My Hero Academia Chapter 413: Release Date, Prediction and Summary


The latest installment of My Hero Academia, Chapter 412, titled “Shijō Saikyō no Hīrō,” was released on January 22, 2024, continues the high-stakes battle between Izuku Midoriya (Deku) and Tomura Shigaraki. This chapter is filled with intense moments, strategic moves, and a deep exploration of the characters’ internal struggles.

My Hero Academia Chapter 412 Summary:

Strategic Use of Quirks

Deku, focused on defense within his own body, begins to feel immobilized. However, he ingeniously uses Blackwhip to manually flex and extend his muscles from within. This allows him to build up Fa Jin and unleash a massive Delaware Smash, decimating the surrounding area and delaying the advance of Tomura’s Decay.

A Battle of Wits

Tomura, ever the strategic villain, laughs at Deku’s performance. He predicts the range of Decay, using the wind blast from Deku’s attack to blow away at the land and delay the destruction. However, he considers this a mere stopgap measure and remains determined to touch and decay as much as it takes.

Deku’s Unpredictable Tactics

Deku catches Tomura off guard by surrounding him with Blackchains. Using Gearshift’s Low Gear on Smokescreen to make it last longer, he unleashes Blackwhips to keep Tomura’s Danger Sense constantly going off. Deku uses this opportunity to punch Tomura’s arm right off, demonstrating his adaptability and strategic prowess.

Internal and External Threats

En appears, warning Deku about Tomura’s Search, which allows him to spot Deku’s location and launch a deadly lightning blast. Tomura regenerates his arm, revealing his knowledge of Deku’s charged-up attacks and his vulnerability. Despite the warnings, Deku refuses to give up on saving Tomura.

The Psychological Battle

Tomura, asserting his dominance, tells Deku that he has overcome his past self, burying the crying little kid deep within. Nana Shimura warns Deku to give up, stating that some people cannot be saved. Despite this, Deku refuses to accept the narrow worldview imposed by Tomura and is determined to break free from the past.

Vestige Realm Revelations

In the vestige realm, Kudo opposes Deku’s desire to save his archenemy, considering it a delusional madness. However, Kudo recognizes that Deku clings to the belief that every individual, no matter how vile or Quirkless, has an innately human heart.

The Parting of Ways

In a surprising twist, Kudo instructs Deku to bet everything on him and announces that the time has come to part ways with One For All.

Spoiler Prediction for Chapter 413

Given the intense developments in Chapter 412, the upcoming Chapter 413 could delve into Deku’s internal struggle as he contemplates parting ways with One For All. The consequences of such a decision and the impact it may have on the ongoing battle with Tomura Shigaraki will likely be explored. The revelation in the vestige realm and Kudo’s guidance may set the stage for a pivotal moment in the hero’s journey. Additionally, fans can anticipate further insights into Tomura’s motives and whether Deku’s unwavering determination to save him will prevail.

As the story unfolds, My Hero Academia continues to deliver thrilling moments and unexpected twists, keeping readers on the edge of their seats. Chapter 413 promises to be a turning point in the narrative, with the fate of Deku and Tomura hanging in the balance.

My Hero Academia Chapter 413 Release date:

The upcoming Chapter 413 could delve into Deku’s internal struggle as he contemplates parting ways with One For All. It will be released on January 29, 2024.