K-POP: The Four “Ring My Bells” Performers from the Korean Pop Scene


With new releases every day, K-pop is expanding rapidly. While some song titles may be a little cliche, others are extremely original and stand out from the crowd.

Today, we’ll look at a song title that has only appeared four times in the last 20 years but is anything but conventional. If you’ve been a K-pop fan for a while, you’ll undoubtedly notice the generational gap when you recognise the song based on the time period you were alive in. Each rendition is different.

In order to better understand the k-pop version of “Ring My Bells,” let us know which one YOU prefer in the comments section.

Ring My Bell by Dynamic Duo (2004)

This song, which was included in Dynamic Duo’s debut album and marked the start of a legacy, was released in 2004. This song, which displayed a different aspect of Korean hip hop, was popular on the streets of Korea. The answer? The song was adored by all. The song peaked at number 37 in the 2004 Melon Yearly Charts and continues to be well-remembered and adored today.

Ring Ma Bell, TWO-X (2013)

There are fans who undoubtedly remember TWO-X and their song “Ring Ma Bell,” which really did rather well on the charts, even though it wasn’t a #1 tune or anything. TWO-X was a member of the same organisation as MBLAQ and was frequently referred to as MBLAQ’s sibling group. Fans and internet users had great expectations for this group because “Ring Ma Bell” was so addictive and clearly had a 2013 vibe to it. However, TWO-X seldom ever marketed following this song.

Girls’ Day: Ring Ma Bell (2015)

When they hear the title of that song, many modern k-pop fans immediately think of Girls’ Day’s “Ring Ma Bell.” And they have every incentive to do so! With this song’s summer 2015 release as a component of their second full-length album, Girls’ Day made their long-awaited comeback to the top of the charts. The four women used this catchy summer song to showcase both their singing and dancing talents.

Ring My Bell by BILLLIE (2022)

BILLIE’s most recent single, “Ring My Bell,” was little over a month ago, so new k-pop fans may already be familiar with it. Another factor that may lead some individuals to choose this “Ring My Bell” as their favourite is the addictive beat and catchy song, which are combined with fantastic performance.

What do you think of this list, then? Which “Ring My Bell” iteration did YOU live in, and more importantly, which iteration do YOU prefer? We have a “Ring My Bell” from less than a month ago and one from eighteen years ago, and each is distinctive in its own way!