One Piece 1013 Spoiler Predictions and Release Date


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In the previous story, Akashiya finally decided to take another action to find Momo’s help.

Since Yamato has taken another action, it seems that Yamato’s battle will be seen in the future.

Sanji is also heading to the live floor, so it looks like Sanji’s battle will finally begin (it was long).

I thought it was a big mom and Uruti, but Nami decided to fight Uruti.

After all Zeus is indispensable for Nami’s victory! ??

A dress that is said to have one foot in the final chapter! What kind of hot development is waiting for you in the future? ??

Let’s take a look at the spoiler consideration of the latest chapter 1013 of One Piece

One Piece latest 1013 Chapter spoiler prediction

Here, I would like to fill in the spoiler forecast for One Piece 1013.

One Piece 1013 Spoiler Expected ① Nami and Zeus Again

Zeus flew to Big Mom in episode 1012.

Both Big Mom and Nami are in a state of anger and explosion at Uruti who hurt the ladle.

Originally, it would end with one shot of Big Mom, but Nami has announced that he will defeat Uruti.

I think Big Mom will take a step back here.

Although it is such Nami, I have said in the past that the power of lightning is currently stronger.

Big Mom is creating a new thunder called Hera, and Zeus heading here is actually obsolete.

As Nami is forced to struggle with Uruti, Zeus may appear and Big Mom orders Zeus to help Nami.

One Piece 1013 Spoiler Expected ② Yamato Discovered

Yamato jumped out as a decoy, but it will be discovered soon.

Rather, it feels like it popped out on the premise that it would be discovered.

It seems that you are heading to Kaido and Luffy, but is there a barrier between them?

Since each person is fighting, I don’t think Yamato will face one person.

There may be small battles, but it may be surprisingly easy to move.

One Piece 1013 Spoiler Prediction ③ Kanjuro VS Kikunosuke

Kikunosuke feels responsible for keeping Kanjuro alive with his sweetness.

I will go to the end of Kanjuro alone.

But is there a win with one arm injured?

I think there is a reason why the red scabbard was divided, and as I said if I could survive until the morning of Izo, I would definitely win even in a moribund state.

One Piece 1013 chapter spoiler article summary

This time, I introduced the story of One Piece 1013 story spoiler synopsis.

Big Mom is also angry at Tee, who can attack the ladle, but looking at Nami’s words and actions, I feel like leaving it to Nami.

There was a depiction of Zeus rushing to Big Mom, so Zeus will still help Nami.

Big Mom may ask Nami to help.

When will the latest Chapter 1013 of One Piece be released?

One Piece latest story will be released on Sunday, May 16th.

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