Record of Ragnarok: How many fighters are there in Record of Ragnarok manga/anime?


Shinya Umemura and Takumi Fukui created the seinen manga Record of Ragnarok, which was illustrated by Ajichika. A second season of a Netflix original animated series adaption created by Graphinica studio debuted in January 2023 after the first season in 2021. The characters of Record of Ragnarok, or the warriors of the two main teams from the story, will be introduced to you as we wait for the new chapters and episodes.

The number of fighters in Record of Ragnarok?

Everyone is aware that the gods and their warriors—some of whom are the gods themselves, while others are specially chosen warriors—fight the humans in the Record of Ragnarok to determine the destiny of humanity. There are a total of 26 fighters in Record of Ragnarok because the fighters are split into two teams, each of which has 13 warriors. Even though there are more characters in the series, not all of them are warriors (the Valkyries, several gods, etc.), which explains why there are so few of them. However, the humans have added one warrior and the gods have added two, bringing the total number of fighters introduced in Record of Ragnarok to 29. We will introduce these combatants in the sections that come after.

Record of Ragnarok: Each of Team Humanity’s 14 members

All 14 of the characters fighting for humanity in the series will be introduced in this part. While some of them have previously prevailed or failed in their battles, others have not yet been revealed. It is also known that, prior to selecting the final list, Brunhilde reviewed a lengthy list of contenders who were passed over, including Abraham Lincoln, Mother Teresa, Salvador Dali, Marilyn Monroe, Che Guevara, Steve Jobs, Mahatma Gandhi, Ludwig van Beethoven, Albert Einstein, Adolf Hitler, Mao Zedong, Pablo Picasso, Nefertiti, Sakamoto Ryoma, Hideyo Noguchi, Marianne, and Cleopatra The 14 fighters are now:

Lü Bu


In China’s Three Kingdoms War, Lü Bu was the best combatant and one of the toughest Chinese fighters. Brunhild picked him to represent humanity in the opening round of the Ragnarök tournament due to his brutality and desire for thrills, with the intention of intimidating the gods right away. With a spear from the Volund of the Valkyrie Randgriz, which could destroy any shield in its path, Lü Bu confronted Thor. Additionally, Lü Bu displayed exceptional strength, endurance, speed, and agility, particularly when riding her red horse and using her Sky Eater skill, which is so potent that it can create a sizable opening in the sky’s clouds.


Technically speaking, Adam is the first human in history and is designated as File No. 00000000000. In the second round of Ragnarök, he competes against Zeus, the creator of the universe, as the father of mankind. He possesses extraordinary eyes known as the “Eyes of the Lord,” which enable him to see ahead of time any combat method being used on him, even if it originates from a deity, and to dodge it, no matter how quickly it is moving. He was formed in God’s likeness. His eyes also give him the ability to duplicate and reuse combat manoeuvres he has already witnessed, even if doing so results in a minor physical alteration, such as his fingers temporarily being hooked when he employs a Serpent manoeuvre.

Kojir Sasaki

According to legend, Kojir Sasaki is “the largest loser in history.” He hasn’t actually ever prevailed in a battle. However, he possesses a great fighting spirit: Kojiro can construct an image of someone in his head and determine their fighting prowess simply by observing their steps, breathing, heart rate, and eyelash rate. While at rest, he can simulate fights against the persons whose images he has modelled until he is able to defeat them or perhaps learn their skills. When he faces this person, he can finish the repertoire of fighting techniques of the picture in his head.

Mr. Jack the Ripper

The last round’s human representative was a notorious British serial killer who lived at the end of the 19th century. He engages the god of strength Heracles in combat, giving us the opportunity to see the longest battle to date between good and evil. Through a rare talent he developed throughout his difficult early years, Jack is able to see people’s emotions as colours with his right eye.

Tameemon Raiden

a Japanese sumo wrestler who served as humanity’s spokesman during the sixth Ragnarok fight. He goes by Tarkicho in real life. He is referred to as the peerless rishiki and is regarded as the best sumo wrestler in history despite never attaining the title of yokozuna. Since he was born with abnormally developed muscles, he was forced to grow an internal muscle shell as a child in order to prevent being crushed to death. He was raised in a hamlet during the Edo era and enjoyed using his tremendous power to help the helpless, but when the Great Tenmei Famine hit, he went to pursue a career as a professional wrestler so that he could feed the community alone.


a human being who attained knowledge and, as a result, godliness. All of this came about after his older brother admitted that he had never been happy in his life and regretted not going against what other people expected of him. Zeus, who had intended for her to be his opponent in the sixth round, broke with the gods and chose to battle Zerofuku, a composite of the Seven Gods of Fortune, on behalf of humanity.

