Dragon Ball Super Manga 88 Release Date: Is Dragon Ball Super Manga Still Coming Out

Dragon Ball Super Manga 88 Release Date: Is Dragon Ball Super Manga Still Coming Out

Before they can read chapter 88 of the Dragon Ball Super series, fans will need to wait a few more weeks. The artist in charge of that sequel series, Toyotarou, is currently taking a vacation from their job after constantly delivering all 87 chapters.

You won’t believe how quickly this monthly manga will be back, and it will have all fresh adventures for our characters. With the most recent chapter, the most challenging adversary Goku and Vegeta had to face, Gas, was put to death, giving fans the long-awaited Granola Survivor story arc’s conclusion.

The Emperor used his newly discovered strength to totally subjugate the Saiyans while also revealing a new form for Frieza. A brand-new plot for our heroes will start at the start of Dragon Ball Super chapter 88. If you’re interested in learning more about its release, keep reading. Release date for Dragon Ball Super Manga 88 and other related topics will be covered in this page.

Spoilers for Dragon Ball Super Chapter 88

The details of the upcoming arc are currently being kept a mystery by the publisher Shueisha, the series’ author Akira Toriyama, and the artist Toyotarou; but, given what happened in the final chapter of the Granolah the Survivor Saga, it is very probable that Frieza will play a part in the story.

Although it is yet unclear whether Frieza will serve as the main opponent of Dragon Ball Super’s upcoming story arc, you can count on Goku and Vegeta to put more effort into their training to increase their chances of beating the formidable villain’s new form, known as Black Frieza.

The official Dragon Ball website has not yet made any announcements about the upcoming Dragon Ball Super arc as of September 17. While it’s feasible for other well-known characters like Jiren and Broly to return in Dragon Ball Super, it’s unlikely that they will play adversaries in the upcoming plot arc.

The new “Beast Gohan” transformation that Son Gohan debuted in Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero has understandably piqued the interest of fans, who wonder if it would appear in the manga series as well. If so, it would be incredible to watch Beast Gohan and Black Frieza clash.

Release Date for Dragon Ball Super Manga 88

It was reported that the manga series will pause for an unkown period of time before moving on to the next arc following the events of Dragon Ball Super Chapter 87. Although Shueisha has not yet announced a publishing date for Dragon Ball Super Manga #88, readers shouldn’t plan on the next chapter showing up in September 2022.

The planned publishing date for Dragon Ball Super manga Chapter 88 is October 20, 2022. This is based on the manga chapters that came before this one’s monthly release dates. Shueisha has not yet provided an official release date, but fans can assume that the new story arc will begin in October 2022.

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