My Love from Another Star: A Romantic Tale of an Alien and a Leading Actress


My Love from Another Star is a captivating South Korean fantasy drama that revolves around an alien named Min-Joon and his love interest, a leading actress named Song-Yi. In this article, we will discuss the story’s plot, its main characters, and its most exciting moments.


Min-Joon is an alien who arrived on Earth in 1906 with his group to study the planet. While he misses his trip back home, he falls in love with a girl named Seo Yi-Hwa. As he looks like a human, he stays on Earth and changes his identity every decade to blend in. Four centuries later, Min-Joon falls for his new neighbor, Cheon Song-Yi, a leading actress who resembles his past love. However, he must return to his planet, and his departure date draws the attention of the police investigating Song-Yi’s rival.

Main Characters:

The lead couple of the story is Min-Joon and Song-Yi, but the drama features several other compelling characters. Lee Hee-Kyung has been Song-Yi’s friend since middle school, and he is jealous of Min-Joon’s proximity to her. Song-Yi’s childhood friend, Yoo Se-mi, is jealous of her career and love life. Lee Jae-Kyung, Hee-Kyung’s older brother and the chairman of S&C Group, has a secret relationship with Song-Yi’s rival actor, Yoo-Ra.

Exciting Moments:

Throughout the story, several exciting moments keep viewers engaged. Min-Joon’s arrival on Earth, his saving Seo Yi-Hwa, his meeting with Song-Yi, and their eventual romance are some of the most compelling scenes. Additionally, Jae-Kyung’s actions and their impact on Song-Yi and Min-Joon add drama and intrigue to the plot.


My Love from Another Star is a heartwarming romantic story that showcases the lengths an alien would go for love. The story’s relatable characters, exciting moments, and compelling plot make it a must-watch for fans of the romantic genre.