Huang Qin Shi

One of the human participants in Ragnarok who is a spokesperson. After defeating the demon Chi You and uniting the country in 221 BC, he is regarded as the first emperor of China because he was the first historical figure to have this title. However, many people view him as a despot who split all the kingdoms under his reign. He appears to be a young man who is blindfolded and is holding five zhijiatao. He is also wearing an oddly similar clothing to that of a Chinese emperor.

Nikola Tesla

An innovator from the 20th century whose innovations and discoveries altered the course of history, and who serves as the champion of humanity in the eighth match against Beelzebub. As the “Definitive Mad Scientist of His Time,” Nikola Tesla is a man of science who is passionate about his work and the laws of physics. Despite Brunhild’s belief that Nikola Tesla is the only person in history who has the right to be called a sorcerer, Tesla will not allow anyone to compare these things to magic.

Okita Soji

He is one of the Ragnarok fighters, and Kond Isami is always by his side. He belonged to the Shinsengumi, a specialised Japanese police group from the nineteenth century. This entire squad, but Okita in particular, is renowned for their incredible swordsmanship abilities, which Okita displays in combat. He appears and acts like he did in his Golden Age, or at his pinnacle, which demonstrates his superhuman skills.

Michel Nostradamus

Famous French astrologer, physician, and purported prophet Michel Nostradamus lived in the 16th century. His prophesies are well-known for their purported accuracy around the world, however this is still up for interpretation. Nostradamus has a very eccentric and animated demeanour, but he is also immensely strong because he nearly destroyed the Bifröst and is the only person to have been put into Helheim, from whence he may easily escape. He is viewed by Brunhilde as her strongest weapon against the gods.

The Sakata Kintoki

A folk hero of Japan from the Heian era is named Sakata Kintoki. He is a powerful guy with high intelligence, but since he hasn’t actually engaged in combat in the manga, his overall skills and talents are completely a mystery to everyone. Despite this, he is undoubtedly powerful enough to stand in for humanity.

Simo Häyhä

Simo Häyhä is a man from Finland who served in the military during the 20th century as a sharpshooter. He gained the reputation as the deadliest marksman in all of human history while participating in the Winter War. He has not yet been formally presented in the manga, therefore we are unaware of him, his position in the narrative, and any unrevealed possible talents or powers.

Queen Leonidas

King Leonidas was a well-known Spartan king and general who fought the Persian Army and lost his life in a valiant battle. He has not yet been formally presented in the manga, therefore we are unaware of him, his position in the narrative, and any unrevealed possible talents or powers.

Vladimir Rasputin

He is a prominent person in Russian history and was linked to rumours about dark magic and the occult. Grigori Rasputin was a notorious Russian mystic who was connected to the Romanov family. He was murdered, notwithstanding the absurdity of the death narrative that claims he only passed out after being shot multiple times (poisoned, shot, burned, and drowned). He has not yet been formally presented in the manga, therefore we are unaware of him, his position in the narrative, and any unrevealed possible talents or powers.

All 15 of the Gods Team are listed in the Ragnarok record

We will introduce each of the 15 characters who are fighting for the Gods in this series in this section. While some of them have previously prevailed or failed in their battles, others have not yet been revealed. The 15 fighters are now:


He represents the gods in the initial conflict with Lü Bu and is the most powerful Norse deity. When fighting, he uses his hammer Mjöllnir, a living object that, when awake, emits immense heat and enables Thor use all of his power without killing him. He also takes off his Járngreipr gauntlets, which serve as strength restraints. He is a fight fanatic that is very interested in combat, especially against powerful foes. He is able to defeat Lü Bu in battle and kill him, celebrating his victory against a foe of that stature but simultaneously displaying a hint of sorrow for the one and only person who required him to give it everything.


He is the supreme ruler of the gods and the chairman of the Valhalla Council, and is referred to as the “King of the Cosmos.” Despite being an extremely elderly and feeble man, he can rapidly build muscles. His unique skill is Adamas, which enables him to contract his muscles to make his body as hard as a diamond. He also learnt a blow from his father Kronos before defeating him, which enables him to throw a punch so powerful and quick that it can transcend time. In the second encounter with Adam, he engages in combat and eventually prevails over him after a difficult battle. This battle causes Zeus to stop underestimating others. He keeps a close eye on the ensuing conflicts, reprimanding his kids if they succumb to terror or despair if a god is seriously injured.


In the third round, Sasaki Kojiro faces off against the sea deity. The fact that he nearly killed and had his older brother Adamas erased from history when these, enraged by the fact that he had been Zeus to be elected as the new king of the cosmos after the Titanomachy, had hatched a conspiracy, demonstrates his intense hatred of humans and belief that a god is enough for himself and does not need support, help, or allies.


