ONE PIECE Chapter 1012 Release Date and Spoilers|Why Uruti loves Page One


In this article we going to explain the Spoilers “Why Uruti loves Page One” of One Piece chapter 1012 and Release Date of chapter 1012. So enjoy the reading…

Why Uruti loves Page One | Did you graduate from doting because you fell in love with someone?

From the flow so far, the contents of episode 1011, and the flow of episode 1012, it seems that Tee is hostile to Rinrin and fights against Nami, but it seems that it will be defeated and will be sent off. However, in terms of Kozuka, I think that “Urupe Siblings” will be a character that will appear even after the end of the Wano Kuni edition.

It’s just Kozuka’s delusion, but it’s not that Uruti falls in love with someone or falls in love with him and grows up as a person, or graduates from the paranoid fondness he has for his younger brother. I wonder if it will be like following someone or chasing after that …

Fighting Nami, Nami will be ruined as a human being, and I will fall in love with Nami’s sister’s skin, I think that there is a possibility that I will become Nami’s brother, maybe Dressrosa’s rhino and baby 5 Or, like Sanji and Pudding in the universal edition, the
protagonist of the romance that was born in the previous episodes may become a tee.

Kozuka expected the development to fall in love with Luffy, but I think there may be a line called Kid.

Kid is more common sense than Luffy, but it’s the same level of mess, and it’s flashy and cool!
Is it that Uruti falls in love with Kid when he gets involved with Urupee siblings in some way?

The Kid Pirates seem to have even fewer crew members than the Straw Hat Pirates, so Kozuka thinks that the Kid Pirates will increase in number after the Wano Country edition.

Wouldn’t it really be a “bright pirate group” if the increased number of members included the brothers and sisters Urupe?

Why Uruti loves Page One | Is there a complex in your mouth?

Uruti looks so cute that Sanji instantly recognizes him as a “cutie”, but he keeps hiding his mouth in all forms, including humanoid, human beast, and beast.

I’ve written a lot about it in past articles, but I still can’t reveal my mouth.

However, being so particular about hiding your mouth is not just fashion, it seems that you have the intention of not wanting to be seen or shown by others.

The reason may be that there is a severe complex in the mouth.

Page One also hides its mouth in the humanoid, but it becomes exposed when transformed.
If Page One has “something” similar to Uruti, I don’t think Page One will expose his mouth to it, so maybe “something” in his mouth. May be peculiar to Uruti.

The two are supposed to be “siblings”, but I don’t know if they are actually siblings who are connected to the ground.
Perhaps it’s a red stranger, but somewhere he was brought up with him and became a sister and brother.

The fact that there are still young Uruti and Page One among the executives of the Yonko Pirates, who are older in terms of Kozuka, is that the siblings were picked up by Kaido when they were young and raised. I think it might be.
Then, I think you can understand why Uruti loves Kaido …

Also, it may be that Uruti loves Page One because only Page One affirmed the complex in his mouth!

One Piece Chapter 1012 Release Date

One Piece chapter 1012 is scheduled to release on Sunday, May 9th, 2021.

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