One Piece Chapter 1013 Spoilers, Thoughts, Suspense’s and Release Date

One Piece Chapter 1016

Considering spoiler development after One Piece 1013 episode

From here, I will write the thoughts that are likely to occur after episode 1013.

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Is Yamato heading to the roof?

Will Yamato head to the roof when he learns that Kaido and Luffy have begun a single combat on the roof with the help of Momo?

It is Yamato who has avoided fighting while protecting Momo’s help for a long time.

You’ll also want to have a crush on your father, Kaido.

I’m sure I’m heading to the rooftop where I can move.

Yamato is familiar with Onigashima, so you can take the shortest route to the rooftop.

However, I feel that it is another matter whether or not to break into the battle between Kaido and Luffy.

Ulti and Nami

Nami chose to stop running and fight because the ladle was hurt.

It reminds me of punk hazard.

However, considering only power, I feel that it is difficult for Nami to beat Uruti.

Usopp will also support you, but is there a chance to win against the flying six cells and the opponent who is angry?

Something new will be essential to Nami’s victory.

Big Mom’s Proposal

Big Mom was willing to beat Uruti.

However, due to Nami’s invasion, there is a high probability that the composition will not be Big Mom and Uruti.

Both Big Mom and Nami are angry because they hurt the ladle.

Big Mom will not attack Nami here.

And when Big Mom hears Nami’s words, I think he will give Nami Zeus, who is heading here.

Will Big Mom be a companion?

It’s a big mum that is kind to ladles, but it won’t be a companion.

If Big Mom comes to Luffy’s side here, the battle situation will be too uniform, and there is also a goodwill with Kaido, so I think it is quite unlikely that Big Mom will become a friend.

However, the fighting spirit of Big Mom may be diminished.

The feeling of not being able to leave the ladle as it is, the memories of the town, the pirate alliance with Kaido, and many other things may run through Big Mom’s head.

Will Hawkins and the Killer fight?

The fact that Hawkins anticipates the death of a fortune-telling killer is likely to fight.

Hawkins who appeared after a long time.

The killer isn’t the Devil Fruit, and the bounty alone is better than Hawkins, so the fight will be at a disadvantage.

I don’t think it’s a killer to withdraw there, but I’m sure that Hawkins, who will come up with as many substitutes as he can, will have a hand.

Luffy hits the secret plan to defeat Kaido

Luffy is voicing words to Kaido that defeat is just around the corner.

Luffy noticed that the overlord color responded to the word “proof of the strong man” and attacked with ambition, and blew off Kaido on the spot.

Luffy like this is strong, isn’t he?

Wearing the overlord color in Luffy may be equivalent to mastering.

Luffy stands here with the advice and thoughts of various people.

Moving Zoro and Rho away from this place may be a big move that could destroy this place.

Is the Oroch really dead?

Shortly after its appearance, Orochi was killed by the hands of the red scabbard.

Did he really die?

The red scabbard is probably better in terms of ability, but Orochi is best at using cowardly hands.

I think it may still be alive.

I haven’t reunited with CP0 who is coming to this island, so I can’t deny the possibility that it will appear yet.

Thunder Elephant VS Fuku Rokuju

The battle between Thunder and Fuku Rokuju will be better than Thunder Elephant.

The red scabbard cannot be defeated by the traitor.

However, it will not be as easy to lose as the Oroch.

It may be a bit of a tense battle, but I think it will only end in a few pages.

After the battle, the thunder elephant will also move in search of Momo’s help.

Where is Kanjuro?

The purpose of Kanjuro, who was masquerading as oden, is to help Momo.

I’m sure we’re heading for Momo’s help.

However, there is Shinobu and Yamato under the help of Momo.

I don’t think Kanjuro can beat Yamato, but Yamato doesn’t know Kanjuro’s abilities, so it can be confusing.

Is Shinobu who knows Kanjuro reliable?

I don’t know that Kanjuro is alive, so if Kanjuro appears as someone else, it might be a tough battle, and if it’s going to be oden. There is also the possibility that Momo’s help will be taken away.

Did CP0 know Orochi survival?

In episode 1008, I found out that Orochi is alive.

But CP0 said Orochi was dead.

This is because he said that he had no trading partners.

Maybe CP0 really knew about Orochi survival.

I don’t know what the deal is, but if it’s a Devil Fruit relationship, Orochi has information and shouldn’t let him die.

