One Piece Spoiler Chapter 1012 Release Date, Sanji fights with Zoro on his back! Nami’s anger explodes!

One Piece Chapter 1016

Read here “ONE PIECE One Piece” latest chapter 1012 spoilers 

The title of One Piece 1012 is “Uzu” ! I’m wondering what the vortex means! It will become clear if you read the contents.

In chapter 1012, we will focus on the red-sheathed samurai, Yamato and Momosuke, Sanji & Zoro & Rho, and Big Mom Nami Usopp as in the previous episode!

Personally, in the content of episode 1012, the logbook of Oden came out and I am very interested in the contents. Also, Nami’s success (?) Is the highlight of this time!

Please enjoy the spoilers and development consideration of the latest episode 1012 of the one piece “ONE PIECE One Piece  that you are interested in !

As mentioned earlier, the title of One Piece 1012 is “Uzu” , and the general flow of 1012 is as follows.

One piece spoilers 1012: red sheath we distributed! Yamato leaves Momo’s help!

① Red-sheathed samurai running in search of Momo’s help! Kikunosuke (whose arm has been blown off) is asked about the injury by Izo, saying, “This degree of injury is only itchy” and “I was afraid even on the day Izo left,” and Izo apologizes.

➁ The red-sheathed samurai will be dispersed to help everyone with the idea of ​​Nishikiemon, Nishikiemon will help Momo, and Kikunosuke will aim to overthrow Kanjuro.

③ Nekomamushi meets Sicilian Variete, and when he hears Pedro’s story, he finds out that his enemies, Perospero and Carrot Wanda, are fighting!

④ Yamato, Shinobu, and Momo’s assistant lurking in the attic. Yamato proposes to be a decoy to prevent being discovered by Marys! Apparently Yamato is “tingling” because he wants to fight …

⑤ Momosuke says that the voice on the roof has been narrowed down to two, and Yamato leaves Momosuke while saying “I have to hurry”! Then open the oden diary …?

One piece spoilers 1012: Sanji fight carrying a Zorro?!

⑥ The scene changes and Sanji is fighting with a cross on his back!

⑦ Recollection begins. Zoro Lo Zeus moves from the roof to near Sanji! Rho heads to Big Mom, and Sanji gives Zoro first aid! Sanji told Zeus something about Nami, but Zeus was frightened and left.

⑧ Zoro explained to Sanji that he was seriously injured in the battle with the four emperors, and Luffy beat Kaido! I agree that Sanji knows from the beginning! Then wrap it around with a bandage to complete the cross! (End of recollection here)

⑨ Sanji fights while carrying the sleeping Zoro on his back! And I realize that I don’t have to go to help Momo because Nishikiemon is heading to join Kawamatsu Izo!

⑩ Zoro suddenly wakes up and says he has to help the people on the live floor and soon falls asleep again!

One piece spoilers 1012: Biggumamu and Nami of anger a large explosion!

⑩ The scene changes further! Page One, who was hit by Big Mom, did not get up as if he was seriously injured, and the furious Uruti rushed in!

⑪ Nami urges Big Mom to defeat Uruti, but when he cleans up Uruti, he is scared to say that you are the Straw Hat Pirates.

⑫ So Nami tells Uruti to fight together and defeat Big Mom, but they are treated in the same way!

⑬ Uruti jumps and delivers a “Uruzugan” to Komachiyo! And I will slap the ladle!

⑭ Big Mom and Nami are angry at Uruti who attacked the ladle! Nami attacks Tee with lightning! Run away! Nami says he can’t allow his child to raise his hand, he says he’ll kill him here!

That’s all for the spoilers of One Piece 1012!


One Piece Chapter 1012 is scheduled to release on Sunday, May 9th, 2021.