Read One Piece Devil fruit – ‘Bata Bata no Mi’


A Devil The Bata Bat no Mi is the fruit of the Paramecia variety. It enables the creation and management of butter by the user. By eating this fruit, one becomes a butter person. Charlotte Galette consumed this satanic fruit.

About ‘Bata Bata No Mi’

Name Bata Bata no Mi
English Name and Meaning Butter- Butter Devil Fruit
Fruit Debut In One Piece Episode 811
Usage Debut In One Piece Episode 811
Type Paramecia
User Charlotte Galette


Bata Bata no Mi’s Appearance

We don’t know much about the fruit’s appearance because it hasn’t yet been portrayed in the anime.

Weaknesses and strengths

This devil fruit grants the user dominion over Butter. Butter is completely under the user’s control. This butter is extremely sticky and adherent. It may paralyse an opponent by tying it around their hands and torso when it is half liquid.

This devil fruit has no weaknesses other than the typical devil fruit weakness of being unable to swim, which is shared by all devil fruit users.


Gazette is shown wielding the devil fruit’s power in battle. She used it to immobilise her adversaries, allowing her family members to attack them as they see fit. She can even utilise telekinesis to control lumps of butter, which she uses as handcuffs on her opponents.


Q. What does the word Bata mean?

A. Bata means to butter in Japanese.

Q. When will Charlotte Galette use this power?

A. Throughout the Cake Island Arc, we watch Charlotte Galette use her devil fruit powers to restrain Nami.