Maybe I wanted to say that I didn’t pretend to be dead.

Jack VS Inuarashi

The resurrected Inuarashi will fight Jack.

Inuarashi once beats Jack, but this time he can’t make it into a suron.

How do you subdue Jack?

What are the roles of Orochi and Kanjuro?

This time it was discovered that the fake oden was Kanjuro.

To be honest, I wanted Kanjuro to be an ally if he was alive.

However, if Kanjuro and Orochi are accomplices, they should have a grudge against Kaido.

I don’t think it’s going to end just by setting fire to Kaido’s castle.

Chopper fights with Marco

The chopper who succeeded in making the antibody this time is jumping to the queen.

Marco was the only one who responded, and if the threat of the ice demon disappeared, the chopper would be a perfect force.

Here, Marco vs. King.

It seems to be chopper vs. queen.

I expected Sanji to fight Queen, but Sanji is likely to fight Jack.

Chopper, a doctor, cannot lose to the wrath of the chopper who was called a raccoon dog and the queen who hurt everyone and did not care about his life.

The chopper who understands the importance of life and all the live floors who feel the grace of the chopper will turn to the enemy of the Beasts Pirates.

With the power of the ladle dumplings, you can think that the difference in strength has disappeared.

Relationship between Dr. Vegapunk and CP0

CP0 may have come to Wano to recapture SMILE.

The command may have come directly from Vegapunk.

SMILE shouldn’t exist …

A war to never return to Vegapunk may also be triggered in this Wano country.

There is no doubt that the failed work is SMILE, which is almost Momo’s assistant.

However, if the failed work was not a failed work, but rather brought about a powerful genetic manipulation …

The counterattack of Momosuke, who has transformed himself into a dragon, may begin.

Can Yamato escape?

Yamato is currently on the run to help Momo.

However, no matter how far you escape, you will find it as long as you have Memories.

You can’t run around all the time.

Then what do you do?

That being said, it seems impossible to avoid combat.

You’re more likely to join someone than run around.

Then with whom …

The most likely is the merger with Sanji.

If Sanji was heading to Momo’s help from the beginning, it would eventually join.

As long as the current situation is known, it is unlikely that Yamato will leave the red scabbard alone.

Confronting Perosperomarco

Perospero, who discovered Marco, seems to be hostile to Marco, who once joined hands.

The most important thing for Perospero is Big Mom!

I guess it’s difficult to go against mom’s intentions.

It is unlikely that you will join hands with Marco, as you made a statement just before that that showed the status of the four emperors on the Kaido side.

However, even though Marco is strong, there are some tough things when it comes to dealing with three people.

Marco can’t be defeated, so Marco needs a helper.

The person who can help Marco now is unreasonable in the Straw Hat Team.

It is difficult to judge whether a new character will appear or whether Marco will be defeated.

Sanji was a demon! ??

Sanji’s eyebrows have a symmetrical shape with the right side winding outside and the left side winding inside.

It may be a typhoon with different directions of rotation in the northern and southern hemispheres.

And Vin means “vine” in English, and smoke is “smoke”.

If you think of a “vine” as a “vortex” from the way it wraps around, it becomes a “smoke vortex” and becomes a typhoon.

Sanji’s eyebrows may have implications like the center and source of disaster in the world.

The patterns of the eyebrows and the Devil Fruit are similar.

Although the devils have not appeared in the main story, the naming of techniques such as “devil-like legs” and “its destructive power is like a devil” Vol. 43, Episode 415

From the explanation, Sanji can see the relationship with the devil.

There are various images that accompany the devil, but European devils also have the characteristics of being gentle and feminine, so it may affect Sanji’s future.

The relationship between Nami and Birka, Nami is related to the moon

In the 56th volume of the comic SBS, Professor Oda announces a country that matches the image of the members of the Straw Hat Pirates.

Nami is said to be Sweden.

In the country, there is the “Birka Ruins” which is registered as a World Heritage Site as a city ruin of the Viking Age.

Speaking of Birka, the mural that Eneru discovered with the title “City of the Moon, whose name is” Birka “, flies to a blue star due to resource depletion”.

Nami may have something to do with the moon people.

Sanji’s ultimate choice

Sanji was forced to make the ultimate choice as to whether to go to Akashiya or Momosuke this time.

Which way did Sanji choose? !!

Sanji made a decision, though he was worried about which way to go, and proceeded there.

