Lookism Chapter 440: What to Expect Next


After the intense fight between Gwak Jichang and Daniel Park in the previous chapter, fans are eagerly anticipating the next chapter of Lookism. In this article, we will discuss what to expect in Chapter 440 and provide a recap of the previous chapter.

Recap of Lookism Chapter 439

The previous chapter opens with the ongoing fight between Gwak Jichang and Daniel Park. After a flashback, we see Daniel pumped up and attacking Gwak’s legs, making him fall. Gwak retaliates by throwing Daniel off the terrace. However, before Daniel can fall, Gwak grabs his leg and says he will have him truly experience the kindness of the countryside.

Daniel fights back, throwing Gwak to the ground and then climbing up a rod to deliver continuous kicks to Gwak’s face. Gwak has a flashback of being beaten by James Lee, who took the King’s blood from Ma Taesoo and Ji Gingseop. Gwak then uses his signature chop technique to hit Daniel and tries to blow a fatal hit, but Daniel dodges and thinks about his strategy.

What to Expect in Lookism Chapter 440

In the next chapter, fans can expect to see the continuation of the fight between Gwak Jichang and Daniel Park. After dodging Gwak’s attack, Daniel will likely use his strategy to try and find an opening to strike back. Meanwhile, Gwak may continue to use his signature chop technique and try to land a fatal hit on Daniel.

Aside from the fight, the chapter may also reveal more about James Lee and his plan to take the King’s blood. Fans may also learn more about the backstory of the First Generation Kings and their role in the Age of War.

Overall, Lookism Chapter 440 promises to be another exciting installment of the manga series, with more action and revelations for fans to enjoy.

Lookism Chapter 440 Release Date, Where to read?

The release date for Lookism Chapter 440 has been confirmed as March 16, 2023. The release times are as follows: 8:12 pm EST, 5:12 pm PST, 7:12 pm CST, 10:12 am JST, 12:12 am GMT, 6:42 am IST, 6:12 am PKST, 1:12 am CET, and 11:12 am ACD.

To read Lookism Chapter 440, you can visit the official manga reading site, WebToon. However, please note that the site may not release the chapter on the same day that the raw edition is released. You may have to wait a little longer to read the most recent chapter officially.