Read One Piece Devil fruit – ‘Bara Bara no Mi’


The Bara Bara no Mi is a Paramecia-type Devil Fruit that enables the user to split their own body into pieces and control those pieces anyway they choose. Additionally, it immunises the user to slashing strikes, transforming them into a Splitting Human. It was swallowed by Buggy, albeit inadvertently.

When Buggy raised and suffocated one of his own crewmates with his severed arm, the fruit’s properties were first observed, but they were not well explained.

Regarding the Bara Bara no Mi

  • Name: Bara Bara No Mi
  • Name and Meaning in English: Chop-Chop Fruit and The Fruit of Dismemberment
  • Fruit Debut: One Piece Episode 8
  • Usage Debut: One Piece Episode 5
  • Type: Paramecia
  • Current User: Buggy

History and physical description of the ‘Bara Bara no Mi’


In approximately 27 years ago, while Buggy was a Pirate Apprentice with the Roger Pirates, the company encountered the Bara Bara no Mi. Shanks instructed Buggy on the Devil Fruits, which granted superpowers in exchange for the ability to swim. Shanks reminded Buggy that they could be sold for 100,000,000,000,000 berries, despite the fact that Buggy had recently acquired a treasure map from another pirate ship depicting treasure at the bottom of the ocean.

Buggy stole the Bara Bara no Mi and constructed a fake fruit replicating it, which he consumed in front of the entire squad. Later, while floating in one of the ship’s lifeboats, he mused to himself about his plan to pursue the treasure by selling the fruit for money. Shanks’s appearance alarmed Buggy, who hid the fruit in his mouth to prevent Shanks from seeing it. Before Shanks reappeared and frightened him once more, leading Buggy to consume the entire fruit, he expressed relief. After learning what had occurred, he raged at Shanks, only to be surprised when Shanks pointed out that his treasure map had fallen into the ocean. He dove into the water to get it, only to realise that his Devil Fruit prevented him from moving beneath the surface of the water. Shanks saved him by diving into the water and bringing him back to the ship. Now that he could no longer obtain the gold beneath the sea, Buggy vowed to collect all the treasure on land.


The Bara Bara no Mi is an oval-shaped purple fruit (orange in the anime) composed of little spherical portions with swirls and a sprouting green leafage. It was small enough to fit in one hand and resembled a large raspberry or a miniature pineapple.

Bara Bara no Mi’s Valuables and Deficits


According to Buggy, the fruit’s primary benefit is that the user becomes impervious to damage from any sort of cutting or puncturing, including Haki-infused slashes. Instead of being irrevocably dismembered, the dismembered parts of the user’s body remain totally within the user’s control. They can then be freely manipulated to execute unique attacks or reattached to the remaining portion of the body. Buggy has even demonstrated the ability to reattach himself in a manner similar to Logia.

In addition to passive immunity, the user can manually dismember their own body without being hacked by others in the first place. This is a crucial skill in combat as it allows the user to attack past an opponent’s blocking attempts or to avoid incoming attacks if they see them coming. The user can also survive for extended durations without being connected to his critical limbs and organs.

Moreover, the levitation effect produced by the freeform control of the pieces appears to extend to anything in contact with the user, allowing them to resist gravity by lifting heavy things as long as they have a firm grip on them. Buggy has demonstrated the capacity to effortlessly move larger (and possibly heavier) individuals than himself.


Although the user is immune to cutting and penetrating strikes, they are still susceptible to other forms of contact, such as punches and kicks. In addition, even when a body component is disconnected, the user is still able to feel sensations associated with that body part. When a user is dismembered, this can be a significant weakness, since an adversary can do a variety of things to the other body parts. This consists of tickling, pinching, groyne kicks, and tying up the majority of the user’s bodily parts.

The user can only exert control over his fragmented pieces within a specified range. If a component exceeds a certain distance, the user loses control over it. This involves levitation and the intentional usage of that body part by the user. This distance is a sphere with a 200 Bara Bara diameter that encircles the point where the person contacts the ground.

The user’s feet are the only body parts that cannot be levitated, hence they must remain on the ground at all times for him to be able to levitate any other body part. This can be slightly remedied if someone else carries their feet, as it provides a footing for them to stand on. On the contrary, Buggy has been observed running in midair after being separated at the waist. Unknown whether this is a continuity error or not.