I think Sanji went to the red scabbard as originally intended.

That’s because I heard the unfamiliar word Yamato Bo-chan.

I don’t know who it is, but it’s clear that there are other people working with it that help Momo help and escape.

I think Sanji decided that the red scabbard was more dangerous than the current Momosuke.

Selection of Perospero

Carrots seem to have been defeated by Perospero as the influence of Sulon has diminished.

Perospero says he is reluctant to join hands with the Yonko and the Beasts Pirates.

Among them, I will discover the appearance of Marco who fights while becoming tattered.

I feel a little unpleasant.

Will Perospero choose to join Marco with King and Queen?

Or …

Black Maria VS Robin Brook

Finally, a human who fights instead of Sanji has appeared.

Robin and Brooke.

Black Maria nominated Robin, and yes, it’s safe to assume that Robin will face Black Maria.

Brooke is likely to participate in the battle, but it is possible that he will escape from here with Sanji.

Robin alone will be fighting Black Maria, but thank you for Robin’s belief.

From the word, it seems that Robin alone will handle this.

Jimbei and Foods Fu

Jimbei has proven to be one of the most powerful members of the Straw Hat Pirates.

I think it won’t take long to fight Foods Who.

I want you to go as a helper to your friends who are struggling more than that.

There is an idea to go to the roof as it is, but since Luffy went to the roof, as Jinbei who believes in Luffy, the remaining flying six vesicles and King Queen may be more worrisome.

Transformation of Yamato and Momosuke

Yamato cannot be hidden in the warehouse as it is.

You will head to Kaido. And Momosuke may also transform himself into a dragon that resembles Kaido.

Yamato’s devil fruit is expected to be a “tiger”.

Even if you hide, things don’t change.

Momo’s help can’t be frightened and hidden forever, so I think it’s the only time to make a decision and take action! ??

Another sword of oden “Ame-no-Hazan”

There were two oden swords.

One is “Yama”, which is now under Zoro, and the other is “Ame-no-Hazan”.

Ame-no-Hazan should have a flight, but it is highly possible that it is now on Onigashima because it was handed over to Hiyori or Otama.

If this can be delivered to Zoro, Zoro can fight Kaido with two oden swords.

The will of Oden, the sword of Oden, may give Zoro more power and slash Kaido!

Who is the silhouette?

This silhouette is Eneru! ?? Speculation is flying around

.. It’s certainly similar to the area around the ears or Eneru.

But here comes Eneru, why treat the red pod? The question arises.

I think Eneru still has a chance to appear, so Eneru will not be here.

I think there is a relationship between Wano and the moon …

Is Tenryu people involved?

The appearance of CP0 this time was unpredictable.

CP0 is the pinnacle of intelligence agencies that report directly to Tenryujin.

If that CP0 moves, it means that the possibility that Tenryu people will be involved is not 0.

It is also new information that he was holding hands with Orochi. What on earth was Orochi trading?

Is it something that benefits the Tenryu people?

I think that the situation will be exacerbated by the movement of CP0 this time.

Onigashima arrives in Wano country?

Even now, Onigashima is heading for Wano.

There is no doubt that it will stop if you defeat Kaido, but now Onigashima is in a floating state.

It will not be an easy development that will be pushed out as it is.

It doesn’t have a ship.

It would be a catastrophe for Onigashima to arrive in Wano, but it is expected that Kaido will be defeated, Big Mom will be defeated, Wano will be saved, and the country will open.

If you arrive in Wano country instead of Onigashima, the entire Wano country will be the battlefield instead of Onigashima.

Rather than fighting for Ponecliff in Wano, except for Big Mom, I’m now focusing more on defeating Kaido.

If Wano is the stage, a new force will emerge.

Sanji’s opponent is Queen

Given that he escaped from Black Maria safely, will Sanji also head to the rooftop? It’s easy to think, but Sanji will fight Queen.

The reason for Queen is that Queen used to say Vinsmoke Judge and called Sanji his son.

This statement alone will not mean that Queen will not get involved with Sanji at all.

It has not yet been announced why Queen is related to Vinsmoke Judge …

Is the Queen’s cyborg influential?

The last of the nine shadows is Uruji! ?? Bedge! ??

Currently, there are Luffy Zoro Low Kid Killers on the roof.

Drake Hawkins joined there, and I was thinking about the remaining two shadows with Yamato and Coby last time, but I also thought about the possibility of Uruji, who is said to be quite strong if he comes here and takes it seriously.

