My Hero Academia Chapter 312 Spoilers and Release date


This article summarizes all the spoiler prediction for the manga “My Hero Academia” scheduled to be serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump on May 17th!

In the last chapter of My Hero Academia 311 the villain coalition finally started to move.

Or rather, All for One has begun to move and contact Deku.

The heroes are working hard as heroes, but it’s hard to convey their thoughts to the citizens.

I read a little and my chest hurts.

The warning sounds at the same time in three places are expected to be a signal that the evil villains are attacking Tartarus all at once!

The female villain was just in Tartarus, so she was quite enthusiastic.

Perhaps the weaponization of the body is individuality?

I’m also worried that an overhaul-like man was glancing at me!

let’s deliver a definitive breaking!

My Hero Academia Spoiler Latest Chapter 312 

The dawn of the final chapter of Hiroaka is progressing every moment.

Will it be entwined with the final race at once from now on?

A review of the previous story of My Hero Academia

  • Endeavor arrests villains attacking the city
  • Citizens’ credibility is lost and protesters attack the TOP3
  • All-for-one’s first priority is to take over the body of a dead tree and become a perfect body
  • Strong hatred is required for the dead tree to surpass All for One
  • The question that all-for-one may not have feelings of hatred
  • All Might with a bomb thrown into a car
  • Overhaul with a female villain who attacks Deku and follows her

There is finally a movement from the all-for-one side, and it seems that Deku will be taken.

The aim will be one for all choice.

Then, let’s immediately deliver the 312 chapter spoiler thoughts!

My Hero Academia Spoiler Chapter 312 | Moonfish Attacks TOP3?

A warning sound was heard while TOP3 was moving.

The warning sound may be a detection of Deku’s GPS information abnormality, but probably the villain will come to attack here as well!

Among the thugs imprisoned in Tartarus, a masculine, a female villain, and a man who seems to be an overhaul appeared.

That terrifying murderer Moonfish isn’t there yet !

It is, of Moon Fish is the attack and was Niki the TOP3 or would not be?

However, this is still the top 3 active heroes, so it should be okay.

But anyway, I can’t let my guard down because I’m scared and the sharpness is dangerous.

If you notice the mass attack, about one in three may go to support Almite!

My Hero Academia Spoiler Chapter 312 | Mustard attacked almite?

Hiroaka All Might suddenly got a bomb thrown into his car in the previous episode.

There is no doubt that the attack from the villain!

What’s more, the all-might car, the TOP3 car, and Deku were attacked at the same time by three groups, and they were probably ambushed.

Isn’t the former Tartarus villain coalition members moving all at once?

The villain who makes an attack that seems to throw a bomb that hit almite is expected to be mustard!

Perhaps they attacked with the villain, who has a unique bomb system.

After this, a battle with All Might broke out!

However, the current All Might has been forced to vomit blood from its internal organs many times.

It is not a body that can withstand a frontal battle.

A reliable hero who knows the secret of Almite should participate in the helper!

TOP3 seems to be busy, so the next reliable one is the teacher of Yuei High School.

Don’t die if you make a mistake!

I think that the villains depicted in one frame of Tartarus will all start moving in the latest story.

My Hero Academia  Spoiler Episode 312 | Overhaul Aims for Destruction?

A man who seems to be an overhaul who attacked Deku while acting with an unidentified woman Villain.

Probably because I don’t have both arms, let’s confirm that it is an overhaul (laugh)

He has only said “Oyaji” yet, but he definitely hasn’t given up on the resurrection of Hachisaikai .

When it comes to that, you should think about arm recovery first.

If you go from there, you can choose your aim!

Rewinding It’s a break in individuality, isn’t it?

The overhaul has a grudge with a dead tree with its arms crushed, so you won’t be serious about it anymore.

The purpose is also completely different.

The only thing I’m working with the female villain right now is to repay the debt I got from Tartarus.

I expect that if I hand over Deku as ordered, I will not be able to fulfill my purpose.

It’s probably Million who protects the breach!

There is a connection with the battle that Million was deprived of his individuality, and the battle with the overhaul may start again!

My Hero Academia Spoiler Chapter 312 Summary

So far, “My Hero Academia Spoiler chapter 312 brought to you.

A warning sound that rang all at once to the heroes.

Isn’t that a signal of a villain raid?

The fact that Deku and All Might were attacked at the same timing and the same warning sound was heard suggests that the villain also came to attack the car on which the TOP3 rides.

The fact that Muscular fights Deku and a female villain and a man who seems to be an overhaul appear, will the Moonfish area come next?

It’s just the right time for them to attack all at once while talking about the Tartarus thugs!

What will happen to Deku being taken away?

My Hero Academia Chapter 312 Release date

My Hero Academia chapter 312, which will be released on May 17th, will be published in Weekly Shonen Jump .