A Greek deity and Olympus champion who challenges Jack the Ripper in the fourth round of combat. Prior to the gods’ attack on Thebes, when he was unable to defend his city, he made the decision to drink the ambrosia, the blood of Zeus, and was able to fight on par with Ares. In the past, he was a frail and weak human by the name of Alcaeus, but in his desire to uphold justice, he continued to strengthen himself. Zeus intervened during the struggle and offered the man the chance to become a god.


He is a competitor in the competition and is the Hindu god of both creation and destruction. He is replaced by Zeus in the second round but makes a comeback to represent the gods against Raiden Tameemon in the fifth battle. He began climbing Svarga many millennia ago, urged by his best friend Rudra, and eventually succeeded in becoming the most potent Hindu god. He has immense strength from his four arms, and by synchronising with the world through his fighting dance, he makes his foe’s position uncertain. By enveloping himself in incredibly intense flames, as predicted by his destroyer prophecy, he wins the fight using his last form, known as tandava karma.


Ruler of the Underworld and brother of Zeus and Poseidon. He presents himself as a well-groomed man with flowing hair and a monocle over his right eye. Despite not being on the fighter list, he travels to Valhalla during the sixth fight and, upon learning of Poseidon’s passing, resolves to stand in for Buddha by taking on Qin Shi Huang in the seventh round in order to exact revenge on his murdered brother. Although he is ultimately vanquished and killed by his adversary, Hades still has admiration for him as a warrior and a king.


He is a combatant in Ragnarok. He was in charge of “making” Hajun by putting evil seeds in Zerofuku as evidence for his numerous experiments. He was also in charge of saving Adamas from death at Hades’ request. He will face Nikola Tesla in the eighth round of elimination.


the initial being from which the Seven Gods of Fortune sprung. He was born with the purest heart of all gods, and his favourite pastime was spreading happiness. However, when he came across people, everything changed. He felt a great deal of sympathy for them because of his kind character and took the decision to tour the world in order to absorb their suffering. But no matter what he did, they still continued to sink.


He was once intended to be a Ragnarok warrior. Buddha, however, knew that when he crossed over to the other side, this would be the ideal time for him to exact retribution on him and also make him carry out his divine sentence. For the first time in countless years, he and the Seven Gods of Fortune re-met as Zerofuku, his original identity, to take on him in the sixth round.


Hajun, also referred to as the Demon King of Sixth Heaven and the Berserker of the Underworld, was a terrifyingly potent demon who, before Hades took control of Helheim, destroyed half of it. One day, however, he vanished without a trace, having been murdered by his own might. Its remnants were discovered by Beelzebub, who used them to produce a parasite-like seed that he inserted into Zerofuku. During the sixth Ragnarok bout, it emerges out of nowhere and takes control of Zerofuku to battle Buddha. He displayed his sadism and conceit after exhibiting some early composure and referring to himself as the supreme entity.


The father of Thor and the ruler of the Norse gods. He is depicted as a very tall, lanky middle-aged guy wearing white robes and sporting a white beard (black in the anime). Huginn and Muninn, his two speaking ravens, are always by his side. He participates in Ragnarok and thereby joins the ranks of the other supreme gods. Odin surprises Beelzebub in his room following the conclusion of the sixth meeting after realising that he is responsible for Hajun’s entrance. He claims that he has been patiently awaiting Ragnarok’s preparations and will not allow anybody to interfere.


The Norse trickster god, who is also Odin’s devoted brother, is exceedingly cunning and enjoys making fun of everyone. He believes there is no way for mortals to vanquish a god and considers Brunhild’s scheme to make gods battle humans humorous. Although Poseidon’s setback challenges his beliefs, the god keeps playing games in the background to see who will be the next to fall. With the aid of Bishamonten, he confronts Buddha, whose philosophy is reflected in the idea of the weapons of the Valkyries, and accuses him of treachery after sensing the actual nature of the völundr. He can teleport, levitate, change his shape, and conjure portals from the palms of his hands. He can also call forth two hooks attached to a chain.


Apollo was a handsome Greek sun deity who was also associated with art and poetry. There are many myths about Apollo’s exploits, yet he did contribute to the Sun shining on Earth. He has not yet been formally presented in the manga, therefore we are unaware of him, his position in the narrative, and any unrevealed possible talents or powers.

Mikoto Susano’o

The powerful deity Susano’o, who is Amaterasu’s brother, is also connected to many other myths and stories, including the sea, severe storms, and being cunning and double-minded. He has not yet been formally presented in the manga, therefore we are unaware of him, his position in the narrative, and any unrevealed possible talents or powers.

Anubis Anubis was one of Egypt’s most well-known gods and the god of Death and mummies; he had a human body and a jackal head, however he has yet to appear in any of the manga chapters. He has not yet been formally presented in the manga, therefore we are unaware of him, his position in the narrative, and any unrevealed possible talents or powers.