Black Clover Chapter 339: Release Date and Expectations

Black Clover Chapter 339: Release Date and Expectations

Black Clover’s final chapter revealed Ichika Yami, the captain’s sister, with superpowers she used to save Ryuya. We also saw some touching moments, including Asta’s longing for his native Hino country as he travelled across foreign lands, and an insightful talk between Asta and Ryuya in which Ryuya encouraged Asta to train with the Seven Ryuzen.

This manga is written by Yuki Tabata. First begun in 2015, it has been ongoing since then. You’ll find all the information you need about the forthcoming 39th episode of Black Clover right here.

Summary of Black Clover Chapter 338

There was a lot of clarity and insight in the prior chapter. In a conversation with Asta, Ryuya revealed his identity as the Shogun. While adventuring in Hino territory, Asta was taken back in time to his own wanderings as a young boy. In addition, he was taken aback to learn that the locals used scrolls in their magical practises.

Similarly, we were given a comprehensive overview of the 337-introduced figure who resembled Yami. It was later revealed that she is actually Yami’s sister, Ichika, who is also a formidable individual in her own right. Asta felt her Ki increase by a factor of ten while fighting the robbers, allowing her to land a devastating strike. Knowing Asta was eager to improve his strength, Ryuya suggested he study with the Seven Ryuzen.

When Will Black Clover 339 Be Posted?

It’s a weekly thing, the chapter releases. Therefore, the following episode was supposed to be released this week on the 26th, but it won’t be able to because of a formal break. Episode 339, the following instalment, will air on October 2, 2022.

Possible Outcomes, Black Clover Chapter 339

As a result, fans have started speculating and talking about various scenarios online. With the help of the Seven Ryuzen and maybe even Ichika, Asta should become more powerful. The training will allow him to achieve his lifelong goal of becoming a Wizarding King.

This chapter may provide a brief biography of Ryuya as we learn how he rose to power and became the Shogun. We’ll also find out if Ichika is willing to train Asta, a woman who has previously stated that she doesn’t like men like him.

Where Can I Find Some Good Manga?

You may read the most up-to-date chapters of the manga on Mangaplus Shueisha and Viz Media. A subscription is required to access all of the manga’s chapters.