Moreover, in the Impel Down, Buggy’s head was tugged toward his body as soon as his feet left the ground and his torso descended the hole to the second story, as if his components were connected by an unseen force. This is somewhat inconsistent with the mechanisms of his strength when his head and body were separated and Luffy blew away his body but not his head. This may have been due to the fact that his feet were with his head and not his body at the time.

Despite all of this, the user is susceptible to classic Devil Fruit vulnerabilities.

Utilization and Methods of the ‘Bara Bara no Mi’

Buggy first meant to utilise the fruit to aid in his search for an underwater treasure, but he consumed the Bara Bara no Mi by accident. Since then, he has utilised the fruit’s granted abilities to collect as much riches on the surface as possible.

Buggy has utilised the abilities of his fruit in combat, protecting himself (by ejecting body parts before an attacker hits him or using another human as a meat shield) and punishing those who fail or annoy him (usually by using his split-off hand to suffocate or hold them up in front of a cannon shot). Combining his speed, penchant for deception, and skill with blades, Buggy can easily catch opponents off guard if they attempt to stop his moves.

Due to the automatic activation of his talent when his body is cut by external forces, Buggy is brave against all swordsmen, contrary to his customary cowardice against more strong foes. His devil fruit helps him to confound adversaries who assume they have killed him.

Following his defeat at the hands of Luffy, Buggy was forced to traverse the East-Blue in a chibi-like shape consisting of only his head, hands, and feet, greatly limiting his abilities. The remainder of his body remained immobile until he regained his lost parts and became complete again.

Buggy is depicted after the time jump using his Devil Fruit powers and an oversized cloak to make himself appear much larger and more menacing, probably to better fit his new image as a member of the Seven Warlords of the Sea and leader of the Pirate Dispatch Organization.

Buggy has displayed the following Devil Fruit-powered techniques:

Bara Bara Ho (Split Split Cannon)

While wielding a weapon, Buggy can fire his hands at the enemy.

Chi o Hau Bara Bara Ho (Earth-Crawling Split-Split Cannon)

It is a version of Buggy’s Bara Bara Ho in which he shoots his hand across the ground to grab the legs of his opponent.

Bara Bara Ho Kirihanashi (Split Split Cannon Dismember)

In a variation of the Bara Bara Ho, Buggy ties one-third of his forearm to his fist, so that if the opponent attempts to prevent the strike by clutching the forearm, he may quickly search his fist and resume the onslaught. This attack involves four knives held by Buggy.

Bara Bara Senbei (Split Split Rice Cracker)

Before executing this technique, Buggy stamps on his shoes to produce knives from them. He then does a cartwheel on the ground towards an opponent, while in certain media, his entire lower half is capable of levitating for a predetermined amount of time.

Bara Bara Kinkyu Dasshutsu (Split Split Emergency Escape)

When an attack is directed at Buggy’s head, he immediately separates it from the rest of his body to avoid harm.

Bara Bara Festival (Split Split Festival)

The ultimate attack of Buggy is to disintegrate and spin all of his body parts. Then, he can either encircle his opponent to block their escape or pummelled him quickly using his body parts. This attack also makes it difficult to strike Buggy, but his feet remain on the ground, leaving them vulnerable to attack.

Bara Bara Car (Split Split Car)

Buggy has a set of wheels and a bomb for a motor, and he can transform himself into a miniature car for quick escapes.

Kuchu Kirimomi Dai Circus (MidairTailspin Big Circus)

Buggy detaches his hands, grasps an opponent with them, and then lifts them into the air. Then, he spins his hands to face the ground before sending them spiralling back down to the earth with a powerful thud.


Q. What does the Bara Bara no Mi do?

The Baroness Bara Bara no Mi enables the user to divide their own body into multiple pieces and control them independently, rendering them resistant to slicing strikes and changing them into a Splitting Human.

Q. What is Bara Bara no Mi in English?

A. Bara Bara no Mi’s English name is Chop-Chop Fruit.

Q. Is Bara Bara no Mi strong?

A. Bara Bara no Mi is undeniably potent, as evidenced by the fact that it grants the user the ability to separate their own bodily parts at whim and control them independently, as well as immunity against strong swordsmen, including Haki users.