One Piece Chapter 1013 Spoiler updates and Release date


This time, I will consider the spoilers of chapter 1013 based on the content of chapter 1012!

I am going to discuses here spoilers for One Piece chapter 1013 on the following points ↓

  • Great melee live floor!
  • VS Perospero! ??
  • Kid & Low! ??

One Piece Chapter 1013 Spoiler: Great melee live floor!

Currently, various battle situations are often drawn, so the situation of some places will be drawn this time as well!

Of particular interest is the live floor where Sanji , Kawamatsu , and Izo are heading!

Even at this stage, there are two big executives of Queen and King, and there is also Perospero of the Big Mom Pirates, which the Beasts Pirates have formed an alliance with, so it is in a melee state!

If Sanji, Kawamatsu, Izo, and Nekomamushi come there, it will be a big battle!

Luffy’s corps may be advantageous in terms of number of people, but I think Marco is also quite exhausted, so the situation is not good.

Of Roku fly Speaking of other war situation Fuzufu and Jinbei also it is the place to come in the mood fight!

Foods Fu was originally the captain of the Pirates, so it seemed that Jinbei had encountered him during the Shichibukai!

Jimbei said that he could tell by looking at his real face, but it is still unclear whether it is a character that has appeared before or a new character.

It hasn’t been drawn even once since the encounter of the war situation here, so it wouldn’t be strange if it was drawn soon.

It may be a disadvantage for Jimbei because Foodshoo was with his minions against one person.

Ancient Species: I don’t think Jinbei can easily win because he has a special ability called Saber Tiger.

Saber Tiger VS Jimbei!

I want to see the confrontation here as soon as possible!

Also, since the confrontation scene is not drawn for Sasaki and Frankie, let’s expect the details to be drawn!

These two are not far from the live floor, so I think it’s not unlikely that they will meet.

One Piece Chapter 1013 Spoiler: Nekomamushi & Marco VS Perospero ??

Nekomamushi is surprised when Pedro is killed in action by the Mink tribe ( Sicilian Variete ) who was on the way! And he praised Pedro, who gave his life to get Luffy and his friends to Wano!

In addition, Nekomamushi learned that Pedro’s death was coming from the Sicilians and began to move!

Of course, as you can remember, Pedro’s death is Perospero !

He gave his life and challenged to unlock Luffy’s ability and set sail for Luffy and his friends!

However, Perospero also has a prize of 700 million, so it cannot be easily defeated. Since I was making candy armor, my right hand was blown away .

Perospero now seems to be aiming for Marco on the live floor , but the arrival of Nekomamushi may be able to stop the surprise attack!

I think it is unlikely that Nekomamushi will be able to fight one-on-one and win!

Perospero has the real ability of Peropero , so it has the scary power of coating itself with candy or invading the opponent’s body and hardening it from the inside to choke!

In fact, Chopper and Brooke were instantly coated with candy and stuck.

It was also incredibly strong on Whole Cake Island, but it turns out that the candy’s ability has the weakness of heat!

The fire pistol (Red Hawk) actually released by Luffy was effective for Perospero’s ability, so it seems that Marco’s (heat) power will be needed to confront Perospero !

So I think it’s a development called Nekomamushi & Marco VS Perospero !

Marco’s heat will block Perospero’s abilities and the Nekomamushi will launch an attack to defeat them!

I’m looking forward to seeing what kind of confrontation he will show because he is the eldest son of Big Mom (Yonko)!

One Piece Chapter 1013 Spoiler: Kid & Low again! ??

Kid and Rho enter the castle, leaving Kaido and Luffy on the roof!

Kid temporary Hawkins also encounter with the killer will be only the remaining, Kidd chasing alone Biggumamu now it!

On the other hand low is Zorro , but was moved in the Shambles to the castle exact position is to rely on a big sound not known along with the to of Biggumamu original began to move!

And Big Mom, who is being chased by the two , encountered a benefactor “Ladle” on the same floor, and Kaido’s soldiers who burned “ Okobore Town” were angry!

I think it would be an opportunity if Big Mom’s anger continues to turn toward the Kaido army, but Kid and Law think they are in the middle of a fight without knowing that, so there is a risk of attacking the moment they find it!

Then Big Mom will be temporarily against Low and Kid again !

Rho may be able to see the situation, but Kid seems to launch an attack without hesitation!

In the current situation, Nami flies and fights against the six cells, and it looks like he has robbed the enemy of Big Mom, so there is a high possibility that Kid and Low will go there!

But if Big Mom rampages inside the castle again, the entire castle may start to collapse again!

You may have forgotten that there is a place in Onigashima where a fire is occurring due to Orochi, so there is a possibility that the entire castle will collapse due to the fire and the impact of the strong men. !!

I think that Onigashima is still moving to the City of Flowers due to Kaido’s ability, so it may be that the confrontation will continue in the City of Flowers in the end.

One Piece Chapter 1013 Spoilers Summary

In this story, I think that each battlefield will be drawn and the situation of the live floor will be drawn!

Above all, despite the fact that the live floor is in a melee state, more powerful people are about to gather, so it looks like it will be a big melee again!

In particular, Sanji hasn’t faced the executives directly, so I’d like to look forward to his future success!

Also, since Sanji is moving with Zoro, I think that if you arrive at the live floor, you can get treatment from Chopper and Marco!

Then Zoro will be able to return to the battlefield and play an active role!

There are two big signboards left, so I want you to show the executive confrontation with Queen & King at Sanji & Zoro respectively !

And there may be progress here as well, Kid & Law moving to confront Big Mom again !

I’ve succeeded in splitting the four emperors into two, but I think Kid and Law are searching around in the castle because they have lost sight of Big Mom!

Big Mom flew boldly without thinking that he was being sought, hitting the six cells and making a loud noise!

As a result, Kid and Rho have also grasped their whereabouts, so it may be that Kid and Rho will arrive at Big Mom in this story!

Neither has changed significantly yet, but Zoro was temporarily incapacitated by fighting Kaido & Big Mom .

It seems that Sanji is following that point, so he will do his best until Zoro recovers!

I’m looking forward to seeing how the melee on the live floor will be drawn!

One Piece Chapter 1013 Release Date

One Piece Chapter 1013 is set to release on Sunday, May 16 as per schedule without any regular break.