Read One Piece Devil fruit – ‘Bari Bari no Mi’


The Devil Fruit known as Bari Bari no Mi is a Paramecia-type that turns its host into a Barrier Human and grants them the ability to construct barriers. Kurozumi Semimaru had previously consumed it, and Bartolomeo is now the one who has it.

About: ‘Bari Bari no Mi’ Devil Fruit

  • Call sign: Bari Bari no Mi
  • Name in English and Meaning: Barrier-Barrier
  • Fruit Debut in: One Piece Episode 637
  • Usage First Appeared in: One Piece Episode 637
  • Type Paramecia
  • Currently Used By Bartolomeo

Bari Bari no Mi’s Background and Appearance

The Bari Bari no Mi was consumed by Kurozumi Semimaru about 41 years ago. After Bartolomeo’s passing, he obtained the fruit and consumed it.

Advantages and Drawbacks


The ability to create physical barriers that are either invisible or visibly translucent and resemble panes of glass is the Fruit’s gift. By doing this, the user is protected from attacks coming from the front or the back. A fish-blow man’s strike may break 400 tiles, wounding the fish-hand man’s in return, but the barriers have extraordinary defensive strength and can resist it.

Elizabello II’s King Punch, which had the potential to completely destroy a citadel, as well as Hakuba’s blows were also effectively deflected by it. Bartolemeo was of the opinion that his defences were “unbreakable” and could prevent the Birdcage (which can slice buildings and meteorites with ease). Kurozumi Semimaru proved that the barrier can withstand even the most devastating strike from Kozuki Oden, whose swordsmanship could split the enormous Mountain God in two and even harm the nearly unbreakable Kaidou.

The shield can also be launched forward to create massive forces to strike targets with or to deflect enemy forces back at them, which is how it is utilised offensively. This fruit also has the benefit of helping people access challenging-to-reach areas since Bartolomeo can construct sturdy buildings out of his barriers, like steps that people can stand on.


The barriers have drawbacks, while it is uncertain if there is a damage cap on them. The fact that Diamante’s insults regarding the murder of Rebecca’s mother got through the barriers proves that they are not soundproof. The dangers of this weakness include not being able to completely block Pica’s enormous stone fist and being unable to create more barriers after creating a staircase out of them. Another limitation is that he can only sustain one barrier at a time, and that the one barrier can cover a maximum total surface area. As demonstrated when Bartolomeo attempted to block the Birdcage, the walls aren’t completely impervious to outside forces.

Furthermore, depending on whether the user is being ambushed or attacked by a superhumanly fast foe, some barrier shapes can still be evaded by moving around, above, or below them. Normally, this is not a problem because Bartolomeo can readily change the shape of his barrier even after it has been set up. Bartolomeo must move or modify his defences in order to attack, forgoing defensive security in favour of offensive security.

The fruit does not provide the user superhuman durability; as a result, if the barrier is broken, they are at risk. In addition to these problems, it also has the typical flaws of Devil Fruits. The only known character to ever succeed in getting past Bartolomeo’s defence is Uta.

Techniques and Usage

To protect Wano shogun Orochi from a furious Kozuki Oden, Semimaru, the fruit’s former user, used its abilities. As his naïve adversaries attack and harm themselves, Bartolomeo uses the fruit’s capacity to defend himself while remaining calm. He could also use the shields offensively to attack and fend off his opponents, or he could use them as walls to hold his captives helpless and crush them.

The barriers can be shaped by Bartolomeo into stairs to reach higher ground, or they can be utilised in other ways, like as a footing.

The Bari Bari no Mi is performed by Bartolomeo in a variety of ways, including:


Bartolomeo triggered his fruit’s power by flinging his fingers together, causing a transparent barrier to materialise that can protect him from attacks. Both a rectangle barrier and a semi-spherical barrier have been depicted thus far as his barriers.

Barrier Crash

After constructing a barrier, Bartolomeo fires it at the foe at a high rate of speed, crushing it against them. The blow is powerful enough to send a shockwave and knock Elizabello II unconscious. Just after Bartolomeo had been shielded from the King Punch at the Corrida Colosseum, it was first observed being used on Elizabello.

Barrier Bulls

As he advances, Bartolomeo erects a curved, translucent, rectangular barrier in front of himself, mowing and destroying everything in his path like a bulldozer. It was initially employed against Gladius, a few of Doflamingo’s soldiers, and Cavendish, who just so happened to be blocking the road.

Barrier Ball

Bartolomeo creates a sphere-shaped wall that keeps everything within and keeps everything outside from entering. The first time it was seen, it was being utilised to thwart Gladius’ blows.


Bartolomeo activates the fruit’s ability to change the shape of his barrier while maintaining its hardness by clenching his hands and crossing his fingers.


Bartolomeo changes his defences into a flight of stairs that shields him and his companions from attacks from below while allowing them to move about freely in the air. It was first seen supporting Law and Luffy in ascending to the King’s Plateau’s fourth level.


As a bag tennis racket, Bartolomeo changes his obstacles. He has the ability to increase this barrier in order to shield someone or anything. Initially, it was displayed shielding Nico Robin from Gladius’ Catapult Punc Attack.

Homage Shinken

Bartolomeo makes a fist out of his right hand by interlacing his fingers and creating a little sphere around it.

Bari Bari no Pistol

After employing the “Homage Shinken,” Bartolomeo hits his opponents, amplifying the force of the blow with the barrier around his fist. It is blatantly and purposefully paying homage to Luffy’s Gomu Gomu no Pistol. The first time it was seen, Gladius was being killed.

Big Hand

Bartolomeo can contain and push things by using Barrierbility to transform a barrier into a huge hand and move it ahead. To redirect Bill’s massive flow of molten ore, it was initially used against him.

FAQs regarding “Bari Bari no Mi Devil Fruit”

How long ago did Bartolomeo eat the Bari Bari no Mi?

A. Bartolomeo acquired and ate the Bari Bari no Mi fruit sometime after Kurozumi Semimaru’s passing.

How does the Bari Bari no Mi operate?

A user of the Bari Bari no Mi has the capacity to create and control impenetrable see-through walls at whim.

Is Bartolomeo’s defence impenetrable to Luffy?

Even Elizabello’s punch couldn’t penetrate A. Bartolomeo’s defences because of their strength. It remains to be seen if Luffy will be able to breach this barrier.