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One Piece Chapter 1016

One Piece Episode 1012 “Uzu” was released in Weekly Shonen Jump No. 23, 2021 released on May 9th.

Uzuru …?

If you have a week free, it will start from remembering the previous content …

By the way, in the chapter 1011, Big Mom attacked Page One with all one’s might, and it ended with the scene where Uruti who witnessed it exploded his anger.

Nami and Usopp are also in the place of these two people, but how do they get mixed up and fight?

What will happen to the red pods?

And where are the rookies who escaped from the roof?

Let’s start with the synopsis!

One Piece Chapter 1012 Scan Synopsis

Scattered red pods

The red scabbard is gradually losing its strength, but the remaining conversations between Nishikiemon, Izo, Chrysanthemum, Nekomamushi, and Kawamatsu are taking place.

Izo is worried about the chrysanthemum arm that has been cut by Kaido.


+Isn't your arm painful?

Huh ... huh


What is asked by the "samurai" ...! !!

Itching until it burns out

Huh ... huh

Even the day when my brother disappeared ...

It was itchy ...! !!

Izo looks relieved by the reliable words of the chrysanthemum.

Seeing that, Kawamatsu and others are mixed in the conversation.

Izo ...

What would happen to "Wanokuni" if "opening of the country" came true?

That's ... I'll talk if I live tomorrow morning


It's a difficult task

After hearing that, Nishikiemon started talking about what to do in the future.

Kiku volunteers and tells Nishikiemon that he is going to avenge Kanjuro.

Should be lacking in strength everywhere

It's enough for me to protect Momo's assistant! !!

Scatter your sword to others! !!

Nishiki-sama! !!

Let me kill Kanjuro! !!

Next time ...! !! !!

Sicilian and Variete joined there again.

Tell Nekomamushi about Pedro’s obituary, that Pedro’s villain, Peros Perot, is coming, and that Wanda and Carrot are heading.

Pedro ...

That was a big deal! !!

Is there a "villain" on this island? !! !!

That said, the Nekomamushi flew away.

Momo’s assistant witnessing the logbook

Yamato side changed place.

Yamato, Momosuke, and Shinobu, who are lurking behind the ceiling on the first floor, are holding a strategy meeting where Yamato becomes a decoy.

Watch out for "Mary's"!

Momo's assistant

You and I are being targeted as a set

That's why I

Become a decoy! !! !!

Yamato talks like that with a doll that serves as a decoy for Momo’s assistant, but he can’t hide his aching appearance because he wants to fight early.

When Yamato asks Momosuke about Luffy’s situation, Momosuke says, “There are two voices.”

Yamato finds out that Luffy and Kaido have become one-on-one (sashi), and hurries to the rooftop.

As for Momo’s assistant, I received Oden’s logbook “Oden Manyuuki” from Yamato and read it.

Sanji holding a huge bandage

The scene changes and Sanji on the second floor of the castle.

It is targeted by Kaido’s subordinates, but it is holding an object that is wrapped around with a huge bandage.

look! !!

He's carrying it on his back

Maybe it's "Pirate Hunting Zoro"! !! !!

Apparently, the round and round object looks like Zoro.

A few minutes before going back, Rho, Zoro, and Zeus, who came down from the roof with Rho’s ability, seemed to have replaced something flying in the air, and appeared just in front of Sanji who was moving in the air. did.

Zeus headed for Big Mom to escape, but Sanji caught Rho and Zoro.

Black foot shop that was just right

Ask for it

Huh huh


Explain the situation! !!

Zoroya probably has 2.30 bones

Fix it with a splint and lie on your back to secure consciousness and breathing.

Rho seems to have headed for Big Mom, and Sanji is suddenly forced to take Zoro’s allowance.

-Who is the one who hurt you so much! ??

... Kaido and Big Momma


I used to go to the roof

I wonder if Luffy is safe

Grab something ...

He wins ...! !!

Sanji finished the allowance while having a conversation.

Kawamatsu and Izo join there.

Nishikiemon headed to Momo’s assistant, who Sanji was about to head to, so Zoro’s suggestion was for everyone to aim for a live floor where their strengths are concentrated.

Angry Big Mom and Uruti

Also on the second floor of the castle, Big Momside.

Big Mom, who had hit Page One with all his might, and Uruti, who had witnessed it, which should be called the last “Anko no Hitoshi” incident.

The angry Big Mom is once again angry and angry, and Nami and Usopp, who are watching it, are trying to survive the situation with either good thing.

Orin-san! !!

That woman!

Zhang himself who made you sad! !!

Shut up, "Straw Hat Pirates"

After him, you guys! !! !!

Gyaa ~~~~~! !! !!

U ...! !!

Uruti-chan! !!

Do it! !!

Let's defeat Big Mom together! !!

Uruse there

Next to Bubber, you guys will do it! !! !!

Gyaa ~~~~~! !! !!

As expected, the gang does not carry things so well and tries to escape by riding Komachiyo.

Then Uruti launched an attack.

Ha! ??

Hey there ...! !!

I'm telling you! !! !!

"Urutogun"! !! !!

The attack hits Komachiyo and collapses, and Uruti launches a chase.

A ladle that cries and stops at a relentless attack on his best friend Komachiyo.

Uruti then attacks the ball and scratches his face.

Big Mom sees it and the voltage of anger goes up further.

!! !! !!

Ladle ...! !! !!

Ou puss

I got my hands on my friend

Ah! ??

You are your younger brother ...! !! !!

What are you doing on a ladle! !! !!

Two people

It was Nami who entered the exchange.

It seems that he is angry at the fact that the ladle has been hurt.

I ... it looks like no! !!

The guy who raises his hand to the child ...! !!

This woman

Buchi's female here! !! !!

This is the end of chapter 1012!

One Piece Chapter 1013 Release Date

One Piece Chapter 1013 is set to release on Sunday, May 16 as per schedule without any regular break.

One Piece Chapter 1013 Spoilers-3

Just read the 3rd spoiler of One Piece Chapter 1013 in our spoilers series of 1013 chapter of One Piece. If you haven’t read the previous spoilers of One piece chapter 1013, please go with the links given below

Was the mission of Momo’s assistant written in the logbook?

After Yamato leaves, Momo’s assistant opens the logbook of Oden with a mysterious look.

What on earth was written there?

The secret of the ONE PIECE world, the meaning of the name D, the blank 100-year event, etc. may be written.

And, above all , isn’t it written that Wano has a big role in this world ?

For the role of the world, it is expected that Momo will ask Momo to protect Wano after the opening of the country .

If you know that, you can’t help but think that you, the lord, should come back soon …

There may be an important pone glyph in Wano country.

How about the code to open the door written in a way that only the Kogetsu family can understand ?