Release Information & Storyline for Chapter 393 of My Wife Is A Demon Queen

Release Information & Storyline for Chapter 393 of My Wife Is A Demon Queen

My Spouse Is The Queen Of The Demon World It’s possible that the release of Chapter 393 is the most anticipated event of the week. The shocking final twist left readers wondering what would happen to their favourite couple’s marriage. The human ruler thus launched the black domain after assessing Isabella’s blue domain. And when it struck Xiang, his body began to disintegrate into shards. Here, then, is everything you need to know about the course of this battle, without further ado.

The plot that follows will show spectators what happens when you pick a conflict with humanity. Taking up this fight will put Xiang Ye’s life in jeopardy. While the queen is still out there fighting, though, this is not the case.

What Happens Next in My Wife Is a Demon Queen Chapter 393?

Once again, neither the chapter’s title nor any specifics about its content have been revealed. Xiang Ye’s initial thoughts after being attacked will likely take up the most of this chapter. No reasonable person would consider what hit him an attack. Contrarily, it was only a hint of the emperor’s dark realm. As soon as the droplet made contact with his forehead, cracks appeared. Therefore, Isabella’s primary objective now is to free her husband from the spell.

According to online debate, this is the sort of sorcery that can put an end to evil spirits. The identical blow was delivered to Xiang, who now shares his demonic abilities. The conflict will continue in My Wife Is A Demon Queen Chapter 393. With the man’s life now in the balance, the stakes have increased dramatically.

Brief Review of the Previous Chapter

My Spouse Is The Queen Of The Demon World The Demon Queen joined the fray at the beginning of Chapter 392. It was a pivotal moment in the story and one of the most moving parts. She dove into the fray, where she found that Elena had already arrived to join the fray. At this crucial juncture, Isabella geared up to expand her influence. Her husband’s worries were justified when he witnessed the Queen re-start the Blue Domain. After realising that Xiang Ye was not the genuine Sophiesac, Elena went to report the matter to the Queen.

After hearing this, the queen was taken aback. As the chapter progressed, the battle with the emperor began. Here, he was attempting to launch a black domain that could spell doom for everything living in its vicinity. By the chapter’s end, Isabella still had no way of contacting her husband for assistance. His forehead was touched by the capriciousness of the dark realm. So, naturally, a strange reaction had already begun to take place in her body.

Date of Publication for Chapter 393 of My Wife Is a Demon Queen

At this very moment, the newest instalment of Demon Queen may be found online. As a result, the next one won’t be available to fans for quite some time. So, September 21, 2022, would be the definitive publishing date for My Wife Is A Demon Queen Chapter 393. Only on the official Naver, Webtoon, and Kakaopage pages will fans be able to read the latest chapters of the manhwa.