My Hero Academia Episode 311 Spoilers Latest! Female villain contact with Deku! Endeavor that won’t run away!


My Hero Academia Episode 311 Spoilers Latest! Female villain contact with Deku! Endeavor that won’t run away!

This article summarizes all the spoiler considerations for the manga “My Hero Academia” scheduled to be serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump on May 10th!

My Hero Academia Episode 311 Spoiler Confirmation Bulletin First Report has arrived!

Finally, Deku got in touch with All for One!

Until then, he was insomniac and moving around.

Adults of One for All, please rest Deku!

Citizens and villains are in a disturbing state where they are likely to be overwhelmed with distrust of heroes.

Citizens are already at their limit.

Will the heroes still do their best?

Then, “My Hero Academia Episode 311 spoiler latest! Female villain contact with Deku! Endeavor that won’t run away! “ Entitled expanded discussion of the latest story, let’s deliver a definitive breaking!

My Hero Academia Episode 311 latest Spoiler confirmation information will be introduced here as soon as it is known!

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My Hero Academia Episode 311 Spoiler Confirmation Bulletin! !!

My Hero Academia (Hiroaka) 311 episodes scheduled to be published in Weekly Shonen Jump released on May 10th has a breaking news!

The title is “Come !!”

We will deliver it immediately!

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My Hero Academia Spoiler Latest Episode 311 Final Bulletin | Endeavor Fighting Villains

Start from where Endeavor is fighting the villains .

Apparently the villain is using support items and seems to be getting pretty tough.

I blame the manufacturer Detranet.

Endeavor defeated the villain with a new technique.

Don’t be fooled by the defeated villains, they will curse you if you’re bad.

That’s why Endeavor returns that he is here.

My Hero Academia Spoiler Latest Episode 311 Final Bulletin | TOP3 Protested by Citizens!

After handing over the villain to the police, Endeavor joins the Hawks and Best Jeanist.

Perhaps the best jeans are answering the groups protesting the heroes .

Best Jeanists once again commented to them that they knew nothing about dead trees and all-for-one.

Endeavor agreed with that opinion, but stared at the citizens protesting away.

Citizens denounce the hero as “coward!” Or “fake!” And attack him to go somewhere.

The media argued that the target of the villain coalition was someone else that the heroes were still hiding.

My Hero Academia Spoiler Latest Episode 311 Final Bulletin | Still Incomplete Death Pattern Kisuke!

Hawks, Jeanist and Endeavor travel by car.

Hawks talks to Edgeshot about the investigation on the paranormal open front.

Endeavor said that even now he is using Deku as a decoy and no enemies have appeared.

Best Jeanist and Endeavor discuss an all-for-one plan.

All-for-one’s top priority is to have complete control over the body of the dead tree, and I don’t expect him to appear because it hasn’t been done yet.

I’m starting to think that Deku’s idea was correct.

Hawks has confirmed that Dr. Kazuki is still in custody, and he has also confirmed that he could not win because the dead tree was still incomplete.

My Hero Academia Spoiler Latest Episode 311 Episode Confirmed Bulletin | Deku disappeared from GPS!

He said it was time to change the plans of the heroes, even if the stronger villains didn’t know where All for One and the Dead Tree were.

All Might looks at Deku’s GPS and is worried that he isn’t resting at all.

Almite remembers that Nighteye was worried that he couldn’t rest in a comfortable bed.

Suddenly I heard a warning sound and noticed that Deku’s GPS signal had disappeared .

My Hero Academia Spoiler Latest Episode 311 Final Bulletin | Female villain contacts Deku!

Suddenly I heard a female voice on Deku’s smartphone.

A woman who was imprisoned in Tartarus.

Her left arm is a weapon that feels like a giant rifle.

I told Deku to come with me.

If you obey gently, you will already be ready to shoot if you leave your limbs.

Deku understands everything immediately.

She was a messenger sent from All for One, and she came in contact with me from the other side .

This is the end of episode 311 of My Hero Academia!