The generation Ace told Yamato could be Bedge or Cavendish, but since Bedge has a family, it’s a little less likely and I think the line is a little thin in terms of playing against Big Mom. I will.

If it is Cavendish, it will be under the umbrella of Straw, so it is unlikely that only Cavendish will participate in the war.

If you come, I would like everyone under the Straw Hat group to come.

In that case, I think there is a high possibility that Blackbeard or Uruji will be impossible.

I received the opinion that Blackbeard is the last boss, but I personally think that there are other last bosses.

Finally arrived at the Navy! ??

It’s been a long time since the battle between Drake and Apoo was over.

Drake was infiltrating as a Navy spy, so I think he took this seriously and contacted the Navy.

Who will come to the Navy is mentioned in another discussion, but if the Navy also comes, it will definitely be a terrifying bloody battle.

However, Drake is now in a fight with Luffy.

Luffy and his friends may be conditioned to stay untouched, but how does the Navy accept the offer?

There is a change in Yama! ??

Zoro says that he will release the power of Enma in the previous consideration, but I think that changes will appear in Enma himself.

You know what color Mihawk’s “Night” and Ryuma’s “Akimizu” are.

Yes, it’s a black sword. There are many swordsmen in the dress, but why are only two black swords?

Because it changes under certain conditions.

I think that a certain condition is to cut something that is harder than a certain amount, as expected.

By slashing Kaido, which boasts the strongest strength this time, Zoro’s power and Enma’s change may come.

If Enma becomes a black sword, it will become the third black sword in history, and Zoro is expected to continue to play an active role in the future.

However, as I said last time, I’m also worried about whether Zoro’s physical strength, a double-edged sword.

What is Frankie’s anti-Kaido weapon?

I think there are two possible weapons against Kaido.

Frankie burned Pluton’s blueprints in the Enies lobby.

Frankie, who saw the blueprint of Pluton, said, “This is what … can humans make …”, but Frankie, who is almost non-human after many years, can make weapons close to Pluton. There is a possibility.

I think the other one is a new feature of General Frankie, but so far it doesn’t look like it’s been messed up.

However, since Frankie said that he would make weapons for Kaido, some powerful weapons should have been completed.

Hawkins and Luffy become cooperative

Hawkins, who calculates in nine shadows, is one of the worst generations, but his purpose was to use “SAD” to drag Kaido out of the throne of the Four Emperors, even though he was a subordinate of Kaido.

Rho has an alliance with Luffy on the plan.

Eventually, Luffy has a strategy and is in a cooperative relationship.

Hawkins infiltrated as Kaido’s minions, but the real purpose would be to overthrow Kaido.

However, one person, the Ichi Pirates, will not be able to beat Kaido. There is also a big mom now.

Hawkins decides by fortune-telling, but I think it’s about time to collaborate with Luffy and Kid for the purpose of overthrowing Kaido.

Missing shadow

Currently, there are Luffy Zoro Low Kid Killers on the roof. However, four people are still not enough for the nine shadows that Toki predicted.

If you think about the current situation on Onigashima, there is Drake Hawkins Apoo, but I think the participation rate of Drake is high.

Hawkins moves by fortune-telling, so it seems that it depends on the result, but I feel that the participation rate is high. As for Apoo, it’s a little overwhelming right now.

Here, I think that Yamato may participate in the war with the intention of Ace, who can hand over Oden’s logbook to Momo’s help and move as a free body.

There is only one left, but I think it is the worst Blackbeard.

Blackbeard is also a new generation.

However, Blackbeard does not move as a companion, but in the sense of robbing it.

I feel that it is highly possible that Blackbeard started to move before being taken.

The missing shadow is a rainy day man

While considering the nine shadows that are missing, I focused on the pirates who will lead the new generation.

But pirates are not the only new generation.

Another shadow I would expect is Coby, who is currently in the Navy.

It may be a little surprising, but Coby is also the man responsible for the new generation of the Navy, and has contacts with Luffy and Zoro.

Just as Coby’s words led to a rally in the summit decisive battle, I think we can expect Coby to play an active role this time as well.

I think that pirates are not the only ones responsible for the new generation, and that we will enter a new era, including the Navy.

Preparedness and courage

Seeing Yamato’s struggle, Momosuke remembers his father Oden.

Become a general of Wano! !! It was Yamato’s appearance and words in episode 996 that made me realize this word.

