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In Regards to: Blue Lock

Muneyuki Kaneshiro writes and Yusuke Nomura illustrates the manga series Blue Lock.

Since August of 2018, Kodansha has been publishing the manga serial in their Weekly Shnen Magazine.

It’s being turned into an anime series by Eight Bit, and it’ll debut on Netflix in October 2022.

The Japanese decision to skip the 2018 FIFA World Cup is essential to the story. To prepare for the 2022 FIFA World Cup, the Japanese Football Union has begun working with high school teams.

Brief Review of “Blue Lock”

In the most recent chapters, we witnessed Kaiser’s utter disbelief at learning that Isagi Yoichi had finally discovered a way to defeat him.

On the other hand, Agi is shivering uncontrollably as he continues to dissect Kaiser’s shot.

At the outset of the game, Isagi uses his new method to attempt to foretell the actions of his opponents.

Spoilers for Blue Lock Chapter 185

Unfortunately, there have been no leaks so far that reveal any information about the next chapter of Blue Lock. Usually, they come out three or four days before the chapter itself is published.

Spoilers can be discovered on social media sites or Reddit accounts.
However, in Chapter 185, many readers anticipate focusing on Isagi Yoichi to see if he scores the game-winning goal with the aid of Meta Vision.

Chapter 185 of Blue Lock is Scheduled to Be Published on

The release date for Blue Lock Chapter 185 is set for August 19, 2022. A new chapter of the manga is released every week. Consequently, every Wednesday is when we release a brand new chapter of Blue Lock.

Where and How to Read Chapter 185 of Blue Lock?

Kodansha’s official website is where you can find all of Blue Lock’s back issues and upcoming chapters.