One Piece Chapter 1105: Unveiling Shadows – Release Date, Recap, and Predictions


Title: One Piece Manga Chapter 1105 – “Unveiling the Shadows”

As the captivating tale of One Piece unfolds, the recent developments in Chapter 1104 have left fans on the edge of their seats. Titled “Thank You, Daddy,” the chapter delves into the unexpected return of Bartholomew Kuma and the repercussions it triggers. Let’s explore the key events and speculate on what might transpire in the upcoming Chapter 1105. As we eagerly await the release of Chapter 1105 on January 29, 2024.

Recap: “Thank You, Daddy” (Chapter 1104):

The chapter commences with Saturn confronting Dr. Vegapunk regarding Kuma’s survival after the Revolutionary Army’s rescue. Kuma’s self-destruct mechanism, intended to render him inactive, proves insufficient, and the enslaved Warlord emerges, attacking Saturn. Sanji and Franky take advantage of the chaos to make their move with Bonney.

Dr. Vegapunk reveals that the self-destruct mechanism was designed to incapacitate Kuma, not destroy him. The mystery deepens as Vegapunk speculates on the Buccaneers’ unique power, suggesting it goes beyond physical strength. Kuma, in a poignant moment, embraces his daughter, Bonney, leading to unexpected developments.

Bonney expresses her gratitude to Kuma for his unspoken gestures, revealing her mother’s greatness. As tensions rise, Saturn reemerges, severely damaged but regenerating, and demands an explanation. The chapter concludes with Saturn ordering a Buster Call to obliterate Egghead, citing Kuma’s existence, Vegapunk’s studies, and Luffy’s powers as justifications.

Speculations for Chapter 1105 – “Unveiling the Shadows”:

  1. Kuma’s True Power: The revelation of Kuma’s survival and his unique connection to the Buccaneers hints at a latent power. Chapter 1105 may elaborate on this power, exploring its origin and potential impact on the ongoing events.
  2. Buster Call Consequences: Saturn’s order for a Buster Call raises the stakes. The next chapter might witness the devastating consequences of this decision, with the lives of our beloved characters and the Egghead island hanging in the balance.
  3. Kizaru’s Test: Kizaru’s enigmatic statement about testing the crew’s growth suggests a potential showdown. Chapter 1105 may showcase the Straw Hat crew facing off against the formidable Admiral, examining how much they’ve evolved since their last encounters with the Marines.
  4. Vegapunk’s Revelation: Dr. Vegapunk’s suspicions regarding the Buccaneers’ unique power may lead to a groundbreaking revelation. The next chapter might unravel more details about this mysterious power, shedding light on its origin and significance in the grand scheme of the One Piece world.
  5. Bonney’s Role: As the daughter of Kuma, Bonney’s connection to the unfolding events may deepen. Chapter 1105 could explore Bonney’s role in the upcoming conflict, possibly tapping into her own abilities or connections to alter the course of the impending chaos.

Release Date:

Chapter 1104 has set the stage for a gripping series of events in One Piece. As we eagerly await the release of Chapter 1105 on January 29, 2024, the unraveling mysteries, intense battles, and unforeseen alliances promise to keep fans on the edge of their seats. The world of One Piece continues to expand, and the shadows that linger will soon be unveiled in the next thrilling installment, officially available on VIZ and Manga Plus.