Why is One Piece leaving Hulu?


One Piece by Eiichiro Oda is among the most well-known anime series ever produced in Japan. Since its debut on October 20, 1999, One Piece, which is based on the all-time best-selling manga, has aired more than 1,000 episodes. Knowing where to watch One Piece is crucial because it is still going strong and will be around for a while. One Piece has been among the content available on Hulu, but there have been rumours that the anime will be departing the service.

One Piece won’t be leaving Hulu as of January 2023; you can still enjoy the series. One Piece was rumoured to be leaving Hulu in 2022 due to the licence expiring and the fear of the service removing all associated content, but this did not occur as the licence was renewed.

The remainder of this post will provide you with all the details you require on One Piece’s departure from Hulu. We’ll explain what the current situation implies, whether One Piece is actually leaving, and, if so, where you can watch this fantastic anime show in its place. You should always go to this page for help with the current problem.

Editor’s note: As previously stated, One Piece was slated to leave Hulu, but due to unforeseen circumstances, it is still available as of January 2023. The information that follows is outdated and refers to events that occurred in April 2022.

One Piece is leaving Hulu, why?

Although it has never been a huge presence in the streaming service market, Hulu is still a significant player. One Piece has long been one of its many excellent anime series among its wealth of other entertainment. And while Hulu has only provided us with a small section of Oda’s anime series, it was still sufficient to appease some fans, particularly older ones who have been following the show since its inception.

However, if you’ve recently been scrolling through Hulu, you’ve definitely noticed that One Piece’s status is set to “Expiring,” which denotes that One Piece will be departing Hulu in a specified number of days. While this is undoubtedly a reason for worry, we may assuage your fears by reminding you that this has happened numerous times before and that One Piece is still present.

Specifically, Hulu’s licences have a set duration and, although they are periodically renewed, we are unsure of the duration. If you recall properly, One Piece really briefly vanished on Hulu a few years ago before returning after a break. This is not the first time that One Piece’s status has been set to “Expired.”

Now that Funimation titles are going to Crunchyroll and Crunchyroll is discontinuing its free with advertisements service, this could be terrible news for One Piece fans who have a Hulu subscription because it could indicate a more major shift in anime streaming habits in the United States. Unfortunately, we are unable to confirm or reject this at this time because we lack any official information from Hulu.

We’ll just have to wait it out, to be honest. If the anime series is successful enough, Hulu may just renew the licence, in which case the status will simply vanish; otherwise, they may not be able to do so, in which case One Piece would quit Hulu. In any event, Hulu never had the entire collection of episodes, so you won’t be missing much. In addition, we’ve compiled a list of alternate sites where you may watch One Piece in our next section.

Where else can I see One Piece?

You might want to try your luck somewhere else now that you are aware that One Piece may be departing Hulu. Even though Hulu didn’t have all the episodes, you might have liked the little that they did have and just want to watch a few of the older episodes again.