Inspired by Yamato, who is dying and defending himself, I think he must fight, not when he is running away.

However, I think it can’t be helped because it’s scary to run away.

However, if you just run away, this battle will only be bloody and will not be resolved .

Yamato may give Momo the determination and courage to become a general of Wano, to pull the people, to become like a father.

Uranus sleeping in Wano country! ??

Is the isolation of Wano actually to protect the ancient weapon Uranus? It is also possible that

.. There are now Kaido, Big Mom, and the worst generations.

If Uranus was sleeping in Wano, it would be a great war.

I don’t want Uranus to be the ultimate weapon to defeat Kaido (of course I want Luffy to defeat it), but Kaido can’t be easily defeated, and Big Mom is on his side.

It may be possible that the discovery of Uranus will lead to further war damage.

Ryuko Seihatsu

It turns out that Kaido’s model is “The phantom beast species model” Blue Dragon “”. So what kind of model is Yamato, which hasn’t been transformed yet?

Yamato has been transformed once in the battle with Sasaki, so it is confirmed that he is a Devil Fruit capable person.

The sound at that time was a cry of “Gurururu”.

Since ancient times, dragons and tigers have been depicted as friends of dogs and monkeys.

Yamato feels like a tiger, a white tiger.

And I want to settle with Kaido.

Yamato may also head to Kaido and see the confrontation between the dragon and the tiger.

Yamato Highway = Yamato and Kaido

The Yamato Kaido is the road leading to the Yamato kingdom.

Yamato and his father Kaido, who may hold the big key to the Wano country edition. Is it just a coincidence that the combined letters of the two names match the name that leads to the place that was once the center of Japan?

Rainy day Eneru appeared! ??

Wano country is often closely related to the moon and Eneru.

Indra of Big Mom is also the face of Eneru that Luffy Low Kid said before.

The fire festival is more like “I’ll give you a sky on the night of the fire festival”, but on the moon, Eneru got on a boat and headed for the moon.

Is this a hint of the appearance of Eneru? is it.

I would like to see “Yahaha” again, but when Eneru appears here, this can be confusing again.

The truth about the Gott Valley incident

The God Valley incident is said to be a battle between Garp and Roger protecting the Tenryu people and their slaves. Why did they join hands?

I feel that the reason for protecting the Tenryu people is not clear.

Isn’t it more likely that he protected someone than the Tenryu people?

That person is likely to be Shanks.

There are many mysteries in Shanks, and Gorosei also treats Shanks specially.

With the advent of Shanks, the truth about the God Valley incident may be revealed.

What is the identity of the greatest enemy in history predicted by the author?

Mr. Oda made a very interesting presentation at the previous Jump Festa.

It reveals one of the legends hidden in the world of One Piece.

Is it a joyboy relationship personally? I think.

And it will be the biggest enemy ever for Luffy and others, and a battle that makes the summit war look cute will occur.

Currently, the composition of the four emperors Kaido, Big Mom vs. the new generation has been completed, but when it comes to surpassing the summit war, I feel that there are still not enough actors.

At the end, white beard may be involved.

Its biggest enemy is the self-proclaimed white-bearded son Weeble? I feel a little lacking in excitement (excuse me).

Blackbeard who robbed Whitebeard of his ability.

I personally count it as nine shadows, so I think it’s quite powerful.

What is the meaning of D read from Pedro’s words? ??

Pedro was once a pirate. I was infiltrating Whole Cake Island aiming for a copy of Lord Ponecliff.

Instead of stabbed his left eye into Big Mom, he stabbed his left eye and said, “The day of” the dawn of the world “is near !! I have to go home !!!” (Episode 850)

“I believe that the” Straw Hat Pirates “will eventually lead the world to dawn !!!” Episode 850)

The former Pedro may have played a role in the “dawn of the world.”

And now, with the appearance of Luffy and others, Pedro’s preparations may have been completed.

That’s why he no longer said “I have to go home.”

By the way, “dawn” is “DAWN” in English, which is similar to the middle name “D” of Luffy and Roger.

It’s no coincidence that Pedro described Luffy’s party as “the ones who lead to the dawn of the world” and Luffy’s “D”.

Can the people of Ebisu town regain their emotional expression?

Personally, I’m really worried, but even if Luffy and his friends defeat Kaido, that alone cannot counteract the side effects of the failed SMILE.

