Read One Piece Devil fruit – ‘Beta Beta no Mi’


The Beta Beta no Mi is a Devil Fruit of the Paramecia variety that turns its bearer into a Mucus Human with the ability to produce and control mucus. Trebol wentbbled it up.

The Dressrosa Arc featured a demonstration of the fruit’s abilities.

The ‘Beta Beta no Mi’ in Detail

  • Name: Alpha Beta no
  • Meaning in English: Fruit with Sticky Skin
  • Use First: 629th episode of One Piece
  • Type: Paramecia
  • Existing user: Trebol

Background and Aesthetics of the ‘Beta Beta no Mi’

Trebol had once ingested the Beta Beta no Mi (Sticky-Sticky) Devil Fruit. Unknown is the fruit’s look.

Characteristics of the ‘Beta Beta no Mi’


This fruit’s primary skill is to enable its consumer to continuously generate mucus, which allows them to exert control over their movements and engage in self-defense against things. The mucus is sturdy enough to float a ship.

It is still unknown if Trebol’s ongoing runny nose is a side effect of the fruit’s power or not. It does, however, make it easier for Trebol to shoot snot at his adversaries.

The fruit can appear to be a Logia, much like the Doru Doru no Mi and the Doku Doku no Mi, due to the user’s capacity to make a limitless amount of mucus. It also seems that the user can give their mucus other hues, as evidenced by the way Trebol made a piece of his mucus coat resemble his body.


Although it could be harmful, the user can benefit from the mucus’ flammability and explosiveness by using it in this way. The user will lose control over any mucus they make if they suffer major wounds, leaving them vulnerable to more attacks. Apart from the usual Devil Fruit defects, the fruit has no other known disadvantages.

Application and Methods of the ‘Beta Beta no Mi’

Trebol makes use of the fruit’s natural ability to adhere to diverse surfaces, including walls and roofs. He is able to reach farther and grab his prey from a distance by secreting mucus, which keeps them immobile or makes movement challenging for them. Additionally, he has the ability to fire mucus with incredible force and accuracy, piercing a wall with explosive force and striking a fly right between the eyes.

He may also use it as a flail and to grab big objects. After catching his opponents and dealing incendiary damage, he can use a match to fire the flammable mucus.

Trebol made it appear as though the fruit’s power is that of a Logia, giving him an advantage over enemies who fall for this trick, by covering his emaciated body in a thick layer of mucus, which the enemies would mistake for a part of him and believe to be intangible when attacking that empty space inside the mucus shell.

Using his Devil Fruit powers, Trebol has shown the following skills:

A Chain Beta (Sticky Sticky Chain)

By releasing mucus, Trebol creates a chain-like structure whose one end adheres to varied sized objects.

Meteor Beta Betton (Sticky Stick Meteor)

With this move, Trebol uses the Beta Beta Chain to seize a large object and flail it at his target.

Shinken Hanamizu Shirahadori (Snot Real World Blade Grab)

Trebol employs this manoeuvre to deflect sword strokes by using the snot pouring out of his nose as a weapon. It was destroyed before making contact the first time it was employed against an adversary.

Launcher Beto (Sticky Launcher)

Trebol uses a variety of explosive, flammable, sticky spheres as part of its attack strategy.

Betton Launcher Beta (Sticky Stick Launcher)

With this move, Trebol fires dozens of mucus spheres towards his opponent, immobilising them anywhere the spheres make contact with their body.


How does the Beta Beta no Mi operate?

The Beta Beta no Mi turns the person into a Mucus Human, giving them the ability to produce and manage mucus.

Is Beta Beta not a Logia, then?

No, the Beta Beta no Mi is a Paramecia-class Devil Fruit, despite looking like a Logia from the outside.