fight with the heroes because if he kills them all in succession, he won’t have to undergo the monsterization phase before waking up. The action then moves to Heroes Association, where Sitch informs Sekinger of his choice to become Garou’s guardian after reading Bangs’ resignation letter. Bang expresses a desire to welcome Garou into the group, and he cites Sitch’s concerns about pushback from the other heroes as the reason why he is hesitant.