Read One Piece Devil fruit – ‘Bisu Bisu no Mi’


A Devil Bisu Bisu no Mi is the fruit of the Paramecia species. This fruit enables the creation and control of biscuits at will. As a result, they are a Biscuit Human. This fruit was eaten by Charlotte Cracker.

Read about ‘Bisu Bisu no Mi’

Name Bisu Bisu no Mi
English Name and Meaning Bis- Bis Devil Fruit
Fruit Debut in episode One Piece Episode 796
Usage Debut in episode One Piece Episode 796
Type of devil fruit Paramecia
Current User Charlotte Cracker


Manifestation of Bisu Bisu no Mi

We don’t know a lot about the fruit’s appearance because it hasn’t yet been depicted in the anime.

Possibilities and Limitations

The person who eats this devil fruit can make as many biscuits as they want by clapping their hands together. Even human figures made of biscuits that move and look lifelike can be created by them. The biscuits can also be crushed and shaped into weapons. The biscuits may transform into superheroes and act as armor and shields when imbued with Busoshoku Haki.

The biscuits are sturdy, but if too much pressure is applied, they will break, and if water is poured at them, they will get soggy. The ability to make biscuits all the time is hard on the user’s stamina, and if their hard biscuits are thrown at them, they could get hurt.


Because Charlotte Cracker is a skilled artist, the biscuit figures he makes seem to be quite lifelike. People confuse him for his puppet since he dwells in these puppets. These puppets support him in fight and help him get stronger. To outnumber his opponents, he can even produce clones that he controls from the outside.


The methods Charlotte Cracker employs are as follows:

Broken Biscuit

Cracker makes a lot of biscuits and crushes them into very fine crumbs so that he can easily shape and make things.

Cookie Hei

With this method, Cracker creates a huge warrior that is incredibly lifelike yet hollow on the inside. He hides inside them and has complete power over these puppets. Their fighting range, speed, and strength can all be increased by him.

Crispy Biscuit

Using his Busoshoku Haki, Cracker multiplies his puppets, hardens them, and then utilises them as shields.


Why is Bisu called that?

A. Biscuit is known as Bisu in Japanese.

What weakness does the devil fruit have?

A. Because any liquid would make his biscuits mushy, the user of this devil fruit is highly sensitive to it.