Analysis of Zomgan Chapter 38 and Preview of Chapter 39


Zomgan is a popular manhwa that has attracted a large fan base worldwide. The series is known for its suspense, action, and thriller. The previous chapter, Chapter 38, ended with Lee’s death and his subsequent transformation into a Zomgan, leaving readers with several questions. In this article, we will provide a recap of Chapter 38 and a preview of Chapter 39, including the release date and where to read it.

Zomgan Chapter 38: Recap

Chapter 38 begins with Garam infiltrating the Zomgan base to take down their leader. However, she ends up getting shot and caught by Nate Fesh, the scientist and leader of the Zomgans. Nate decides to turn Garam into a Zomgan, but Lee Dongho jumps in front of her and takes the hit for her. Nate and Garam are both shocked by this sudden turn of events, and Lee tells Garam to run away as fast as she can.

Meanwhile, Kim Yulha and his sister Haemi face off against hordes of Zomgans outside their base. Despite being overwhelmed, they refuse to back down, and Rishuru prepares an attack in the background. Haemi realizes that in a prolonged battle, humans are at a disadvantage as they would run out of stamina quickly, while the Zomgans don’t feel exhaustion.

At the Zomgan leader’s base, Lee lies motionless and remembers several moments from his life. He thinks about how he was always ignored in school and how even in the army, he didn’t get the respect he deserved. Lee’s life changed when he met Garam, who made him realize that being invisible isn’t necessarily a curse. Lee sent Garam off on her mission, but this time, he followed her to make sure she stayed safe. However, he ends up turning into a Zomgan and restricts Garam. The only hope left for the humans is Mirae, who has defeated Nate Fresh and is now headed for him.

Zomgan Chapter 39: Preview

Zomgan Chapter 39 is set to release on Tuesday, March 14, 2023, at 12:00 AM KST. Mirae will likely face off against Nate Fresh, who has now turned into a Zomgan. The humans are running out of options, and it remains to be seen whether Mirae can defeat Nate and save the day. With no previews available, fans can only speculate on what might happen next.

Where to Read Zomgan Chapter 39

Zomgan Chapter 39 will be available to read online on its two official websites, Naver and Webtoon. Naver is for Korean, while Webtoon is available in English. Fans can check the respective websites on the release date and time to catch up on the latest chapter.