The Great Mage Returns After 4000 Years Chapter 144 Release Date

The Great Mage Returns After 4000 Years Chapter 144 Release Date

After 4000 Years, the Great Mages Return The epic battle between the 9-Star Magician and the Mighty Warrior is detailed in Chapter 144. Frey is confident in his abilities and thinks the baddies are no match for him. Everything he could possibly destroy is out of his reach. With a blast from Blizard, Frey wipes off the bad guys in his path. Frey anticipates a long conflict because the villain monsters are arriving in large numbers. While watching Frey battle the villain monster, the other warriors hide their gaze when Frey uses a technique that temporarily blinds the foe.

Frey summons a thousand evil monsters to the ground and unleashes a bombardment of spells onto them. Frey gives the villian monster a good roll and squeeze, and it crumbles to pieces. An impression has been made on the lady with the fiery hair. Without any qualms, Frey annihilated the army. The Indian man, likewise taken aback, expressed his horror by claiming, in his native language, that Frey had killed hundreds of creatures in a single instant. He is well aware of the scepticism many people have toward Lucas, yet he performed the impossible, therefore he surprised the world. The Elven people are similarly astounded, realising that Frey can single-handedly defeat a thousand-strong army.

The woman with the green hair yells out Frey’s name, realising that this day will go down in history as “Silkd’s Snowflower.” Given that no man had ever done what Frey did during the fierce conflict, his name quickly became known around the world. In the end, Frey was victorious after his army of villainous creatures was conquered. Frey has a well-deserved reputation for making even the most difficult tasks appear effortless. Later on, the team celebrated their triumph without actually fighting by consuming a variety of foods. They have complete faith that Frey will protect them from harm.

After 4000 Years, the Great Mage-Returns! Chapter 143

While munching on two large chunks of meat, the old hag engages in conversation with everyone else. Frey’s thoughts are questioned, and the elf lady fears that Agni may overhear the uproar. Frey nods his head in agreement, but he’d rather focus on his meal. Frey knows that he needs to refuel his body with a massive meal because he has expended so much energy fighting. The elf woman is curious as to Frey’s intentions. Frey explains that Agni never leaves Talhadoon, and that the key to victory is to lure him out of his area.

The elf woman is relieved to hear this and agrees that the idea has merit. Frey keeps spilling the beans on his strategies, including the bait he and his men will use to entice the enemy away from their positions of strength. He warned his colleagues that they would pay a steep price if they acted too hastily. Additionally, Frey stated that he and Isabelle intended to leave all of Silkid together, but that Frey ultimately decided to use Isabelle as a pack mule. Frey knows he’s up against a monster, but he’s not backing down from the fight, even if it means taking on a Demigod.

The elf woman can’t believe Frey will force Agni out of his home. While talking to her, Frey goes away and gets an epiphany: he’s got a lot of aces up his sleeve for the next fight. The new struggle, he assures her, will start shortly. The great Chieftain of Silki, he informs the heroes, must face Agni. Frey also shared his experience of meeting Ivan, wherein he learned that Ivan is well-liked and can help them achieve their goals. He urges them to spare Ivan’s life. The group discussed Master Beniang as well.

Date of Publication of Chapter 144: “The Great Mage Returns”

The 144th chapter of “The Great Mage Returns—After 4000 Years” is scheduled for release on September 26, 2022. Frey promised to meet with the green-haired man later and discuss the matter of Schweizer Strow. He gushes over how diligently she works, a trait he admires greatly. In the next episode, the crew gets ready for the impending epic battle. The most recent information on The Great Mage-Returns After 4000 Years Chapter 144 can be found in the table of contents.

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