Kingdom Manga Spoiler Chapter/Episode 679 Confirmed Latest Breaking News! Will the Hishin-Tamaho Allied Forces defeat Takehaku?


Kingdom Spoiler Episode/Chapter 679 Confirmed Latest Breaking News! Will the Hishin-Tamaho Allied Forces defeat Takehaku?

Hello Kingdom fans!

The Kingdom after the merger issue was posted, but it will be suspended next time! !!

The latest episode 679 Kingdom will be published in Young Jump released on May 20th …

I can’t wait for Kingdom to be worried about the continuation.

The last Kingdom where the state of the eight-day battle that the flight corps was waiting for was revealed.

Huan Yi’s army has also been divided, causing great damage in various places.

Among them, it was said that Tamaho in Kageoka was severely damaged and it was not even known if there were any survivors.

Believing that Wang Ben was alive, the Nakahishin Corps rushed to Kageoka and arrived at Kageoka as soon as half a day!

Huan Yi is hiding in the turmoil of the army’s division.

Maron reports negatively on the war situation in each area.

The only one who tells Huan Yi that the flight corps arrived at Kageoka half a day earlier, Huan Yi with a fearless smile!

And Shin, who discovered Wang Ben in Kageoka, rushed to the battlefield without listening to He Liao Diao!

What awaits you is the spoiler content such as the general of the army, Takehaku.

The latest episode 679, Spoiler, will depict the battle of the Flying Corps in Kageoka!

I wonder if it is possible to rescue Tamaho and Wang Ben, and I feel that the battle of Tamaho will be the key to capturing Kageoka …

Then, the latest Kingdom 679 episodes spoilers are labeled as ” Kingdom spoilers 679 episodes confirmed latest breaking news! Will the Hishin-Tamaho Allied Forces defeat Takehaku? “!

Let’s take a look!

Kingdom Spoiler Episode 679 Latest Consideration!

The latest Kingdom Episode 679 Spoiler consideration starts here!

Kingdom Episode 679 The biggest attention point is can Shin help Wang Ben?

And what is the ability of Takehaku?

It should never be stronger than Pang Nuan, but since it is a Zhao army that is pushed by the violence of numbers, it seems to be difficult for a wisdom-type military commander …

If the royal capital army had really appeared from the Yeong attack, Qin would have been destroyed without any help!

Let’s take a look at ” Kingdom Spoiler Episode 679 Confirmed Latest Breaking News! Will the Hishin-Tamaho Allied Forces Defeat Takehaku? “!

Kingdom Spoiler Episode 679 Latest Consideration | Is Takeshiro a Spearmaster?

The latest Kingdom 678 episode will reveal the power of Takehaku.

Personally, Takeshiro is big and round, so I expect to use a big deal!

Isn’t it depicted as the same spearman as Wang Ben?

Zhao’s soldiers have many spearmen, but I feel like there weren’t many spearmen!

Then, I would expect to see a revenge match with Wang Ben, who once fell into a big pinch!

Takeshiro is a spearman! !!

Pay attention to the latest Kingdom 679 episodes of Takeshiro.

Kingdom Spoiler Episode 679 Latest Consideration | Wang Ben Gives Tips for Strategy for Kageoka?

I think that it is the default route that Shin helps Wang Ben in the development of the previous story.

Shin who succeeded in helping Wang Ben despite the twists and turns!

Wang Ben, who has regained consciousness, will tell you the geographical secret of Kageoka.

Hearing that, He Liao Diao may be a spoiler who finds a slight clue to capture Kageoka.

Let’s look forward to the latest Kingdom 679 episode spoilers, where the defeat of Wang Ben will be a hint to capture Kageoka ♪

Kingdom Spoiler Episode 679 Latest Consideration | Will the Flying Corps climb the shadow hill as it is?

Shin and Hishin Corps rushed to help Wang Ben!

Nobu took the lead and pulled it, which accidentally became the formation in which the flight corps exerted its most power.

In that case, wouldn’t it be possible to use the momentum of this march as it is and run up the shadow hill as it is in the form of a surprise attack?

Like the royal knight who was entrusted with his thoughts, the flight corps doubles or triples in strength when entrusted with his thoughts.

Furthermore, when a child is involved there, the strength of faith is so strong that no one can stop it! !!

Let’s expect the spoilers that the strongest flight corps, which has become the strongest due to various conditions, climbs Kageoka and attacks Takeshiro ♪

Kingdom Spoiler Episode 679 Latest Consideration | Did Ryo behave differently?

What I was worried about in the last spoiler was that there was no appearance of Ryo in the flight corps looking at Kageoka.

Speaking of which, the last spoiler without Qiang!

So it’s highly possible that the Ryotai is acting differently from the Flying Corps.

In the latest episode 678 spoilers, the actions of the Ryotai, who are acting differently, will also be depicted!

The key to capturing Kageoka, where he went, may not be Shin, but Ryo!

Kingdom spoilers 679 episodes confirmed latest breaking news!

The latest Kingdom will be closed in the next issue of Young Jump!

Next time, it will be published in Weekly Young Jump released on May 20th.

Kingdom 679 is closed, but let’s all anticipate what will happen until the next release and have fun!

I will add more and more thoughts, so please come and see a lot ♪

Weekly Young Jump released information that Kingdom has been published, the official site and public expressions Twitter please refer to!

Kingdom Spoiler Episode 679 Summary

” Kingdom Spoiler Episode 679 Confirmed Latest Breaking News! The Hishin-Tamaho Allied Forces Defeat Takehaku? ”

By helping Wang Ben, the Hishin Corps and the Tamafeng Corps became a strong bond, and I expected that they would become the Allied Forces and defeat General Takehaku.

In the process, when you help Wang Ben, you may be entrusted with the secret of capturing Kageoka.

By doing so, I think that the flight corps can attack Kageoka with a clear aim.

And it is expected that the strength of Takehaku will be revealed! !!

I thought that the giant Takehaku, who fights with a spear, would be drawn.

The last thing to worry about is the behavior of Ryo! !!

Where did you go when you should always be with Shin? ??

I have a feeling that the Kingdom, which I can’t wait for someday due to the suspension, and the latest episode 679 will be full of highlights.

Then, ” Kingdom spoiler 679 episodes confirmed latest breaking news! The Hishin-Tamaho Allied Forces defeat Takeshiro? ”

It will be closed next week, so I plan to add more discussions.

Furthermore, I will add it here as soon as I get the confirmed spoiler information! !!

See you in the confirmed spoiler article!