There will be two people who can do this treatment.

Only those who were involved in the study of pedigree factors that caused SMILE to be born.

If so, the candidates are Caesar Clown, the developer of SAD, or Dr. Vegabank, the discoverer of the pedigree factor, and I believe that either of these two will save the people of Ebisu Town.

I don’t think it will end in this state, and as I wrote in other discussions, I would like to think that Caesar is coming to Wano.

Kaido hope is the same as a man’s thought! ??

Now he has declared that he will go get One Piece with Big Mom, but Kaido was not interested in One Piece before, and only Big Mom and Blackbeard were aiming for One Piece at Yonko.

Immediately after he jumped off Sorashima and failed to commit suicide, Kaido said, “It’s okay to break such a boring world !! Let’s start the best war in the world !!!”.

If you take it literally, it seems that you are aiming to destroy the world.

And the man who made a statement similar to this word is the Doflamingo.

I get the impression that Doflamingo is trying to destroy the world itself, but the two have a common purpose of destroying the world.

They may have been trading on the common point of “destroying the world.”

Now he says he’s going to join hands with Big Mom to get One Piece, but Kaido’s real purpose may not be One Piece, but the destruction of the world with ancient weapons.

Where is the fruit of Toki Toki now

The Devil Fruit that revives when the owner dies.

Where is the fruit of Toki Toki, which Toki used to be a talented person, now?

What is worrisome is that it is owned by Blackbeard, who is hunting talented people, which will cause more confusion than expected.

However, it seems that it is possible to deprive the opponent’s ability under special conditions, so if the fruit of Toki Toki were in the hands of Kaido … It would be difficult to help Wano, let alone defeat Kaido. Probably.

Yamato’s model is a celebrity in Japanese mythology

There are many characters that are used as motifs in the characters that appear in Wano.

Among them, there is only one person who fits Yamato’s model.

It is the ancient hero, Yamato Takeru. He is a person who has achieved many great achievements, and while powerful episodes remain, he seems to be a beautiful boy who can disguise himself as a beautiful girl before adulthood, and is famous for saying, “I dressed up as a woman and defeated Kawakami Takeru at the banquet of the enemy army.” Legend remains.

Yamato has the opposite setting to the beautiful man dressed as a man, but it is very likely that Yamato’s model is Nippon Takeru because it is called a name and is attracted to martial arts.

Onigashima is the island where the moon people first landed

If Toki came from Onigashima 800 years ago, it is possible that people once lived there.

Not only that, it’s not strange that Toki himself is from Onigashima.

Prophecy from 800 years ago

Combining the remarks of Oden, Otohime, and Whitebeard, it is speculated that the huge battle was a failure that Joyboy and the mermaid princess planned 800 years ago, and will be realized by those who inherited that will. You can do it.

That person means visiting the founded Wano country and defeating Kaido, who is the person who correctly guides Poseidon’s power on behalf of Joyboy.

Is it exactly the Straw Hat Pirates?

It may be that all of these circumstances are prophesied in the “text of history”.

Former three generals gathered! ??

Isn’t Momotaro the base for this Onigashima? When I wondered who the role of each animal was, I came up with a former Admiral whose names are dogs, monkeys, and pheasants.

Kuzan has left, but his movements are unstable.

But the other two remain in the Navy.

Perhaps these three people will meet again in this battle.

The end of Luffy’s dream

Generally speaking, it means becoming a pirate king ≒ controlling the Grand Line.

And if controlling the Grand Line is the beginning of Luffy’s dream, it may be Luffy’s own idea of ​​”becoming the most free man in the sea.”

Who is the last crew! ??

Isn’t the last crew of the Straw Hat crew decided in Wano?

Of course, Yamato is a big favorite, but I think we cannot deny the possibility of helping Momo who can hear the voices of all things.

.. Roger was able to hear his voice.

Momo’s assistant may be able to hear the voice of a descendant who was involved in the production of Poneglyph in Wano, but Luffy can also hear a little.

Yamato has a connection with Ace, so I think he is the richest person, but when he comes to Wano, the number of characters increases, and if he wants to make the last spurt from here, maybe an unexpected person will become a friend. Possibility too! ??

Who are the four emperors in the near future! ?? Original prediction! !!

I think that the replacement of the four emperors will surely occur in this Wano country edition.

This is because Kaido collapses.

If that happens, I think that something will happen to the four emperors, who will probably gather in Wano.

