Boruto: Naruto Next Generation Episode 264 Release Date

Boruto: Naruto Next Generation Episode 264 Release Date

In keeping his secret mission from Boruto and the others, Kawaki is doing a terrific job. However, it will be intriguing to watch how long he can manage the circumstance. The previous time Boruto visited the school, he made fun of Kawaki for returning to the Ninja Academy. Therefore, it will be entertaining to watch Boruto’s face when he finds out about Kawaki’s mission. However, you must wait for that time. Before that, in Boruto: Naruto Next Generation Episode 264, Kawaki and his classmates set off on a brand-new adventure. Read on to learn more.

The subject of Kawaki’s upcoming excursion will be the episode after that. They will become familiar with educational enigmas and work to unravel them. It might examine some eerie goings-on at the Ninja Academy and how the pupils handle them. It will also reveal the secret hidden behind a scary mirror.

Boruto: What Will Happen Next in Naruto: The Next Generations Episode 264?

Kawaki and the other students will discover the horrific mysteries of the institution in episode 264, “The Seven Mysteries Investigation Team Forms,” which airs this weekend. He will still take pleasure in his time spent learning at the institution. But the additional evening activities will interest them more. Kawaki is aware that there are some unsettling legends around the ninja academy.

Kawaki won’t stop Himawari and the other pupils when they learn the seven horrible school secrets, though. In order to decipher the puzzles and reveal the mystery, they will all take part in this exercise. At midnight, they will also stroll through the Ninja academy. They will discover about a mirror that draws people into the underworld as a result of their inquiry. There is, nevertheless, a probability that it is a practical joke. However, the series has previously featured several eerie incidents. So it’s possible that the Ninja Academy will hold a true ghost-haunting adventure.

A Brief Review

Hana had expressed uncertainty about her ability to teach in Boruto: Naruto Next Generation Episode 263. She has the necessary teaching abilities to succeed as a teacher. She was nevertheless uneasy when Team 7 arrived. They declared themselves special teachers to the class. But when Boruto saw Kawaki, he was taken aback. He was unaware that Kawaki was tasked with guarding the princess, though. On the other hand, Boruto’s teaching methods made Himawari and Kawaki feel humiliated.

He brought hamburgers and handed them out while the exercise was going on. He thought the winners would distribute them to the remainder of the group. But then everything went wrong. The kids got into an altercation after challenging each other to a fight. Because his classmate had a snack bar, Ehou chastised him. Hana did her best to get the class back together nevertheless. She facilitated Soul and Ehou’s rekindled friendship. She led them to a park where she performed ninjutsu moves on cherry blossoms and displayed power flowers. Hana’s self-assurance increased as soon as the group began to converse once more.

Boruto: Release Date for Naruto: The Next Generation Episode 264

Following the conclusion of the Futano arc, Kawaki will embark on a brand-new mission. But he must remain focused on the princess because these puzzles can be a trap. On Sunday, August 28, 2022, at 5.30 PM JST, Boruto: Naruto Next Generation Episode 264 will feature it. It will be accessible on VRV, Hulu, Funimation, Crunchyroll, and