One Piece 1012 Spoiler Updates


In the previous episode, One Piece 1011 , I personally expected that the scene would change from anti-Kaido in rotation with the tendency of One Piece, and the scene would shift to the battle downstairs.

It wasn’t long before I expected it, but I’m stepping on that the battle downstairs will be focused on One Piece 1012, and in the continuation of the previous episode, Big Mom Kid Zeus Uruti Page One and Nami Usopp・I expect to enter from the ball scene first !

And after that, the focus will be on the battles that started before the recent battle with Kaido & Big Mom, and I’m wondering if we will collect small hints!

However, it may not be likely that the battles in each area will simply be depicted. I will explain step by step!

Table of Contents

One piece spoilers 1012: starting from the continuation of the previous story?!

First of all, it will be an extension of One Piece 1011 and will start with the scenes of Big Mom Kid Zeus Uruti Page One and Nami Usopp / Ladle in the continuation of the previous episode .

Personally, I think the following can happen in this scene:

  • Big Mom rages at Zeus, flagged Zeus to be Nami’s ally
  • Big Mom VS Kid Outbreak (Is Kid’s Uru Tea Page One also helping?)
  • Nami, Usopp, and Ladle run away in a hurry and head to the live floor to meet the purpose of ordering the minions who ate the kibi dango.

In One Piece 1011, Zeus and Kid discover Big Mom .

In One Piece 1010, Big Mom should be angry with Zeus because of the conversation with Prometheus, and he should be angry with Zeus who couldn’t save himself as he fell into the sea.

One piece spoilers 1012: stormed the Biggumamu becomes the “eye” of the storm suddenly?!

I think that a new thunder homey, “Hera,” has already been born and yells at Zeus, saying, “You ‘re obsolete !”

And there is Nami as if he had planned. When he was fighting Uruti before, he made a hint that he needed a powerful lightning attack , and it is highly possible that Zeus will return to Nami again, right? !!

And it seems that Kid and Big Mom who is looking for Kid will meet and fight again . However, even if I look at the battles so far, I think that Kid alone cannot handle it.

There, a force came in, which could be Page One, who had just been attacked by his alliance Big Mom, or Tee, who could get angry at Page One being attacked!

And in the hustle and bustle, my expectation is that Nami, Usopp, and Ladle, who took Zeus to meet the purpose of the ladle, will leave this place and head for the live floor !

One piece spoilers 1012: collecting a number of foreshadowing along with the battle of the large billboard-fly six cells?!

And there are many small hints that occurred before the battle with Kaido Big Mom in episodes 1009, 1010, and 1011 and have not been recovered yet!

  • Who is the mysterious shadow that treats the red pods?
  • What is the identity of the new ability (color of sight?) That Momosuke opened his eyes to?
  • What is the end of the life of Kanjuro?
  • What is the fate of fighting Fuku Rokuju and Thunder Elephant?
  • What is the life and death of Ashura Doji who was involved in the explosion of fake oden?
  • Which did Sanji go to help Momo’s assistant or the red pods?
  • What is the connection between Foods Who and Jimbei?

As the battle between the big signboard and the Flying Six Cell is booming, the conclusion will probably begin to be seen little by little from the battle of the lower Flying Six Cell !

In episodes 4-5 from episode 1012, I think it’s highly likely that you’ll be exposed to the hints above!

If you don’t do that, the battle of Onigashima, the Wano country edition, will be further extended , and the “end of serialization” in four years after being officially announced will be far away …!

One piece spoilers 1012: the identity of the shadow of the mystery of more than two months Oazuke?!

Of the hints above, the one I’m most interested in is the shadow that treats the first red pods . It has been a mystery for about two months.

It seems that it is moving from the back of the castle tower where the red scabbards were originally, but considering that the shadow is a non-combatant, it is natural to encounter Yamato Momo’s assistant who is not fighting now. I imagine that it is a flow.

One piece spoilers 1012: Overlord color wear the ambition Biggumamu! ??

