Tokyo Revengers chapter 204-205 spoilers


Mikey shot Takemichi and muttered, “… I didn’t want to see you … I have no choice but to do this.”

Still, seeing Takemichi who never gave up saving Mikey, Mikey went to the rooftop saying, “I’ll finish everything here.”

Then Mikey talked with Shinichiro, Emma, ​​the place, Draken and others in his heart, and jumped from the top of the building with a smile while flying a swastika to the swastika like those days. It was.

However, Takemichi grabs Mikey’s arm at the last minute.

“I can’t let you die !!”

Takemichi reached out to save Mikey even though he was dying, but can he save Mikey’s life as it is? ??

Episode 204 “Give me a hand” depicts the end of the shock!

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 204 ! Spoilers

Then, “Tokyo Revengers” Episode 204! I will summarize the main points of.

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Takemichi keeps grabbing Mikey

Takemichi grabbed Mikey’s arm for his life, saying, “I can’t let you die!”

As the rubberneckers gather, Takemichi desperately persuades Mikey to grab his hand back.

Takemichi, who is already seriously injured, is at the limit so that his consciousness seems to fly.

The blood of Takemichi pouring down on Mikey speaks for itself.

However, Mikey refused with cold eyes, saying, “… let go. I want to finish everything.”

Still, Takemichi felt regret in his eyes.

Takemichi continues to appeal to Mikey “quickly”.

Mikey can’t be saved! ??

Mikey then muttered, “I didn’t want to see you. I didn’t want to get this result,” pointing out that Takemichi couldn’t go back to the past.

Mikey was shooting Takemichi when he noticed.

This is probably the “black impulse”.

And Mikey tells Takemichi as he realizes.

“Make me … make it easier …”

Tears overflowed from Takemichi’s eyes.

Since Mikey doesn’t grab it back, it seems like it will really fall, but is it possible to save Mikey anymore?

Mikey’s true intention leaks

“Urusei yeah !!”

Takemichi shouted.

Takemichi knows that Mikey always carries everything alone.

That’s why I cried out.

“Oi Manjiro !! You can do it once !! Say” Please help me “Hey ah ah !!”

Mikey’s expression changes to Takemichi’s cry.

Takemichi conveyed with a gentle and powerful expression to Mikey who opened his eyes.

“I’ll help you !! Manjiro”

In response to Takemichi’s words, tears from Mikey’s eyes! !!

Finally, Mikey leaked a cry of heart.

“Help me … Takemichi”

Mikey was slurping down, but now he holds Takemichi’s hand firmly to show his intention.

Then … Dokun! !!


To time leap again!

This is the one after a long time!

Takemichi regains consciousness in the yelling “How long are you sleeping !? I’ll be late!”

Takemichi lay on the futon with tears in his eyes.

The main angry voice is the mother.

Takemichi has time-leaped again!

The date is June 2008.

This time, Takemichi seems to be a high school student three years after the last time.

With a time leap that is different from the past, a new development called high school student edition has started!

Summary of Tokyo Revengers spoilers 204-205 chapters

Mikey’s tears were so real that I was struck by my chest!

Mikey used to tell Takemichi, “Takemichi, scold me. Like your big brother,” but this time you were scolded just like your big brother.

In addition to Takemichi’s strong heart, the image of Shinichiro that overlaps with Takemichi may have shaken Mikey’s heart.

I think it’s really big that Mikey’s weak part, which was supported only by Emma, ​​spilled into Takemichi.

If you can show such tears, I definitely want you to save me!

That’s why I expected it a little, but Mikey really triggered a time leap.

However, I thought that it would not be possible to solve it without saving Emma, ​​the place, and maybe Shinichiro, but at times it was unexpectedly a high school student.

Since the swastika has already been disbanded, is it whether Mikey is moving to the next phase due to the “black impulse”?

It seems that the current members of Brahma will be involved because it seems that the past leading to Brahma will be glimpsed, but what kind of development is waiting for you?

I’d like you to come back on the day of the wedding, but assuming that the time leap is the same mechanism as before, I wonder if Mikey will attend in 3 days.

However, it seems that Mikey’s “black impulse” is “I was shooting when I noticed it”, so if you don’t remember it, it seems that there is something bigger than you expected.

I don’t know if the new development will approach the secret, but anyway, many fans will be full of expectations that the high school days of the members of the East Swastika will be drawn in response to this development.It’s been exciting for high school students, but next time we’ll be drawing a special extra edition, so pay attention to who’s story!