Vivy – Fluorite Eye’s Song Episode 13 Release Date


Gentlemen, it is with sadness that we reach the final episode of Vivy, out of breath because everything is being so exciting and no one knows how it will all end. Then see Episode 13 of Vivy – Fluorite Eye’s Song: Release Date!

Previously on Vivy

The last episode of Vivy was pretty amazing and as a result, you need to remember it before you see the last episode of Vivy. Consequently, see this recap:

  • It starts with the file saying that it was created to help develop the human race, but many times people failed, they suffered for them; consequently, it fixed changes made by Vivy’s mission;
  • However, Vivy was the 1st AI to compose something and so….;
  • Vivy returns and they get a program to disable the Arayashiki Tower, the same one that destroyed half of Vivy’s body. She questions Osamu’s reason for being chosen for the mission and he says why her family liked her songs;
  • Beth, Vivy and Matsu go to the tower and there is no power and little security, Matsumoto finds that he was carrying it, soon, everything back in the building is relocated, crushing all the people in Toak;
  • The Toak leader talks to Beth before she dies, as they have been invaded; she says she never wore prosthetics on her legs because she always had an AI friend helping her. Yui is murdered but first clears the way into the tower;
  • Matsumoto transforms into a little ship and they arrive inside the tower, there is a robot like Matsu, but dark, and Beth sacrifices herself to let Vivy move on. Vivy is faced with several autonomous AI singing her song; after that, time runs out and the satellites are shot down to Earth;
  • Anyway, we see what the Archive told Vivy, that she decided to let Vivy choose the future of humanity, and that her music represents a hope for AIs that can’t stand people anymore;
  • If Vivy wants to, installing a program and singing her song will prevent the end of the human race, as she is the closest thing to a new human. Matsumoto consoles her and Dr. Osamu sends them to the past, when the AIs started the revolution and where they found themselves for the 1st time.

When does VIVY fluorite eye’s Song Episode air?

VivyFluorite Eye’s Song is an anime television series produced by Wit Studio and created by Tappei Nagatsuki and Eiji Umehara. VivyFluorite Eye’s Song Episode 13 premiered on June 19, 2021.

Who isn’t looking forward to Vivy Episode 13 – Fluorite Eye’s Song, right? So, right below we’ve placed a timer with the approximate time for its launch!