In One Piece 1011 episode, Big Mom smashed Page One with courage!

From the depiction, it seems that Big Mom was also attacking with the overlord-colored ambition!

I don’t think Page One and Uruti of the Flying Six Cells can use the overlord-colored ambitions, and the Beasts Pirates downstairs will not be able to stop Big Mom, who boasts an extraordinary ability as the Four Emperors in the first place. !!

When this happens, what I personally care about is how Big Mom will move in the future, which seems to be acting fairly ad hoc .

One piece spoilers 1012: what happens in the future of Biggumamu!?

Big Mom has KOed Page One in a way of giving back to the ladle , and has turned to the Beasts Pirates, who should have formed an alliance with complete anger .

I would be grateful if this would be a development that would be on my side as it is, but of course it cannot be such a sweet development.

If you become an ally, it seems that Big Mom alone will solve everything .

Uruti is coming to Big Mom, and Kid and Zeus are approaching.

It is conceivable that Uruti will interact with Big Mom, but even Uruti will not work for Angry Big Mom .

Soredakeni who is likely to be either the opponent of this Biggumamu the problem is.

Of course, Big Mom is a person who can’t read ahead, even though he has been on the side of the ladle.

For that reason, I think it would be a good place for Kid, who has nothing to do with the ladle, to deal with him.

One piece spoilers 1012: power up Nami is at Zeus!?

Zeus is very worried about future trends as Big Mom created a new Homey ‘s.

The newly created spatula feels like a lightning attribute, and is probably an upward compatible existence of Zeus.

Zeus was treated uselessly and is likely to be abandoned by Big Mom here .

But if that happens, it will be a great opportunity for Nami .

There is a saying that if there is a god to throw away, there is a god to pick up, and if that happens , it seems inevitable that Zeus will go to Nami, where he originally had a relationship .

It seems possible that Nami will fight against Uruti with the help of Zeus!

One piece spoilers 1012: Samurai side by the force of the Zeus situation is advantageously? !!

If Zeus was abandoned by Big Mom and returned to Nami, wouldn’t it be a considerable force not only in the Battle of Uruti but also in the Battle of Onigashima ?

According to CP0, the number of Beasts Pirates before considering turning over due to kibi dango is a whopping 270,000.

Zeus can make powerful lightning strikes over a wide area, so it’s a perfect force to kick them all together .

I personally think that Zeus could work with Nami to wipe out the small fish enemies!

If Zeus returns to Nami, the samurai side, who is overwhelmingly inferior in the number of people, will gradually have cards that overturn the situation , along with the ladle kibi dango !

One Piece Spoiler Chapter 1012: It is possible that Hiyori is treating the red-sheathed samurai!

And the shadow of the “10th person” who was holding the samurai of the red scabbard who was blown to the back of the castle tower by the ability to replace the low has not been revealed yet, so I am very worried.

In One Piece 1004, the person being treated is in a black shadow , and no one is known.

Considering the size, hairstyle, ally of the red scabbard, etc. when compared to Nishikiemon, I thought that the elimination method would be a good day.

In the subsequent chapter 1007 of One Piece, the scene of the samurai of the red scabbard was drawn again, but the “mysterious shadow” that was treating them had already disappeared.

At that time , Kawamatsu left a line saying that he seemed to be slightly visible, no, but that was not possible .

From this line, you can see that the mysterious shadow is “a person that Kawamatsu knows, but that Kawamatsu thinks is unlikely to exist in modern times or onigashima” !

At this point, limited to weather or toki, toki has already died in the past. It’s not often that the person who died in the past in One Piece was actually alive.

Kawamatsu, who has a deep connection with the weather, is talking about it, so there is no doubt that the shadow of the mystery that he was treating is the weather .

One Piece Spoiler Chapter 1012: What is the weather and how do you go to Onigashima?

But why did Hiyori come to Onigashima when the mysterious shadow that helped the red scabbard was Hiyori?

There was a statement that he hates Orochi.