Original prediction (1) Shanks: If you fight, you will be Blackbeard.

And Im wants to get rid of Blackbeard, and I think he will take this opportunity to lose, if not die.

Original prediction (2) Big Mom: Although it has an alliance with Kaido, it is completely intact unlike Kaido. And do you remember Luffy’s words?

Defeat Kaido and then defeat you!

So I think Big Mom will be defeated by Kaido and the alliance will be abandoned, and the Big Mom Pirates will bring them back.

Original prediction (3) Luffy: Kaido is in charge because Samurai Akashiya was at the mercy of his life and attacked.

However, Kaido cannot be defeated by the Red Scabbard Samurai alone.

Luffy’s new technique explodes and becomes a deadly battle, and Luffy wins.

Luffy may refuse, but the bounty will jump up and take the throne of the Four Emperors.

I’m sure there will be Straw Hat affiliates on the spot.

Original Expectation No. ④ Blackbeard: Shanks may be overwhelmed, but its military power is unbelievable.

I think I’ll lose! ?? I think there is a high possibility of escape.

But maybe far in the future, Blackbeard will fall in front of Luffy. At that time, a new emperor may be born again.

Shanks puts an end to the battle! ??

It was Shanks who put an end to the battle at the summit war.

If Kaido is hit, maybe it’s not coming to the fight, but to put an end to the fight with Big Mom?

The voice of my heart is that I want Luffy to come and join me, but Shanks, who still has many mysteries, will put an end to the battle again! ??

Blackbeard is erased! ??

If Blackbeard appears in Wano, it could be erased by Im.

If it were on Im’s order book and Shanks’ “a pirate” was referring to Blackbeard, sooner or later Im would be sanctioned.

However, Blackbeard is not a person who can be easily erased.

No matter what you sacrifice, you will save your life.

You may see the true horror of Yamiyami’s abilities.

But Im is an absolute king.

What are you going to do?

The admiral who appeared is a surprising person

It will be a form to challenge the two emperors, led by the worst generation Luffy.

The Navy is more likely to move, isn’t it?

My expectation is that the general to be dispatched is a green cow! Yes … I think the battle with Zoro for the title of Great Swordsman will begin.

However, Zoro also confronts in a state of exhaustion! But what is the identity of the green cow ? ??

Chopper mystery background revealed

There seems to be no doubt that Tony Tony Chopper was named after Hiruruk, but if Hiruruk used to be in Wano …

The name of the chopper also contains.

Maybe the chopper is a ridiculous person? It may be a descendant of.

The best navigator

Zeus, who returned to Big Mom, attacked while apologizing to Nami.

As a result, Nami declared a break, but we cannot deny the possibility that he will return to Nami.

If Zeus is used again, Nami will pose a considerable threat to Zeus.

There is no doubt that you will be the best officer who can maximize the weather by adding Prometheus.

It will be greatly involved in future adventures.

Sanji’s raid suit has evolved

There are three types of functions of Sanji’s raid suit that are currently being revealed: (1) teleportation, (2) penetrating ability, and (3) aerial flight.

I’m rescuing Momo’s help, so I don’t think it’s a good idea.

However, I think that Sanji’s raid suit still has an additional role.

No one can do more than Germa’s technology, but if Frankie had made some modifications, it wouldn’t be strange to add new features to the raid suit.

The buckles of the raid suit show related abilities, but is it Sanji’s attribute? It may have something to do with.

Caribou appeared

Caribou has reappeared at a quarry in Wano, but it’s unclear what happened after that.

It will appear at some point because I am asking Luffy to take me on the return ship.

Caribou said he wanted that person to recognize him, but the four emperors who may appear in Wano this time ! Marshall D Teach!

King targeted by Big Mom

King is one of the three types that Big Mom wants.

The flame-clad King isn’t just a Devil Fruit capable person .

King, who also wants Big Mom, may not be human.

Its identity may be a fallen angel from its black feathers.

Since there is a god in the world of One Piece, it would not be unnatural to have an angel or a fallen angel.

Usopp was a descendant of Norland

Usopp is the son of Yasop, but for some reason his surname has not been revealed.

What’s more, all the lies with Usopp have turned into reality.

The lie with the Tontatta tribe is a descendant of Norland.

Is this lie true or false …

I am interested in the true surname that will be revealed in the future.

Is Drake a triple agent?

