200 M Saki no Netsu Chapter 7: A Surprise Twist


The previous chapter of 200 M Saki no Netsu left readers on the edge of their seats with Kikka almost forcing Hirara to do something he wasn’t ready for. However, things took an unexpected turn when an earthquake hit the area, and Hirara’s actions were solely to protect Kikka from any harm. The chapter ended on a surprisingly wholesome note with the two discussing the planet’s geological activities.

200 M Saki no Netsu Chapter 7 Release

The wait is almost over for fans, as 200 M Saki no Netsu Chapter 7 is expected to release on Monday, March 6, 2023, at 12:00 AM JST. However, it’s important to note that the release date and time vary depending on your timezone.

Kikka and Hirara’s Relationship

The previous chapter highlighted the complex relationship between Kikka and Hirara. While Kikka was eager to take their relationship to the next level, Hirara was more cautious, wanting to take things slow and cherish every moment spent with Kikka. This added an interesting dynamic to their relationship, and readers are eager to see how it develops in chapter seven.

Kikka’s New Project

In chapter seven, Kikka goes on a trip to discuss a new project she’ll be working on. Here, she meets several great artists and is impressed by the place’s artistic marvels. She gets offered to work on the project, and her trip turns into a huge success. Kikka feels grateful to Hirara for helping her and believes that she’ll finally be able to stand confidently by his side.

Mashimo’s Project

Kikka’s success doesn’t end there as she receives a surprise visit from Mashimo, who presents her with a cotton fabric of the highest quality. The project is for a wealthy and influential person, and Kikka is nervous but determined to excel in it. With both Hirara and Mashimo relying on her, Kikka is all fired up to take on the challenge.

Final Thoughts

200 M Saki no Netsu Chapter 7 promises to be an exciting read for fans of the manga. With a possible shift in Kikka and Hirara’s relationship, Kikka’s newfound success, and a challenging project from Mashimo, readers are in for a treat. Stay tuned for the release of chapter seven!