However, even if the weather comes to Onigashima, you should know that there are few places where you can play an active role because you should not be a combatant .

Unless you can’t help it, or you’ve been pushing crazy because you want to be useful.

It is also a mystery how I came to Onigashima …!

It’s hard to think that you’ve moved the ship alone and boarded it, so it’s natural to think that you’ve shared the ship with someone.

In terms of timing, it may be that he was secretly on the ship on which the ladle was on! ??

The reason why I came and how I came to Onigashima may be related to the ability of the weather (I don’t know if it exists)!

It is conceivable that you used your abilities to play an active role in Onigashima, or that you used your abilities to come to Onigashima .

If the shadow of the mystery is sunny, it seems that the circumstances around this will become clear in future developments!

One Piece Spoiler Chapter 1012: It is not Toki Kogetsu who is trying to help the samurai of the red scabbard!

In the shadow of trying to help the samurai of the red scabbard, “Kozuki Toki” is the second most influential after the weather. Toki is Oden’s wife, Momosuke and Hiyori’s mother.

He is a talented “Tokitoki no Mi” who sent the samurai of the red scabbard and the help of the peach to the future, but it seems that he remained 20 years ago and was shot dead by a gun.

In some cases, the “Kozuki Toki Survival Theory” is flowing, but I think that Toki has probably died.

In the description of the dress when Toki was shot, it seems that many ordinary people around him witnessed it, and there was a voice saying “Toki-sama”.

Death must have been confirmed in the presence of both the enemy and the masses, and it is unlikely that the fact of survival is hidden.

Therefore, Kogetsu Toki is not alive, and it is probably not Kogetsu Toki who is trying to help the red-sheathed samurai .

One Piece Spoiler Chapter 1012: Is it Eneru, not the weather, near the samurai of the red scabbard? !!

On the net, isn’t the shadow that appeared at the end of episode 1004 “Eneru” from its silhouette? !! Speculation is flowing!

Certainly it would be interesting if Eneru came out, and I would like to expect a big hole development !

However, it is unlikely that the shadow that treats the red pod is Eneru.

Certainly, the shadow can be said to be the silhouette of Eneru.

But Baofan says of the shadow, “Someone is trying to help the samurai,” but I’m not sure why Eneru is helping the red-sheathed samurai.

Above all, the appearance of Eneru, who had never appeared in Wano, is so sudden that it has collapsed as a story!

So, if I from being laughed meaning too unknown you were energy, as long as you do not run to the gag, Enel re-appearance is not obtained ants small! !!

One Piece Spoiler Chapter 1012: Momo’s assistant who showed new ability is active? !!

In One Piece 1008 episode, Momosuke seems to have opened his eyes to a mysterious ability.

You were clearly aware of Luffy’s appearance when he was fighting on the roof and Momo’s assistant shouldn’t have met!

The Devil Fruit that Momosuke ate is an artificial Devil Fruit made by Pegabank, made from Kaido’s pedigree factor , and seems to have nothing to do with this ability like remote viewing .

What you can think of is the ambition of the color of sight . Some of the heroes of the spectacle, like Coby, possess the ability to hear the voice of the human heart and detect invisible enemies.

Perhaps Momosuke also opened his eyes to this ability to see and see when his life was endangered on Onigashima !

Beasts Pirates and Kanjuro are aiming to help Momo, but if this ability is real, may Momo’s help ability help avoid the crisis? !!

One Piece Spoiler Chapter 1012: Momosuke overthrows Orochi !?

Momo’s help is awakening the ability like the humorous color.

It was more like a power that surpassed the color of the elephant that I showed when I was in the elephant .

That’s what Roger and Oden and Luffy is a force, such as listen to the voice of something that has, I think also I wonder if that.

As Momo’s assistant is showing such a part of growth, there must be something left to do in this battle .

The figure of the dragon seems to be able to control it to some extent, and it may be possible to fight a little.

Orochi, who has a connection with him, was also alive, and it would be a hot development for Momosuke to settle the battle with Orochi .

