Read One Piece Devil fruit – ‘Beri Beri no Mi’


The Beri Beri no Mi is a Devil Fruit of the Paramecia kind that enables its owner to morph their body parts into a variety of orbs or spheres that resemble the round section of berries, turning them into Grape Humans. By Very Good, it was gone. The Enies Lobby Arc featured a demonstration of the fruit’s power.

The Beri Beri no Mi in Detail

  • Identifier: Beri Beri No Mi
  • English Name and Meaning: Berry-Berry Fruit
  • Usage Debut: One Piece Episode 309
  • Type Paramecia
  • Current: User Very Good

Background and Aesthetics of the ‘Beri Beri no Mi’

The Beri Beri no Mi (Berry-Berry) Devil Fruit was once swallowed by a Marine by the name of Very Good. The fruit’s appearance is still a mystery.

Defining the Beri Beri no Mi’s Strengths and Weaknesses


The user of this fruit now only appears to be immune to blunt attacks, which is its sole benefit.

The fruit enables the user to levitate all of their individual body parts, including their feet, and allows them to let their body parts float in midair.


The Devil Fruit user can only change their entire body into these spheres, not just certain body parts, and they are not immune to the impact of sharp items. Once the user’s head is caught, they are helpless. The user is susceptible to the usual Devil Fruit defects other from that.

Power of ‘Beri Beri no Mi’

It appears that Very Good has harnessed the fruit’s potential to transform himself into an army of berry-shaped balls. He has also made offensive use of the fruit’s gifts. He may also employ his body parts as projectiles, like cannonballs, when he is divided into several balls.


Who possesses the Beri Beri no Mi?

A. A Marine by the name of Very Good possesses the Beri Beri no Mi.

What is the Beri Beri no Mi’s purpose?

A. The Beri Beri no Mi gives its possessor the ability to change various bodily parts into a variety of spheres or orbs that resemble the rounded portions of berries.