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To Your Eternity Episode 10 Release Date, Time and Summary

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Check out everything about the next episode of To Your Eternity with us

Anyway, after our dear 9th episode of To Your Eternity, on June 7th, many are desperate out there. But don’t worry, you can know everything about Episode 10 of To Your Eternity: Date, Release Time and Summary.

Episode 10 of To Your Eternity: Release Date and Time

Episode 10 of To Your Eternity, entitled “New Family”, has an appointment: it will hit screens on June 14 at 1:30 pm for Crunchyroll premium subscribers, certainly the first place to present the episode subtitled.

On the other hand, if you’re not a subscriber, the episode will be released for free a week later, on June 21st. To help you out, we’ll leave a timer showing how much time is left for the premiere of episode 10, that way when it’s available on Crunchyroll it will be reset to zero.

Episode 09 Summary of To Your Eternity

In episode 09, we see Gugu and Fushi scaring a lot of people in town. However, for going many days without eating, Gugu ends up feeling sick. However, Fushi manages to recreate all the foods he ate, showing yet another sign of maturity.

After that, Rean appears behind them, but Gugu still refuses to return home. Thus, Rean ends up venturing that she ran away from home to have more freedom and even shows her little scar she was hiding, while our dear hero goes in search of Gugu’s mask and comes across its creator.

Soon, Rean and Gugu end up getting closer, including he even helps her escape from a man who was trying to get her to return to her house. Also, in the end another family employee tries to bring her back, but Fushi tries to distract her. Even so, Fushi ends up being attacked again by a mysterious creature and Gugu leaves to help him.

How to watch the ninth episode of To Your Eternity?

You can watch at Crunchyroll  or if you prefer  Funimation , as they are the official anime distributors.


That, a mysterious immortal life form is sent to Earth without emotions or identity. However, it is capable of taking the form of those around you, as long as you make contact at least once.

When a wounded wolf limped in and collapsed to his death, he assumed wolf form. Finally he gained consciousness and started to cross the tundra until he found a child.

The boy lives alone in an abandoned city, where adults long ago lived in search of the paradise they say exists beyond the white tundra. However, his efforts were in vain and the boy is now in critical condition. Taking the form of a boy, he undertook a new never-ending journey in search of new experiences, places and people.