One Piece Spoiler Chapter 1012: Can Juro be defeated by the red-sheathed samurai? !!

Kanjuro confused the red-sheathed samurai with a picture of oden.

Even Ashura Doji has been killed, and for those who have already been defeated by Kaido, their mentality has been torn down .

For that reason, Nishikiemon will have to settle with Kanjuro in order to protect Momo’s help .

Ashura has already been killed, and Inuarashi has left to deal with Jack.

Perhaps other friends will probably leave for some reason in the future .

In the end, Nishikiemon , who is alone, will settle with Kanjuro on a one-on-one basis .

One piece spoilers 1012: thunder elephant is what beat Fu Rokuju! ??

The battle between rivals, Thunder Elephant VS Fuku Rokuju, who are ninjas, is about to begin! Who will win this battle?

Since they are rivals, it is highly possible that their abilities are competing with each other .

The specific power relationship between the two is unknown, but due to the fact that Fukurokuju used to lead the Oniwaban, it is assumed to be one of the top ninjas .

In addition, Fukurokuju is often in the Beasts Pirates with executives of six or more spores, and can be said to be an executive class.

And against Fuku Rokuju, who hasn’t been particularly hand-injured, the thunder elephant should have suffered damage in the rooftop battle .

Even if they are of the same level, it can be difficult for a thunder elephant to win!

Also, I’m curious about what Fuku Rokuju says, “the fate of fighting thunder elephants” !

One Piece Spoiler Chapter 1012: Is Ashura Doji, who became the shield of the bomb himself, alive? ??

Ashura Doji is willing to stop the fake oden from trying to attack the red-sheathed samurai with a bomb.

Both the fake oden, which was a picture of Kanjuro, got caught up in the explosion …

It’s not surprising that this explosion would make it impossible to recover where the abdomen had been stabbed by fake oden and had been damaged .

Ashura Doji was once evenly tied to the big sign Jack, and Kaido was so powerful that he wanted to add him to his subordinates .

Leaving the front line is very painful for the samurai side, but it seems difficult to return to the front line in the battle of Onigashima.

One Piece Spoiler Episode 1012: Where will Sanji go when the battle between the big sign Jack and Inuarashi begins?

In One Piece 1008 episode, the battle between the big sign Jack and the red-sheathed samurai Inuarashi was cut off!

Inuarashi is a strong man who has defeated Jack once in a rooftop battle, although he may not be alone in the state of Suron.

Although it is a burden, Jack is also injured, so there is a good chance that he will be able to compete with him.

Then, what happens to Sanji, who was wondering whether to go to the red pods or to help Momo ?

To be honest, I feel a little uncomfortable about having Jack, the big signboard, who is the highest executive of the Beasts Pirates, play Inuarashi.

Sensually, it ‘s better for someone from the Straw Hat Pirates to defeat it. As Akase’s samurai are heading for Momo’s assistant , Sanji’s need to head for Momo’s assistant’s sword is diminishing .

Therefore, Sanji will come to the back of the castle tower where the red scabbards were, and will fight Jack. !!

Inuarashi, too, could not be transformed into a suron, and Sanji could help Sanji without being able to compete with Jack, who has a prize of 1 billion .

One Piece Spoiler Episode 1012 Latest Story Development Consideration : Jimbei’s Fierce Fight!

In recent One Piece, Frankie, Robin, Brooke, Sanji, and Chopper are all active in fighting enemies and helping allies!

Among them, Jinbei, who should be fighting Foods Who, hasn’t been spotlighted yet !

Recent One Piece has a section that depicts the Straw Hat Pirates on Onigashima in turn.

In One Piece 1012 , the focus will be on the battle of Jinbei . !!

One Piece Spoiler Episode 1012 Latest Story Development Consideration : Does Foods Fu know Jinbei?

Foods Fu had already transformed into a saber-toothed tiger when he appeared before Jinbei.

Foods Fu said, “I saw it around the time of Shichibukai .”

