Tower of God Characters: An Introduction to the Protagonists, Antagonists, and Allies


If you’re a fan of Korean webtoons, then you’ve probably heard of the popular series Tower of God. This exciting and action-packed story follows the journey of a young boy named Bam as he climbs the tower in search of his friend Rachel. Along the way, he meets a host of unique and interesting characters, each with their own motivations and goals. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at some of the Tower of God characters that make this story so compelling.


  • Bam:

The protagonist of the story, Bam is a young boy with exceptional abilities who enters the tower in search of his friend Rachel. He’s kind-hearted, naive, and always willing to help those in need. As he climbs the tower, he becomes more powerful and gains new allies and enemies.

  • Khun Aguero Agnis:

A skilled strategist and one of Bam’s closest allies, Khun is a member of the Khun family, one of the ten Great Families of the tower. He’s cunning, manipulative, and always thinking several steps ahead of his opponents.

  • Rak Wraithraiser:

A powerful warrior and the last surviving member of the Wraithraiser species, Rak is a loyal friend to Bam and Khun. He’s loud, boisterous, and always eager for a good fight.


  • Rachel:

The main antagonist of the story, Rachel is the reason Bam enters the tower in the first place. She’s manipulative, selfish, and willing to do whatever it takes to climb the tower, even if it means betraying her closest friends.

  • Jahad:

The king of the tower and the most powerful figure in the story, Jahad is a mysterious and enigmatic character who rarely appears in person. He’s feared by all who climb the tower and will stop at nothing to maintain his power.


  • Androssi Zahard:

A powerful princess of the Zahard family, Androssi is a fierce warrior and one of Bam’s closest allies. She’s confident, competitive, and always looking for a good challenge.

  • Hatsu:

A skilled swordsman and member of the Koon family, Hatsu is a loyal friend to Bam and Khun. He’s quiet, reserved, and always focused on his goals.

  • Endorsi Jahad:

A princess of the Jahad family and one of the strongest characters in the story, Endorsi is a skilled fighter and ally to Bam. She’s independent, confident, and always looking to improve her skills.

Supporting Characters:

  • Yuri Jahad:

A princess of the Jahad family and one of the most powerful characters in the story, Yuri is a key ally to Bam and his friends. She’s adventurous, reckless, and always looking for a good fight.

  • Evan Edrok:

Yuri’s guide and one of the administrators of the tower, Evan is a wise and experienced character who helps Bam and his friends navigate the tower’s challenges. He’s calm, composed, and always willing to lend a helping hand.

  • Lero Ro:

Another administrator of the tower, Lero Ro is a sarcastic and witty character who oversees the tests that Bam and his friends must pass to climb the tower. He’s strict, but fair, and always keeps things interesting.


  • Hwa Ryun:

A member of FUG, a powerful organization that seeks to overthrow Jahad, Hwa Ryun is a cunning and manipulative character who serves as a guide to Bam and his friends. She’s secretive, enigmatic, and always working behind the scenes to achieve her goals.

  • Karaka:

A high-ranking member of FUG and one of Jahad’s most dangerous enemies, Karaka is a powerful warrior with a mysterious past. He’s ruthless, calculating, and always looking for ways to undermine Jahad’s power.

  • White:

A former Slayer of FUG and one of the most powerful villains in the story, White is a ruthless and sadistic character who enjoys inflicting pain on his enemies. He’s a formidable opponent who poses a significant threat to Bam and his friends.

Overall, the Tower of God characters are some of the most diverse and interesting characters in the world of webtoons. Whether you’re a fan of heroes, villains, or somewhere in between, there’s a character in this story that you’re sure to love or love to hate.


Tower of God is a fascinating story with a wide variety of characters, each with their own unique personalities, abilities, and motivations. Whether you’re a fan of action, adventure, or drama, there’s something for everyone in this thrilling webtoon. With its rich world-building, complex plot, and memorable characters, Tower of God has quickly become one of the most popular Korean webtoons of all time. So, if you haven’t already, be sure to check it out and experience the excitement for yourself!