What is the release date, time and spoilers for Kingdom Season 3 Episode 17?

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Kingdom Season 3 Episode 17 is almost here; scroll down to learn more about the release date, spoilers, and recap for Kingdom Season 3 Episode 16.

“The Battle of Hangu Pass, Day 16” is the title of Episode 17. The fight had reached its zenith after Meng Wun assassinated Han Ming and his army made significant progress. Wang’s army arrives just in time to drive the invaders back before they can open the Hangu Pass block gate, which they had planned to do. Zhan Yin stutters as he inquires as to which one of you stupid fools was tricked by Wang Jian’s con game. Wa Lin observes that if the imbecile hadn’t made a mess of things, they would have destroyed Hangu pass by now.

What happened previously on Kingdom Season 3 Episode 16

Wan Lin, General inquired, saying, “Did you label the Great Wu Lu Duo a fool because he referred to you as a giantess?” The other officers interrupted the two since they would spend the day in silence. They know that they’ll have to pass Hangu Pass to go on to Xianyang if they plan to attack, and they also comprehend that they’ll have to storm Xianyang if they try to take it. Look closely: the Li Mu Army is actually come for a fair fight.

What is the Spoilers for Kingdom Season 3 Episode 17, We can expect

According to Kingdom season 3 episode 17 spoilers, Riboku congratulates Duke Hyou on successfully decoding his plan. Even his esteemed general, Keisha, was unable to accomplish this feat. Hyou, according to Riboku, is the essence of a general who is instinctive in his approach.

  • The Arrival of Houken

Duke Hyou prepares to fight Riboku, yet it will not be he who will be engaged in combat. Houken makes his appearance, and it is he who will be battling against Hyou. He claims that Houken does not exude a generalizable aura, but rather one of overwhelming martial might.

Hyou is preparing to face Houken, as he orders his forces to pursue Riboku from behind enemy lines. Hyou reveals his identity, but Houken states that he is not required to know. Just to make sure he’s not an impersonation, he’s here to check out the place.

  • Buffoon of Gigantic Size

Immediately, the two of them begin fighting, and Houken dispatches Hyou with a single blow. In the next stroke, he manages to pierce him just a little bit more than before. After a struggle with Ouki, Hyou approaches him and inquires as to why he is still on the battlefield. He calls him Giant Buffoon and assaults him, which only slightly deters him from attacking him again.

The rest of the Hyou forces join in the combat, and Gakuga is stabbed repeatedly by spears while fighting. He passes away, and Hyou advises him to take his time because he will be bringing Houken’s head home as a souvenir.

When will Kingdom-Season 3 Episode 17 be released?

Kingdom Season 3 Episode 17 will air on Monday, August 9, 2021, at 12:10 a.m. Because the third season still has six episodes to go, this anime will announce a new season shortly.

  • 0:15 a.m., August 10th, Japan
  • 9th of August, 11:15 a.m., USA/Canada
  • India – August 9th, 8:45 p.m.
  • 9th of August, 4:15 p.m., United Kingdom
  • Europe (CES) – August 9th, 5:15 p.m.