I’m really wondering if it was either when Jinbei was in Shichibukai or when Foods Fu himself was in Shichibukai.

You also said that you might know if Jimbei looks at his real face .

Foods Fu and Jimbei may have already met.

The reason why Foods Fu appeared in a transformed form from the beginning may be because Jimbei was the person who knew his true identity.

It’s the identity of Foods Who is worrisome, but it has been said that it may be Gin or Kuzan.

However, considering the age and height of Foods Who, I think it is much more likely that they will be different.

I also saw a voice saying that he was a newcomer to the Red-Haired Pirates and was a rock star .

The identity of Foods Who may be revealed in the battle with Jimbei! ??

I’m looking forward to that time!

One piece spoilers 1012: Do not must devote the strength Akasaya of samurai!

Although the samurai of the red scabbard defeated Orochi, the thunder elephant faced a battle with Fuku Rokuju, who is an aide to Orochi .

Originally, they seemed to have a rivalry, and Fuku Rokuju even said that fighting the thunder elephant was destined.

For that reason, it may have been a closely related relationship, but anyway, this has reduced the number of members of the Red Scabbard by the time they reach Momo’s assistant and Kaido .

Ashura Doji collapses in an explosion, Inuarashi is against Jack, and Thunder Elephant is against Fuku Rokuju.

With this feeling, it seems that the other members will gradually decrease .

The number of members is steadily decreasing, and it can be expected that Nishikiemon and Tojiro, who had the longest relationship with Oden, will reach Kaido .

One Piece Spoiler Chapter 1012: Orochi, who should have been decapitated by Kaido, is alive! How about dealing with CP0? 

It was supposed that Orochi, who has the power of the Zeon-type Devil Fruit model “Yamata no Orochi”, would survive even if he was decapitated, but he still survived .

It is unlikely that Orochi will have a major impact on the battlefield of Onigashima, but the most worrisome thing is the transaction with CP-0 .

The details of Orochi and CP-0 are unknown, but they have some kind of relationship, and CP 0 , which has been appearing frequently recently, also stated that Orochi is a trading partner.

In the future, as the relationship between Orochi and CP 0 becomes clear, the content of the transaction will be unveiled.

One Piece Spoiler Chapter 1012: Chopper & Drake & Prominent Congregation VS Queen !?

In One Piece 1007, Chopper, who was protected by Drake, Leopard Goro, and other bosses, completed the antibody of the ice demon and saved the infected enemy and ally.

And the chopper’s blow that became huge with a rumble ball burst to the queen restrained by Marco!

Marco was stalled with King, but with the recovery of Chopper & Drake & the boss, there is a possibility that he will be a temporary opponent of Queen !

Marco boasts a considerable strength, but it seems that he was exhausted against two big signboards, and it is not clear yet who will put up Queen and Tyman.

There seems to be a development that will make a total attack on the queen, including the enemy who has been caught in the queen’s ice demon !

However, “Basically Thaiman” is a one-piece unwritten rule. Eventually, someone else whose opponent is not yet clear may be the opponent of the big sign Queen.

One Piece Spoiler Chapter 1012: Queen’s betrayal & chopper’s work increases allies!

In Episode 1007 of One Piece, by saving even the Beasts Pirates, whose chopper has become an ice demon, Luffy and his friends were able to turn over to the samurai side .

The Queen involved the Beasts Pirates and sprayed the virus “Ice Demon”, and the Pleasures and Waiters involved were called “small fish” and “useless”.

Among them, Chopper took his life to make antibodies and rescued everyone, both enemies and allies!

From the grudge against Queen’s work and thanks to Chopper, the Beasts Pirates’ subordinates are protecting Chopper from Queen’s attack!

Not only do you increase the number of allies with the ladle, but the chopper works to increase the number of allies, and the composition of the Beasts Pirates VS Samurai who were incapacitated is about to change further !

In the future, it is not surprising that the number of subordinates of the Beasts Pirates who turn over to the samurai side will increase!