Boruto Episode 256: Release Date, Spoilers, and Other Facts

Boruto: Naruto Next Generation Episode 265 Release Date

Anime sequel to Naruto, Boruto: Naruto Next Generations tells the story of Naruto’s son, Boruto Uzumaki, who is the protagonist of the story. It follows Boruto’s journey to become a member of a ninja team.

With his father as an example, Boruto aspires to surpass his father’s legacy and prove his own brilliance in the Ninja world without being overshadowed by his father’s fame.

Episode 255 of Boruto is here!

The arcs of Buntan and Kyohou are neatly wrapped up in Episode 255. The destinies of the characters were hinted at earlier in the arc.

The future as predicted by Kyohou turns out to be accurate, but the one predicted by Buntan turns out to be wrong. And Buntan appears to be a figure who will return to the plot at some point.

To this day, Kyohou hasn’t left the small town where Kagura grew up. Before the Funato arrived, the people had welcomed him to stay. When there was no other option, this felt like a good option for Kyohou. Rather than taking a life, he prefers to fight to defend it.

Prior to his death, Buntan had informed Hebiichigo about her plan to kill Shizuma. Both Buntan and Kyohou were aware of Buntan’s plans. Buntan, on the other hand, has made the decision to return to the Hidden Mist now that the conflict has ended.

For what Shizuma did to her, she still harbours a desire for retribution. Her objective now is to capture and bring him back into the town, rather than kill him as she had previously planned to do.

Ikada Funato’s case, Chojuro decided to be lenient even if it goes against what was requested by the Feudal Lord. Rather than imprisoning Ikada, Chojuro hands him over to Kajiki, the head of the organisation. With this move, Chojuro intends to end the cycle of vengeance.

Though it appears as though a knife is slashed across Araumi’s throat, Kawaki does not in fact kill him. In the end, the Hidden Mist Village manages to reclaim Araumi. This is his old prison cell once again.

The Hidden Mist also has Isari’s assistant, in addition to Ikada and Araumi.

Boruto and Kawaki fight with their fists towards the end of Episode 255, which shows just how heated their rivalry is. We are witnessing a clash of ideologies.

However, while Kawaki shares many of the same principles as Boruto, he prefers to go about life in his own unique style. So far, it appears that the series has begun to build up the ideological contrasts between the two characters.

A release date has been set for Boruto Episode 256.

Boruto Episode 256 will be released on July 3, 2022, according to the official timetable.

Preview and Spoilers for Boruto Episode 256.

Episode 256 of Boruto is titled “The Ultimate Recipe.”

During their assignment in Episode 256, Chou-Chou and Inojin will befriend the proprietor of a ramen shop.

When Chou-Chou and Inojin meet the proprietor of the ramen shop down an alley, the preview depicts their encounter.

Later, when the owner appears agitated, the pair resolves to assist him. Chou-Chou and Inojin will work with the owner to develop the best ramen recipe for his new restaurant.

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