Drake is now known to be a Navy Sword and Flying Six-gun double agent.

However, the possibility of a revolutionary spy, such as Bartholomew Kuma, who has entered the Navy, that is, a triple spy, cannot be denied.

Currently, we are fighting with Luffy and others, but considering the flow, the Revolutionary Army is the army to which Luffy’s father Dragon, Sabo, Ivankov and other related people belong.

If Drake should be a triple agent, wouldn’t he be able to understand the movement of the Revolutionary Army?

The isolation of Wano is a connection with the world government

Kairou stones spread all over the world were born in Wano country, and the processing technology is said to be in Wano country (episode 924).

Kairou stone is an indispensable existence for the world government.

Isn’t the World Government secretly trading Kairou stone with Wano?

Wano is a non-governmental country.

What if you were isolated because that wasn’t known to the world?

I feel that Kaido’s words, “I don’t want to open the country,” fits nicely.

Introducing Caesar

People who can only laugh because of Smile’s failure …

Will it remain like this even after the battle is over?

Caesar has been freed on Whole Cake Island, but it seemed like he was spared goodbye.

Isn’t it possible that he was secretly following the Straw Hat Pirates?

I think it’s okay to talk about Caesar, who was involved in smile making, developing a remedy to save smile victims.

Fourth doctor? Will be here!

Appearance of Sabo

Sabo was unknown in Marie Joa, but previously said he would definitely rush to Luffy’s crisis.

With the advent of Sabo, the brothers’ joint struggle, which is the activity of the brothers since the joint struggle between Ace and Luffy in the summit war, will be reproduced.

In that case, there is no doubt that the heat will develop!

If Sabo moves, the Navy may move too.

But Marie Joa is also important.

How do you get to Luffy?

Personally, I’m looking forward to the development of Ivankov again.

Im’s judgment!

There was also Luffy’s order book on the list I wanted to erase.

There is no possibility of thinking about erasing this battle as an excuse …

Will the Revolutionary Army revolt in Marie Joa and the Navy go to Wano or annihilate the Revolutionary Army?

It wouldn’t be possible to annihilate it because there are Sabos (Sabos can’t die now).

However, Im is still unfamiliar with what he will do.

A decisive battle involving everything

If Drake reports, the Navy will of course move, and in this case it will be the general class.

And what if Shanks and Blackbeard intercepted the Navy’s movements?

Will Kaido and Big Mom of the Four Emperors join hands and silently stand by the fact that a war is taking place?

Since it is Blackbeard, there is a possibility that it will appear so as not to miss this period.

Shanks used to say that it was too early to meet Luffy, but when other pirates and the Navy move in this emergency, Shanks will not be on the sidelines either.

I’m also worried about the line that I’m about to meet.

It means that there are not enough actors for Wano to become a big decisive battle.

Pirates under the Straw Hats Appear! The long-awaited sake cup!

A large fleet of straws has been formed in Dressrosa.

And it’s Haz who has a ship that Frankie can all ride.

A full-scale war in Wano has begun, but we will definitely gather in Wano to counter the two overwhelming forces.

Luffy said, “If you want to get help,” but there’s nothing wrong with the members of the large fleet trying to keep silent.

Isn’t it Luffy’s companion only if he participates in this battle now?

There are many famous characters, so I’m really looking forward to it.

Personally, Cavendish and Bartolomeo! !! I want you to come!

Luffy’s Devil Fruit Awakening

Luffy once challenged Kaido and lost with no teeth at all.

However, I asked Leopard Goro to teach me the cherry blossoms, and as proof of that, I succeeded in destroying the Yamato chain.

Luffy can currently use up to Gear 4, but I think it will be difficult to transform Luffy’s body any more and fight.

So, isn’t it possible to counter Kaido with the awakening of the Ryusakura and the Devil Fruit that I learned this time?

There are examples of the Devil Fruit awakening, so it’s no wonder that Luffy’s awakening in this decisive battle.

One Piece 1013 episode spoiler summary

This time, I introduced the story of One Piece 1013 story spoiler synopsis.

Big Mom is also angry at Tee, who can attack the ladle, but looking at Nami’s words and actions, I feel like leaving it to Nami.

There was a depiction of Zeus rushing to Big Mom, so Zeus will still help Nami.

Big Mom may ask Nami to help.

Chapter 1013 of One Piece release date

One Piece latest story will be released on Sunday, May 16th.

Thank you for your patronage until the end.