One Piece Chapter 1012 Spoilers, Release Date and Who will Yamato fight?


I will describe my impressions of One Piece spoiler episode 1012!

According to the spoiler bulletin, this time the focus was on the red pods, Yamato and Momosuke, Zoro Lo Sanji, and Big Mom Nami Uruti .

The battle with the flying six cells and the big signboard that I personally expected was hardly drawn, and the identity of the mysterious shadow remains unknown, but there are progresses in various places and I am looking forward to further development in the future I did!

One Piece 1012 spoilers: Who will Yamato fight?

According to the spoiler information of One Piece 1012, Yamato leaves Momo’s assistant and Nishikiemon goes to help Momo’s assistant.

As far as this movement is seen, it seems that there is no doubt that the amulet of Momo’s assistant will change by turns. Then, who is the most worrisome thing about Yamato? That is the point.

It is probable that Yamato is aiming for Kaido because he says “I have to hurry” for the one-on-one match between Kaido and Luffy.

In the end, I think it is quite possible that Yamato will rush to Luffy, who is fighting in Tyman, and fight together to defeat Kaido !

If that happens, I’m looking forward to seeing what kind of conversation Kaido Yamato’s parents and children will have!

One Piece spoilers 1012: finally Logbook of Oden is take off the veil?!

According to the spoiler information, Momosuke has opened the logbook of Oden handed to Momosuke by Yamato!

Earlier, Yamato told Momosuke that “it is you who lead the world to dawn,” but I think that I read this logbook and think so.

Previously, Pedro probably referred to Luffy and others, including speculation, as “the ones who lead the world to dawn,” but Yamato says that he is more reliable because he reads Oden’s logbook. I personally think about it.

Yamato also says that Oden’s logbook contains all of the world that Oden felt.

The diary, once the light background and the Wano countries had to seclusion on a monthly house-led path to the opening of the country toward the dawn, the blank of 100 years, “D” of the secret, and such as the mystery of Ponegurifu is written You may be !

I can’t wait to see the whole picture of Oden’s logbook, which has the potential to collect various hints!

One Piece spoilers 1012: Sanji commit Zoro to chopper?

According to One Piece 1012 spoiler, Sanji is fighting with a seriously injured Zoro on his back! Zoro may be sleeping to recover.

However, Sanji cannot keep fighting with Zoro on his back. It seems possible for One Piece to develop that Zoro got well when he slept and woke up, but in order to return to the front, he still needs to be treated .

So, considering these factors, I expect that Zoro will be entrusted from Sanji to Chopper somewhere .

From Zoro’s remarks, it seems that he is heading to the live floor where Chopper was, and I think he is likely to receive temporary treatment under Chopper!

One Piece spoilers 1012: Nami exert thief cat and elder sister sore!

In One Piece 1012 episode spoiler information, Nami was trying to get around by licking Big Mom and Uruti well, but it seems that he failed.

I’m not the only one who laughed at Nami’s words and deeds .

However, he is angry at Uruti, who has dabbled in a young ladle, and has an anego feeling that he dares to confront the opponent who should be superior !

However, Nami himself should know in the previous battle that there is no decisive factor in defeating Uruti. I’ve been expecting it over and over again, but I have a feeling that Zeus will help Nami here!

One Piece spoilers 1012: Page One is to exit anyway?!

Page One was attacked by Big Mom in episode 1011 of One Piece, and was hit by a single blow. Is there any future revival?

The damage seems to be enormous, as the four emperors, Big Mom, are (probably) launching an attack wearing the overlord-colored ambition.

In my personal opinion, even if it doesn’t revive as it is, I don’t think it will hinder the whole thing, and since there are quite a lot of enemies this time, I think there is a possibility of retiring as it is!

In addition to the big sign, Flying Six Cells, there are still forces such as Apoo, Hawkins, and Perospero. Page One isn’t a very dark character either …


One Piece Chapter 1012 is scheduled to release on Sunday, May 9th, 2021.